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Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials IX
Editor(s): Oleg V. Prezhdo
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Volume Number: 7758
Date Published: 17 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7758
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Interfacial charge transfer dynamics in small molecule-modified TiO2 nanoparticles
Author(s): Shankar Varaganti; Edwin Mghangha; Jameel A. Hasan; Guda Ramakrishna
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The scaling laws applied to the metal-insulator transition in n-type GaAs semiconductor
Author(s): A. El Kaaouachi; N. Ait Ben Ameur; B. Capoen; A. Nafidi; J. Hemine; R. Abdia; H. Sahsah; A. Sybous; A. Narjis; G. Biskupski
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Spectroscopic and electrical imaging of disordered polymeric solar cells: understanding aggregation effects on material performance
Author(s): Yongqian Gao; Thomas P. Martin; Edwards T. Niles; Adam J. Wise; Alan K. Thomas; John K. Grey
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Influence of subsurface Ti interstitials on the reactivity of anatase (101)
Author(s): Ulrich Aschauer; Annabella Selloni
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Unraveling molecular architecture inside zeolites with second-harmonic generation microscopy
Author(s): M. A. van der Veen; D. E. De Vos; T. Verbiest
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Mechanistic studies into the Raman enhancement of enediol-semiconducting nanoparticle conjugates and their use in biological applications
Author(s): Sarah J. Hurst; H. Christopher Fry; David J. Gosztola; Daniel Finkelstein-Shapiro; Vladimiro Mujica; Tijana Rajh
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Adsorption of cytochrome c to silica surfaces studied using evanescent wave broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): L. J. Moore; L. van der Sneppen; R. Peverall; G. Hancock; G. A. D. Ritchie
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Ultrafast transient absorption microscopy studies of carrier dynamics in epitaxial graphene
Author(s): Libai Huang; Gregory V. Hartland; <author><fname></fname><surname>name</surname></au Luxmi; Randall M. Feenstra; Chuanxin Lian; Kristof Tahy; Huili Xing
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Self-assembly of bimodal particles inside emulsion droplets
Author(s): Young-Sang Cho; Gi-Ra Yi; Seung-Man Yang; Young-Kuk Kim; Chul-Jin Choi
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Ab initio study of group II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals
Author(s): Igor Vasiliev
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State-resolved exciton dynamics in quantum dots
Author(s): Patanjali Kambhampati
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Shape and temperature dependence of hot carrier relaxation dynamics in spherical and elongated CdSe quantum dots
Author(s): Liangliang Chen; Hua Bao; Oleg V. Prezhdo; Xiulin Ruan
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Environmental effects on photoinduced electron transfer and fluorescence blinking of single semiconducting nanocrystals in various matrices
Author(s): H. C. Ko; C. T. Yuan; Ping Yu; Jane Huang; Jau Tang
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Generation of micro- and nano-droplets containing immiscible solutions in view of optical studies
Author(s): V. Nastasa; T. Karapantsios; K. Samaras; E. Dafnopatidou; V. Pradines; R. Miller; M. L. Pascu
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