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Media Forensics and Security II
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Volume Number: 7541
Date Published: 27 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7541
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modern steganalysis can detect YASS
Author(s): Jan Kodovský; Tomáš Pevný; Jessica Fridrich
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Subset selection circumvents the square root law
Author(s): Scott Craver; Jun Yu
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Feature selection for steganalysis using the Mahalanobis distance
Author(s): Jennifer L. Davidson; Jaikishan Jalan
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Minimizing embedding impact in steganography using trellis-coded quantization
Author(s): Tomáš Filler; Jan Judas; Jessica Fridrich
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Image forensic analyses that elude the human visual system
Author(s): Hany Farid; Mary J. Bravo
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Efficient estimation and large-scale evaluation of lateral chromatic aberration for digital image forensics
Author(s): Thomas Gloe; Karsten Borowka; Antje Winkler
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Managing a large database of camera fingerprints
Author(s): Miroslav Goljan; Jessica Fridrich; Tomáš Filler
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Efficient techniques for sensor fingerprint matching in large image and video databases
Author(s): Sevinc Bayram; H. Taha Sencar; Nasir Memon
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Feature point based image watermarking with insertions, deletions, and substitution codes
Author(s): Dieter Bardyn; Philippe Belet; Tim Dams; Ann Dooms; Peter Schelkens
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SIFT features in semi-fragile video watermarks
Author(s): Stefan Thiemert; Martin Steinebach
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Reversible transformations may improve the quality of reversible watermarking
Author(s): Ajith M. Kamath
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Multimodal object authentication with random projections: a worst-case approach
Author(s): Oleksiy Koval; Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy
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Digital image authentication from thumbnails
Author(s): Eric Kee; Hany Farid
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Automatic counterfeit protection system code classification
Author(s): Joost Van Beusekom; Marco Schreyer; Thomas M. Breuel
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Audio watermarking forensics: detecting malicious re-embedding
Author(s): Sascha Zmudzinski; Martin Steinebach; Stefan Katzenbeisser; Ulrich Rührmair
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Better security levels for broken arrows
Author(s): Fuchun Xie; Teddy Furon; Caroline Fontaine
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Improving re-sampling detection by adding noise
Author(s): Lakshmanan Nataraj; Anindya Sarkar; B. S. Manjunath
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JPEG recompression detection
Author(s): Xiaoying Feng; Gwenaël Doërr
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Detecting double compression of audio signal
Author(s): Rui Yang; Yun Q. Shi; Jiwu Huang
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IT and SLT characterizations of secured biometric authentication systems
Author(s): Natalia A. Schmid; Harry Wechsler
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Alignment and bit extraction for secure fingerprint biometrics
Author(s): A. Nagar; S. Rane; A. Vetro
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Biometric template transformation: a security analysis
Author(s): Abhishek Nagar; Karthik Nandakumar; Anil K. Jain
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On information leakage in fuzzy commitment
Author(s): Tanya Ignatenko; Frans Willems
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On the security of biohashing
Author(s): Xuebing Zhou; Ton Kalker
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Robust minutiae hash for fingerprint template protection
Author(s): Bian Yang; Christoph Busch; Patrick Bours; Davrondzhon Gafurov
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Sensor noise camera identification: countering counter-forensics
Author(s): Miroslav Goljan; Jessica Fridrich; Mo Chen
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Texture based attacks on intrinsic signature based printer identification
Author(s): Aravind K. Mikkilineni; Nitin Khanna; Edward J. Delp
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Human visual system based color image steganography using the contourlet transform
Author(s): W. Abdul; P. Carré; P. Gaborit
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Joint reversible data hiding and image encryption
Author(s): Bian Yang; Christoph Busch; Xiamu Niu
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Audio annotation watermarking with robustness against DA/AD conversion
Author(s): Kun Qian; Christian Kraetzer; Michael Biermann; Jana Dittmann
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Exploring image dependencies: a new challenge in image forensics
Author(s): A. De Rosa; F. Uccheddu; A. Costanzo; A. Piva; M. Barni
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Forensic hash for multimedia information
Author(s): Wenjun Lu; Avinash L. Varna; Min Wu
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Detecting content adaptive scaling of images for forensic applications
Author(s): Claude Fillion; Gaurav Sharma
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On detection of median filtering in digital images
Author(s): Matthias Kirchner; Jessica Fridrich
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Efficient estimation of CFA pattern configuration in digital camera images
Author(s): Matthias Kirchner
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A framework for theoretical analysis of content fingerprinting
Author(s): Avinash L. Varna; Wei-Hong Chuang; Min Wu
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Image dependent log-likelihood ratio allocation for repeat accumulate code-based decoding in data hiding channels
Author(s): Anindya Sarkar; B. S. Manjunath
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On the embedding capacity of DNA strands under substitution, insertion, and deletion mutations
Author(s): Félix Balado
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Fast identification of highly distorted images
Author(s): Taras Holotyak; Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy; Fokko Beekhof; Oleksiy Koval
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