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Optical Interactions with Tissues and Cells XXI
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Volume Number: 7562
Date Published: 11 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7562
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Molecular delivery into live cells using gold nanoparticle coated substrates fabricated by pulsed laser annealing
Author(s): Ting-Hsiang Wu; Fan Xiao; Michael A. Teitell; Pei-Yu Chiou
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A far-field superposition method for 3D FDTD simulations of light scattering from multiple biological cells
Author(s): Matthew S. Starosta; Andrew K. Dunn
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Modeling fluorescent light distributions in scattering media
Author(s): Kevin G. Phillips; Steven L. Jacques
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Optical imaging of structures within highly scattering material using an incoherent beam and a spatial filter
Author(s): Nick Pfeiffer; Glenn H. Chapman; Bozena Kaminska
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Angle-resolved spectroscopy using a radial angular filter array
Author(s): Fartash Vasefi; Mohamadreza Najiminaini; Eldon Ng; Bozena Kaminska; Haishan Zeng; Glenn H. Chapman; Jeffrey J.L. Carson
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Optical phase conjugation by dynamic holography for wavefront restoration in turbid media
Author(s): N. Ortega-Quijano; F. Fanjul-Vélez; I. Salas-García; O. G. Romanov; D. V. Gorbach; A. L. Tolstik; J. L. Arce-Diego
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Spatiofrequency filters for imaging fluorescence in scattering media
Author(s): Polly Tsui; Glenn H. Chapman; Rongen L. K. Cheng; Gary Chiang; Nick Pfeiffer; Bozena Kaminska
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A comparison of methods for determining optical properties of thin samples
Author(s): Brian G. Yust; Dhiraj K. Sardar; Andrew Tsin
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Determination of the optical property changes by photodynamic therapy using inverse Monte Carlo method between 350 nm and 1000 nm
Author(s): Norihiro Honda; Takaya Terada; Takuya Nanjo; Katsunori Ishii; Kunio Awazu
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Follow up study of near infrared (1100 to 1319 nm) retinal damage thresholds and trends
Author(s): Ginger M. Pocock; Jeff W. Oliver; Gary D. Noojin; Kurt J. Schuster; David Stolarski; Aurora Shingledecker; Benjamin A Rockwell
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Effect of coating material on uptake of indocyanine green-loaded nanocapsules by HeLa cervical cancer cells
Author(s): Bongsu Jung; Eulieses Lomeli; Bahman Anvari
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Label-free optical control of arterial contraction
Author(s): Myunghwan Choi; Jonghee Yoon; Chulhee Choi
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THz in biology and medicine: toward quantifying and understanding the interaction of millimeter- and submillimeter-waves with cells and cell processes
Author(s): Peter H. Siegel; Victor Pikov
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Metamaterial based devices for terahertz imaging
Author(s): Xomalin G. Peralta; Michael C. Wanke; Igal Brener; Jerry Waldman; William D. Goodhue; J. Li; Abul K. Azad; Hou-Tong Chen; Antoinette J. Taylor; John F. O'Hara
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Measurement of the optical properties of skin using terahertz time-domain spectroscopic techniques
Author(s): Gerald J. Wilmink; Bennett L. Ibey; Thomas Tongue; Brian Schulkin; Xomalin Peralta; Benjamin D. Rivest; Eric C. Haywood; William P. Roach
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Determination of death thresholds and identification of terahertz (THz)-specific gene expression signatures
Author(s): Gerald J. Wilmink; Bennett L. Ibey; Caleb L. Roth; Rebecca L. Vincelette; Benjamin D. Rivest; Christopher B. Horn; Joshua Bernhard; Dawnlee Roberson; William P. Roach
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Quantitative investigation of the bioeffects associated with terahertz radiation
Author(s): Gerald J. Wilmink; Benjamin D. Rivest; Bennett L. Ibey; Caleb L. Roth; Joshua Bernhard; William P. Roach
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Damage thresholds for terahertz radiation
Author(s): Danielle R Dalzell; Jill McQuade; Rebecca Vincelette; Bennet Ibey; Jason Payne; Robert Thomas; W. Patrick Roach; Caleb L. Roth; Gerald J. Wilmink
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Interaction dynamics of temporal and spatial separated cavitation bubbles in water
Author(s): N. Tinne; T. Ripken; H. Lubatschowski
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Analysis of the short-pulsed CO2 laser ablation process for optimizing the processing performance for cutting bony tissue
Author(s): Markus Mehrwald; Jessica Burgner; Christoph Platzek; Claus Feldmann; Jörg Raczkowsky; Heinz Wörn
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Selective mucosal ablation using CO2 laser for the development of novel endoscopic submucosal dissection: comparison of continuous wave and nanosecond pulsed wave
Author(s): K. Ishii; S. Watanabe; D. Obata; H. Hazama; Y. Morita; Y. Matsuoka; H. Kutsumi; T. Azuma; K. Awazu
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Selective cancer therapy via IR-laser-excited gold nanorods
Author(s): Jui-Teng Lin; Yu-Ling Hong; Chun-Lin Chang
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Nanorose and lipid detection in atherosclerotic plaque using dual-wavelength photothermal wave imaging
Author(s): Tianyi Wang; Jinze Qiu; Li Leo Ma; Xiankai Li; Jingjing Sun; Seungyup Ryoo; Keith P. Johnston; Marc D. Feldman; Thomas E. Milner
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Method for measuring ocular aberrations induced by thermal lensing in vivo
Author(s): Rebecca Vincelette; Jeff Oliver; Gary Noojin; Kurt Schuster; Aurora Shingledecker; Ashley J. Welch
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Effects of temperature on fluorescence in human tissue
Author(s): D. B. Masters; Alex Walsh; A. J. Welch; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
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The effect of temperature of fluorescence: an animal study
Author(s): Alex Walsh; Bart Masters; Duco Jansen; A. J. Welch; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
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Collagen thermal denaturation study for thermal angioplasty based on modified kinetic model: relation between the artery mechanical properties and collagen denaturation rate
Author(s): N. Shimazaki; T. Hayashi; M. Kunio; T. Arai
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Effects of laser parameters on propagation characteristics of laser-induced stress wave for gene transfer
Author(s): Takahiro Ando; Shunichi Sato; Mitsuhiro Terakawa; Hiroshi Ashida; Minoru Obara
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Tissue dissection with ultrafast laser using extended and multiple foci
Author(s): I. Toytman; A. Silbergleit; D. Simanovski; D. Palanker
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Real-time OCT imaging of laser ablation of biological tissue
Author(s): Masato Ohmi; Makoto Ohnishi; Daisuke Takada; Masamitsu Haruna
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Cavitation induced by CW lasers in absorbing liquids
Author(s): J. C. Ramirez-San-Juan; E. Rodriguez-Aboytes; A. E. Martínez-Canton; O. Baldovino-Pantaleon; S. Torres-Hurtado; A. Robledo-Martinez; N. Korneev; R. Ramos-Garcia
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Mechanical response of agar gel irradiated with Nd:YAG nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Francisco G. Pérez-Gutiérrez; Rodger Evans; Santiago Camacho-López; Guillermo Aguilar
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New methods in order to determine the extent of temporary blinding from laser and LED light and proposal how to allocate into blinding groups
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Reidenbach; Günter Ott; Martin Brose; Klaus Dollinger
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Measurement of the temperature increase in the porcine cadaver iris during direct illumination by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Hui Sun; Ronald M. Kurtz; Tibor Juhasz
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The accuracy of a commercial spectrophotometer with single integrating sphere for measuring optical properties of turbid sample
Author(s): Yang Zhang; Xiang Wen; ZhuDi Xu; Dan Zhu
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