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Quantum and Nonlinear Optics
Editor(s): Qihuang Gong; Guang-Can Guo; Yuen-Ron Shen
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Volume Number: 7846
Date Published: 4 November 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7846
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Rabi splitting in a subwavelength cavity constructed by metamaterials
Author(s): Tuanhui Feng; Yuanmin Zhang; Yunhui Li; Fei Yang
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Generation of 1178nm based on cascaded stimulated Raman scattering in KTA crystal
Author(s): Kai Zhong; Jianquan Yao; Degang Xu; Peng Wang
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Periodically erasing the second-order optical nonlinearity in thermally poled optical fibers with UV light
Author(s): Honglin An; Seong-sik Min; Simon Fleming
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Observation of the fast and slow light in an optical fiber based on SBS gain region
Author(s): Shoujun Zhang; Xiaoyan Li; Xianpu Su; Xiaodan Wei; Ming Feng; Yigang Li
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A novel of low-dispersion high-birefringence crystal fiber with high-nonlinear for four-wave mixing
Author(s): Ya-Ni Zhang
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Donor strengthening strategy for FTC-based organic nonlinear chromophore
Author(s): Xianqing Piao; Xianmin Zhang; Shiyoshi Yokoyama; Hideki Miki; Isao Aoki; Akira Otomo
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Microwave signal generation with the frequency-selective sideband injection-locking of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Hongbo Xue; Yanying Feng; Zhaoying Zhou; Xiongying Ye; Xiaojia Wang; Xu Chen
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Performance comparison of nonlinear crystals for frequency doubling of an 894nm Cs vapor laser
Author(s): B. V. Zhdanov; M. K. Shaffer; Y. Lu; B. Naumann; T. Genda; R. J Knize
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Phase modulation of electromagnetically induced grating in a four-level system
Author(s): Zhi-Hong Xiao; SungGuk Shin; Kisik Kim
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Characterizing double-resonance optical-pumping spectra of cesium 6P3/2 - 8S1/2 excited-state transition and its application
Author(s): Baodong Yang; Qiangbing Liang; Tiancai Zhang; Junmin Wang
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Ghost imaging with XY phase series space light modulator
Author(s): Jiexin Qin; Shichao Liu; Genghua Huang; Xia Shen; Shensheng Han; Rong Shu
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Comparison of dispersion compensation in a 40Gbps WDM optical communication system
Author(s): Kaikai Xu
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Unconditional security of relativistic quantum key distribution protocol
Author(s): Sushuai Zhuang; Li Yang
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Analysis of the coefficient of QBER and its influence on QKD
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Jing-ling Li
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Principles and improvements of quadrature-based QKD
Author(s): Wenhao Hu; Di Shu; Daqing Wang; Yu Liu
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Efficient preparation of multipartite entanglement of atomic ensembles
Author(s): Feng Zhao
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Achieving efficient and stable coherent population transfer by ultrashort double pulses
Author(s): Zhendong Wang; Kening Jia; Ying Liang; Dianmin Tong; Xijun Fan
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An analytic expression of spontaneous emission FWHM in GaAs planar micro-cavity
Author(s): Hong-Dong Zhao; Mei Sun; Zhi-Long Kang; Zhi Gao
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Investigation of parabolic pulse generation in a normal dispersion-decreasing-linearly fiber
Author(s): Ge Xia; Li Liu; Songzhan Li; Libing Zhou; Dexiu Huang
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Phase-dependent gain without inversion in an inhomogeneous broadened quasi ∧-type four-level system with VIC
Author(s): Zhongbo Liu; Zhendong Wang; Kening Jia; Dianmin Tong; Xijun Fan
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Spectral properties of femtosecond chirped Gaussian pulse propagating in a dense three-level Λ-type atomic medium
Author(s): Zhendong Wang; Zhongbo Liu; Ying Liang; Kening Jia; Xijun Fan
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Generation of tunable coherent nanosecond 8-12μm mid-infrared pulses based on difference frequency generation in GaSe and ZnGeP2
Author(s): Kai Zhong; Jianquan Yao; Jiansong Li; Degang Xu; Peng Wang
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Dispersion and nonlinearity in subwavelength-diameter optical fiber with high-index-contrast dielectric thin films
Author(s): Wei Shu; Chujun Zhao; Shuangchun Wen
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Incoherent dark solitons splitting in LiNbO3:Fe crystal
Author(s): Yuhong Zhang; Keqing Lu; Xuewen Long; Kehao Li; Jianbang Guo
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Pulse compression of negatively chirped pulses in silicon photonic nanowire
Author(s): Wanjie Meng; Chujun Zhao; Shuangchun Wen
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Phase control of linewidth of electromagnetically induced transparency coupled by double fields
Author(s): Xiaomin Feng; Lianshui Zhang; Lijun Yang; Xiaoli Li
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Observation of bistable upconversion emission in Tm,Yb codoped yttria nanocrystal
Author(s): L. Li; H. Li; X. L. Zhang; Y. F. Peng; M. Nie; B. Jiang; X. W. Zhang; R. M. Li
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Phase control of electromagnetically induced transparency in a four-level system
Author(s): Lijun Yang; Min Zhao; Dongqi Lv
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Synthesis and 3PA induced optical limiting effect of a carbazole derivative
Author(s): Yuxia Chen; Junhui Liu; Mingju Huang
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The entanglement properties of photon subtracted two-mode Gaussian states
Author(s): Liang-neng Wu; Xiao-yu Chen
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The cumulants of bosonic quantum states
Author(s): Li-zhen Jiang
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Evaluating the quantum capacity of bosonic dephasing channel
Author(s): Li-zhen Jiang; Xiao-yu Chen
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Studying the VCSEL to VCSEL injection locking for enhanced chromatic dispersion compensation
Author(s): Linfu Li
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Backward propagation of light pulse in phthalocyanin gallium PMMA at room temperature
Author(s): Hao Wang; Chunguang Zhang
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The switch between electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption due to the power broadening of probing field
Author(s): Xiaoli Li; Chao He; Jianfei Zhang
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Double-resonance optical-pumping spectra of rubidium 5S1/2 - 5P3/2 - 4D3/2 transitions and frequency stabilization of 1.5-micrometer laser
Author(s): Jing Gao; Jie Wang; Baodong Yang; Tiancai Zhang; Junmin Wang
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Frequency doubling of 1560nm diode laser via PPLN and PPKTP crystals and frequency stabilization to rubidium absorption line
Author(s): Shanlong Guo; Jianfeng Yang; Baodong Yang; Tiancai Zhang; Junmin Wang
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Theoretical study of optically-controlled group velocity of light in an optical fiber
Author(s): Xianpu Su; Xiaoyan Li; Shoujun Zhang; Xiaodan Wei; Ming Feng; Yigang Li
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All-optical control of polarization and intensity of light in periodically poled lithium niobate
Author(s): Yan Kong; Xianfeng Chen; Tuo Zhu
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An advanced design of receiver for free space quantum key distribution system
Author(s): Shuang Gao; Jianrong Wu; Feng Tang; Xiaofei Wang; Bing Zhu
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