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Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications
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Volume Number: 7723
Date Published: 4 May 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7723
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Compressive coded apertures for high-resolution imaging
Author(s): Roummel F. Marcia; Zachary T. Harmany; Rebecca M. Willett
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Single-image super-resolution using sparsity constraints and non-local similarities at multiple resolution scales
Author(s): Hiêp Q. Luong; Tijana Ruzic; Aleksandra Pižurica; Wilfried Philips
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Construction of super-resolution imaging system considering spatially varying sub-pixel registration
Author(s): Sang Wook Park; Joonyoung Chang; Jongseong Choi; Moon Gi Kang
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Use of spatial light modulators in wavefront coding for field imaging: adaptation of the filter design procedure
Author(s): Carme Ferran; Santiago Vallmitjana; Salvador Bosch
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Test results of optimal phase diversity selection using a LCOS-SLM for remote sensing adaptive optics
Author(s): Norihide Miyamura
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Image processing for alignment of aspheric optics without fiducials
Author(s): Babak N. Saif; Perry E. Greenfield; Warren Hack; Ritva A. Keski-Kuha; Lee D. Feinberg; David Chaney
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Wide viewing angle holographic display with a multi-spatial light modulator array
Author(s): Grzegorz Finke; Tomasz Kozacki; Małgorzata Kujawińska
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Compact slot-in-type optical correlator
Author(s): Shota Yamamoto; Hirotoshi Kuboyama; Shinichi Arai; Kenzo Yamaguchi; Mitsuo Fukuda; Makoto Kato; Tadahiko Kawaguchi; Mitsuteru Inoue
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Matching rendered and real world images by digital image processing
Author(s): Carles Mitjà; Toni Bover; Miquel Bigas; Jaume Escofet
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Perceptual quality assessment of JPEG, JPEG 2000, and JPEG XR
Author(s): T. Bruylants; J. Barbarien; A. Munteanu; P. Schelkens
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Blind quality assessment of multi-focus image fusion algorithms
Author(s): Rodrigo Nava; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Gabriel Cristóbal
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Image enhancement based on gamma map processing
Author(s): Chen-Yu Tseng; Sheng-Jyh Wang; Yi-An Chen
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Ensuring integrity and authenticity for images in digital long-term preservation
Author(s): Maik Schott; Christian Krätzer; Norman Specht; Jana Dittmann; Claus Vielhauer
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Estimating JPEG2000 compression for image forensics using Benford's Law
Author(s): Ghulam Qadir; Xi Zhao; Anthony T. S. Ho
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Labelling bins for lattice quantization index modulation
Author(s): Dieter Bardyn; Ann Dooms; Adrian Munteanu; Peter Schelkens
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On the use of the discrete Pascal transform in hiding data in images
Author(s): Eleni E. Varsaki; Vassilis E. Fotopoulos; Athanassios N. Skodras
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Imperceptible printer dot watermarking for binary documents
Author(s): J. A. Briffa; C. Culnane; H. Treharne
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Content-based audio authentication using a hierarchical patchwork watermark embedding
Author(s): Michael Gulbis; Erika Müller
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Statistical counter-attacks in MPEG-4 AVC watermarking
Author(s): A. Garboan; M. Mitrea; F. Prêteux
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Feature extraction of the wear label of carpets by using a novel 3D scanner
Author(s): S. A. Orjuela; E. Vansteenkiste; F. Rooms; S. De Meulemeester; R. de Keyser; W. Phillips
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Unsupervised flaw segmentation in textile materials under visible and NIR illumination
Author(s): María S. Millán; Jaume Escofet; Miquel Ralló
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In-process 3D laser measurement to control the fiber tape-laying for composite production
Author(s): Robert Schmitt; Christoph Mersmann; Björn Damm
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Measurement of shafts in the production process based on x-rays
Author(s): Björn Damm; Robert Schmitt; Arno Rehbein; Raimund Volk; Ernst Neumann; Alexander Warrikhoff; Randolf Hanke; Stefan Kasperl; Christoph Funk; Jochen Hiller; Michael Krumm; Frank Sukowski; Norman Uhlmann; Rolf Behrendt
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Fast-switching frequency-converted laser light source for display applications
Author(s): J. Konttinen; P. Tuomisto; T. Vallius; T. Jouhti
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Scanning laser beam displays based on a 2D MEMS
Author(s): Maarten Niesten; Taha Masood; Josh Miller; Jason Tauscher
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Near-to-eye display based on retinal scanning and a diffractive exit-pupil expander
Author(s): Pekka Äyräs; Pasi Saarikko
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LED light sources for mobile embedded projection
Author(s): Stefan Morgott; Stefan Groetsch; Wolfgang Schnabel; Daniel Wiener
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Color uniformity in compact LED illumination for DMD projectors
Author(s): Stijn Roelandt; Lawrence Bogaert; Youri Meuret; Aykut Avci; Herbert De Smet; Hugo Thienpont
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Highly integrated near-to-eye display and gaze tracker
Author(s): Toni Järvenpää; Pekka Äyräs
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MPEG-4 interactive image transmission on mobile thin clients
Author(s): B. Joveski; M. Mitrea; F. Prêteux
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Spatially adaptive bases in wavelet-based coding of semi-regular meshes
Author(s): Leon Denis; Ruxandra Florea; Adrian Munteanu; Peter Schelkens
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An automated real-time microscopy system for analysis of fluorescence resonance energy transfer
Author(s): André Bernardini; Christoph Wotzlaw; Hans-Gerd Lipinski; Joachim Fandrey
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A new Rényi entropy-based local image descriptor for object recognition
Author(s): S. Gabarda; G. Cristóbal; P. Rodríguez; C. Miravet; J. M. del Cura
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Liver segmentation by an active contour model with embedded Gaussian mixture model based classifiers
Author(s): Yanfeng Shang; Aneta Markova; Rudi Deklerck; Edgard Nyssen; Xin Yang; Johan de Mey
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Image quality and wafer level optics
Author(s): Y. Dagan; G. Humpston
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Small form-factor VGA camera with variable focus by liquid lens
Author(s): Kari A. Oikarinen; Mika Aikio
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Phase coded optics for computational imaging systems
Author(s): Chir-Weei Chang; Yung-Lin Chen; Chuan-Chung Chang; Po-Chang Chen
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Finite-difference time domain based electro-optical methodologies to improve CMOS image sensor pixels performances
Author(s): Flavien Hirigoyen; Axel Crocherie; Pierre Boulenc; Jérôme Vaillant; Clément Tavernier; Didier Hérault
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The influence of CCD pixel binning option to its modulation transfer function
Author(s): A. Nasibov; A. Kholmatov; H. Nasibov; F. Hacizade
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A low-resolution 3D holographic volumetric display
Author(s): Javid Khan; Ian Underwood; Alan Greenaway; Mikko Halonen
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An example of multimedia application for introducing renewable energy sources (RES) in an office environment
Author(s): Ioannis Karras; Dimitrios Zevgolis; Harry D. Kambezidis
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Three dimensional reconstruction of neuron morphology from confocal microscopy images
Author(s): Zian Fanti; M. Elena Martinez-Perez
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Minimizing camera-eye optical aberrations during the 3D reconstruction of retinal structures
Author(s): Javier Aldana-Iuit; M. Elena Martinez-Perez; Arturo Espinosa-Romero; Rufino Diaz-Uribe
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Design and simulation of programmable relational optoelectronic time-pulse coded processors as base elements for sorting neural networks
Author(s): Vladimir G. Krasilenko; Alexander I. Nikolsky; Alexander A. Lazarev; Maria V. Lazareva
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Local vector space operators for detection of differences in images under varying illumination
Author(s): Pascuala García-Martínez; Henri H. Arsenault; Abdellatif Gherabi; Carlos Ferreira
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Using CMOS image sensors to detect photons
Author(s): Chenzhi Xu; Xiaobo Tong; Xiang Zhou; Xiaodong Zheng; Yunfei Xu
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Deterministic phase encoding encryption in arbitrary phase-step digital holography
Author(s): Chi-Ching Chang; Wang Ta Hsieh; Ming Kuei Kuo
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A hybrid energy model for extracting boundaries of multiple overlapped objects on images
Author(s): Janghee Lee; Suk I. Yoo
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Using dual modulation modes in spatial light modulator (SLM) for a novel single-beam image storage and retrieval system
Author(s): Z. Y. Chen; W. Jia; P. S. Chung
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Digital image restoration for phase-coded imaging systems
Author(s): Chen-Yu Tseng; Sheng-Jyh Wang; Chir-Weei Chang; Po-Chang Chen; Chuan-Chung Chang; Yi-An Chen
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Iterative design of mesh-defined phase masks for wavefront coding
Author(s): G. Carles; A. Carnicer; S. Bosch
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New open source image database for testing and optimization of image processing algorithms
Author(s): Karel Fliegel; Miloš Klíma; Petr Páta
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Highly parallel SPAD detector for time-resolved lab-on-chip
Author(s): Michele Benetti; Daniele Iori; Lucio Pancheri; Fausto Borghetti; Laura Pasquardini; Lorenzo Lunelli; Cecilia Pederzolli; Lorenzo Gonzo; Gian-Franco Dalla Betta; David Stoppa
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Subpixel centroid position error analysis in particle tracking velocimetry induced by the CCD pixel binning
Author(s): A. Kholmatov; B. Akselli; A. Nasibov; H. Nasibov
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Multi-frequency multi-sampling fluorescence lifetime imaging using a high speed line-scan camera
Author(s): Zhuang Lin; Michael Erz; Bernd Jähne
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Lesion segmentation algorithm for contrast enhanced CT images
Author(s): A. Markova; F. Temmermans; R. Deklerck; E. Nyssen; J. de Mey
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Artifact-free reconstruction from off-axis digital holograms through nonlinear filtering
Author(s): Nicolas Pavillon; Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula; Michael Unser; Christian Depeursinge
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