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Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Remote Sensing Technology, Techniques, and Applications III
Editor(s): Allen M. Larar; Hyo-Sang Chung; Makoto Suzuki
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Volume Number: 7857
Date Published: 12 November 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7857
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Eight years of AIRS
Author(s): Sung-Yung Lee; Thomas Pagano; Moustafa Chahine; Eric Fetzer
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IR ultraspectral remote sensing: efficient physical-statistical nonlinear sounding retrieval algorithms
Author(s): William Smith Sr.; Stanislav Kireev; Elisabeth Weisz; Yongxiao Jian; Melissa Yesalusky; Allen Larar; Henry Revercomb
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How well can infrared sounders observe the atmosphere and surface through clouds?
Author(s): Daniel K. Zhou; Allen M. Larar; Xu Liu; William L. Smith; L. Larrabee Strow; Ping Yang
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Porting and testing NPOESS CrIMSS EDR algorithms
Author(s): Xu Liu; Susan Kizer; Allen Larar; Daniel Zhou; William Smith; Chris Barnet; Murty Divakarla; Guang Guo; Bill Blackwell; Vincent Leslie; Laura Jairam; Karen St. Germain; Richard Lynch
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Spectral resolution and coverage impact on advanced sounder information content
Author(s): Allen M. Larar; Xu Liu; Daniel K. Zhou; William L. Smith
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Retrieval of minor constituents from thermal infrared spectra observed by GOSAT TANSO-FTS sensor
Author(s): Ryoichi Imasu; Yoji Hayashi; Akiko Inagoya; Naoko Saitoh; Kei Shiomi
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Aerosol optical properties derived from solar spectrum measurements and their application to atmospheric correction of satellite data
Author(s): Naohiro Manago; Shuji Miyazawa; Kenji Kuriyama; Hiroaki Kuze
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Preprocessing of hyperspectral imagery with consideration of smile and keystone properties
Author(s): Naoto Yokoya; Norihide Miyamura; Akira Iwasaki
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Fast compression implementation for hyperspectral sensor
Author(s): Hiroki Hihara; Jun Yoshida; Juro Ishida; Jun Takada; Yuzo Senda; Makoto Suzuki; Taeko Seki; Satoshi Ichikawa; Nagamitsu Ohgi
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Application of THEOS for PM10 mapping over Penang Island, Malaysia
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah
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Performance of satellite regional bio-optical algorithms depending on relationships between chlorophyll-a and dissolved organic matter concentrations
Author(s): Oleg A. Bukin; Pavel A. Salyuk; Andrey N. Pavlov; Igor Stepochkin; Irina A. Golik
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Tuning of hyperspectral bio-optical algorithms in the Peter the Great Bay
Author(s): Pavel A. Salyuk; Oleg A. Bukin; Igor E. Stepochkin; Vladimir A. Krikun; Andrey N. Pavlov
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On-orbit absolute temperature calibration using multiple phase change materials: overview of recent technology advancements
Author(s): Fred A. Best; Douglas P. Adler; Claire Pettersen; Henry E. Revercomb; John H. Perepezko
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The University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI)
Author(s): Joe K. Taylor; Henry E. Revercomb; Henry Buijs; Frederic J. Grandmont; P. Jonathon Gero; Fred A. Best; David C. Tobin; Robert O. Knuteson; Daniel D. LaPorte; Richard Cline; Mark Schwarz; Jeff Wong
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On-orbit absolute blackbody emissivity determination using the heated halo method
Author(s): P. Jonathan Gero; Joseph K. Taylor; Fred A. Best; Henry E. Revercomb; Robert O. Knuteson; David C. Tobin; Douglas P. Adler; Nick N. Ciganovich; Steven Dutcher; Raymond K. Garcia
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The functional evaluation model for the on-board hyperspectral radiometer
Author(s): Takahiro Kawashima; Yoshito Narimatsu; Hitomi Inada; Juro Ishida; Kazuo Hamada; Yoshiyuki Ito; Jun Yoshida; Nagamitsu Ohgi; Kenji Tatsumi; Hisashi Harada; Toneo Kawanishi; Fumihiro Sakuma; Akira Iwasaki
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Design and applications of space-borne imaging spectrometer based on acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF)
Author(s): Jianyu Wang; Zhiping He; Rong Shu
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Hyperspectral and multispectral sensors for remote sensing
Author(s): James Miller; Sukhbir Kullar; David Cochrane; Nixon O; Andrey Lomako; Cees Draijer
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Remotely based monitoring of the mangroves over Penang Island, Malaysia
Author(s): B. C. Beh; M. Z. MatJafri; H. S. Lim
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Performances of frequency-based contextual classifier in land use/cover classification using high resolution satellite images
Author(s): M. R. Mustapha; H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; F. M. Hassan
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Enhancing remote sensing images by adjusting histogram globally and locally
Author(s): Fu Chen; Xinpeng Li; Fangjun Li; Jianbo Liu; Jin Yang
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Pixel discontinuity handling of ortho-rectification images for airborne pushbroom imager
Author(s): Jyun-Yi Lai; Ming-Fu Chen; Tzu-Hsuan Wei; Chia-Yen Chan; Ting-Ming Huang
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Defective CCDs detection and image restoration based on inter-band radiance interpolation for hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Ming-Fu Chen; Jyun-Yi Lai; Long-Jeng Lee; Ting-Ming Huang
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Simulation of spectral effects of Asian dusts on the AIRS radiances and its application to retrieval of dust properties
Author(s): Hyo-Jin Han; Byung-Ju Sohn; Hung-Lung Huang; Elisabeth Weisz
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Remote sensing image classification method based on evidence theory and decision tree
Author(s): Xuerong Li; Qianguo Xing; Lingyan Kang
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Effects of N fertilization on the relationship between photosynthetic light use efficiency and photochemical reflectance index of wetland vegetation
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Xiuju Wu
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Key technologies of land use information extraction based upon multisource remote sensing data: a case study of hilly-plain transition region in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River
Author(s): Heli Lu; Guifang Liu
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Pose parameter extraction of corn canopy remote sensing images based on parallel multi-ocular imaging
Author(s): Xin Li; Yan'e Zhang; Jingfu Zhu; Ruijiao Zhao; Minzan Li
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Evaluation of land use classification accuracy based upon TM and CBERS-02B HR data fusion
Author(s): Guifang Liu; Heli Lu
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Predicting chlorophyll content of greenhouse tomato with ground-based remote sensing
Author(s): Yong-jun Ding; Min-zan Li; Shu-qiang Li; Deng-kui An
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Study on the spectral characteristics of the damaged rice under brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens
Author(s): Xiuju Wu; Qian Cheng
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Mixed-spectrum generation mechanism analysis of dispersive hyperspectral imaging for improving environmental monitoring of coastal waters
Author(s): Feng Xie; Gonghai Xiao; Hongxing Qi; Rong Shu; Jianyu Wang; Yongqi Xue
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Variable rate fertilization based on spectral index and remote sensing
Author(s): Shuqiang Li; Minzan Li; Yongjun Ding; Ruijiao Zhao
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Study on space-borne LWIR FPA imaging system
Author(s): Chunlai Li; Yinnian Liu; Jianyu Wang
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Aerosol optical thickness retrieval by using a handheld spectroradiometer over Penang Island, Malaysia
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah; N. M. Saleh
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Research on the sequential images registration of the temporally and spatially modulated Fourier transform imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Xiubao Zhang; Qian Wang; Zhiliang Zhou; Chengming Sun
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Land cover mapping based on a frequency based contextual classifier from remote sensing data over Penang Island, Malaysia
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah
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Winter wheat nutrition diagnosis under different N treatments based on multispectral images and remote sensing
Author(s): Ruijiao Zhao; Minzan Li; Shuqiang Li; Yongjun Ding
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Assessment of ALOS PALSAR data for land cover/land use mapping in Malaysia
Author(s): C. K. Sim; K. Abdullah; M. Z. MatJafri; H. S. Lim
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A hyperspectral imager with adjustable spectral selectivity based on AOTF
Author(s): Jifan Liu; Rong Shu; Yanhua Ma; Jianyu Wang
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E-AERI calibration performance certification
Author(s): Robert Knuteson; Fred Best; Nicholas Ciganovich; Ray Garcia; Denny Hackel; Henry Revercomb; Joe Taylor; David Turner
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Spectral feature extraction and modeling of soil total nitrogen content based on NIR technology and wavelet packet analysis
Author(s): Lihua Zheng; Minzan Li; Xiaofei An; Luan Pan; Hong Sun
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Research on the classification of karst rocky desertification based on hyperspectral remote sensing images
Author(s): Ke Zhu; Yulun An; Yuehong Zhang
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