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Biophotonics and Immune Responses V
Editor(s): Wei R. Chen
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Volume Number: 7565
Date Published: 11 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7565
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tumor PDT-associated immune response: relevance of sphingolipids
Author(s): Mladen Korbelik; Soroush Merchant; Duska M. Separovic
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Photodynamic therapy for cancer and activation of immune response
Author(s): Pawel Mroz; Ying-Ying Huang; Michael R. Hamblin
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Can dendritic cells see light?
Author(s): Aaron C.-H. Chen; Ying-Ying Huang; Sulbha K. Sharma; Michael R. Hamblin
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Preliminary results of a phase I/II clinical trial using in situ photoimmunotherapy combined with imiquimod for metastatic melanoma patients
Author(s): Xiaosong Li; Mark F. Naylor; Robert E. Nordquist; T. Kent Teague; C. Anthony Howard; Cynthia Murray; Wei R. Chen
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Laser immunotherapy: initial results from a human breast cancer pilot trial
Author(s): Tomas Hode; Maria C. Guerra; Gabriela L. Ferrel; John A. Lunn; Orn Adelsteinsson; Robert E. Nordquist; Wei R. Chen
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Effect of laser immunotherapy and surgery on the treatment of mouse mammary tumors
Author(s): Vivian A. Chen; Henry Le; Xiaosong Li; Roman F. Wolf; Halie Ferguson; Akhee Sarkar; Hong Liu; Robert E. Nordquist; Wei R. Chen
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Topical photosan-mediated photodynamic therapy for DMBA-induced hamster buccal pouch premaligant lesions: an in vivo study
Author(s): Yih-Chih Hsu; Chun-Pin Chiang; Jian Wen Chen; Ying-Ru Chen; Jeng-Woei Lee
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Novel applications of diagnostic x-rays in activating photo-agents through x-ray induced visible luminescence from rare-earth particles: an in vitro study
Author(s): Erkinay Abliz; Joshua E. Collins; Joseph S. Friedberg; Ajith Kumar; Howard Bell; Ronald W. Waynant; Darrell B. Tata
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The role of temperature increase rate in combinational hyperthermia chemotherapy treatment
Author(s): Yuan Tang; Anthony J. McGoron
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Monitoring hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis by in vivo flow cytometer
Author(s): Yan Li; Jin Guo; Guangda Liu; Chen Wang; Zhengqin Gu; Xunbin Wei
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A fluorescence-based centrifugal microfluidic system for parallel detection of multiple allergens
Author(s): Q. L. Chen; H. P. Ho; K. L. Cheung; S. K. Kong; Y. K. Suen; Y. W. Kwan; W. J. Li; C. K. Wong
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Influence of light irradiation modalities on light distribution in human whole blood
Author(s): Xiaosong Li; Gang Cheng; Naiyan Huang; Lei Wang; Fanguang Liu; Ying Gu
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Artemisinin induces ROS-mediated caspase3 activation in ASTC-a-1 cells
Author(s): Feng-Lian Xiao; Tong-Sheng Chen; Jun-Le Qu; Cheng-Yi Liu
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Taxol induces concentration-dependent phosphatidylserine (PS) externalization and cell cycle arrest in ASTC-a-1 cells
Author(s): Wen-jing Guo; Tong-sheng Chen
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Bax is not involved in the resveratrol-induced apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma cells
Author(s): Wei-wei Zhang; Zhi-ping Wang; Tong-sheng Chen
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Involvement of ASK1 activation in apoptosis induced by NPe6-PDT
Author(s): Lei Liu; Zhen-zhen Zhang; Zhigang Zhang
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Growth factor deprivation induces cytosolic translocation of SIRT1
Author(s): Chengbo Meng; Da Xing; Shengnan Wu; Lei Huang
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Redistribution of intramitochondrial cardiolipin at the early stage of apoptosis is associated with ROS
Author(s): Zhiyong He; Da Xing; Lei Liu; Sihua Yang
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Analysis of GFP-FOXO3a nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling in ASTC-a-1 cells under growth factor stimulation
Author(s): Xianwang Wang; Da Xing; Wei R. Chen
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Study on the best method of SPIO labeling on the cell line ECV304
Author(s): FuYuan Yang; MingXi Yu; WenLi Chen; Quan Zhou
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Two photon microscopy intravital study of DC-mediated anti-tumor response of NK cells
Author(s): Michele Caccia; Tatiana Gorletta; Laura Sironi; Ivan Zanoni; Cristina Salvetti; Maddalena Collini; Francesca Granucci; Giuseppe Chirico
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