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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXVII: Algorithms and Techniques
Editor(s): David P. Casasent; Ernest L. Hall; Juha Röning
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Volume Number: 7539
Date Published: 17 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7539
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The 17th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition: intelligent robots built by intelligent students
Author(s): Bernard L. Theisen
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Engineering robust intelligent robots
Author(s): E. L. Hall; S. M. Alhaj Ali; M. Ghaffari; X. Liao; M. Cao
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Different micromanipulation applications based on common modular control architecture
Author(s): Risto Sipola; Tero Vallius; Marko Pudas; Juha Röning
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Object tracking by combining detection, motion estimation, and verification
Author(s): Oliver Sidla
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Recognizing and tracking humans and vehicles using radar
Author(s): David Tahmoush; Jerry Silvious
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On-line measurement of ski-jumper trajectory: combining stereo vision and shape description
Author(s): T. Nunner; O. Sidla; G. Paar; B. Nauschnegg
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Object tracking by co-trained classifiers and particle filters
Author(s): Liang Tang; Shanqing Li; Keyan Liu; Lei Wang
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Teaching and implementing autonomous robotic lab walkthroughs in a biotech laboratory through model-based visual tracking
Author(s): Martin Wojtczyk; Giorgio Panin; Thorsten Röder; Claus Lenz; Suraj Nair; Rüdiger Heidemann; Chetan Goudar; Alois Knoll
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Robust pipeline localization for an autonomous underwater vehicle using stereo vision and echo sounder data
Author(s): Gøril M. Breivik; Sigurd A. Fjerdingen; Øystein Skotheim
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Flexible inline low-cost inspection station
Author(s): Chen-Ko Sung
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LandingNav: a precision autonomous landing sensor for robotic platforms on planetary bodies
Author(s): Anup Katake; Chrisitian Bruccoleri; Puneet Singla; John L Junkins
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Real-time 3D environment model for obstacle detection and collision avoidance with a mobile service robot
Author(s): J. U. Kuehnle; M. Danzer; A. Verl; R. Bischoff
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Handling of split-and-merge effects and occlusions using feature-based probabilistic data association
Author(s): Michael Grinberg; Florian Ohr
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Real-time object detection and tracking in video sequences
Author(s): Fadi Dornaika; Fadi Chakik
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Robust obstacles detection and tracking using disparity for car driving assistance
Author(s): M. Gouiffès; A. Patri; M. Vasiliu
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Assessment of image sensor performance with statistical perception performance analysis
Author(s): Stefan Franz; Dieter Willersinn; Kristian Kroschel
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Modeling of radial asymmetry in lens distortion facilitated by modern optimization techniques
Author(s): Jason P. de Villiers; F. Wilhelm Leuschner; Ronelle Geldenhuys
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The design and results of an algorithm for intelligent ground vehicles
Author(s): Matthew Duncan; Justin Milam; Caleb Tote; Robert N. Riggins
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Improved single-camera stereo system for mobile robotics
Author(s): William P. Lovegrove; Patrick D. McGary; Kelly Austin
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A path planning algorithm for lane-following-based autonomous mobile robot navigation
Author(s): Yazan Aljeroudi; Mark Paulik; Mohan Krishnan; Chaomin Luo
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Argos: Princeton University's entry in the 2009 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
Author(s): Solomon O. Abiola; Christopher A. Baldassano; Gordon H. Franken; Richard J. Harris; Barbara A. Hendrick; Jonathan R. Mayer; Brenton A. Partridge; Eric W. Starr; Alexander N. Tait; Derrick D. Yu; Tony H. Zhu
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Application of a distributed systems architecture for increased speed in image processing on an autonomous ground vehicle
Author(s): Adam A. Wright; Orko Momin; Young Ho Shin; Rahul Shakya; Kumud Nepal; David J. Ahlgren
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An enhanced dynamic Delaunay triangulation-based path planning algorithm for autonomous mobile robot navigation
Author(s): Jun Chen; Chaomin Luo; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik; Yipeng Tang
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Auto-preview camera orientation for environment perception on a mobile robot
Author(s): Micho Radovnikovich; Pavan K. Vempaty; Ka C. Cheok
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Predictive vision from stereo video: robust object detection for autonomous navigation using the Unscented Kalman Filter on streaming stereo images
Author(s): Donald Rosselot; Mark Aull; Ernest L Hall
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Synchronizing real and predicted synthetic video imagery for localization of a robot to a 3D environment
Author(s): Damian M. Lyons; Sirhan Chaudhry; D. Paul Benjamin
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Comparison of three control methods for an autonomous vehicle
Author(s): Anup Deshpande; Kovid Mathur; Ernest Hall
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N-dimension closeness measurements used in dynamic pattern recognitions
Author(s): Chialun John Hu
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Color image processing for date quality evaluation
Author(s): Dah Jye Lee; James K. Archibald
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Fast correspondence of unrectified stereo images using genetic algorithm and spline representation
Author(s): Beau Tippetts; Dah Jye Lee; James Archibald
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Color DoG: a three-channel color feature detector for embedded systems
Author(s): Spencer Fowers; Dah Jye Lee; Doran K. Wilde
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Active visual tracking method self-adapting to illumination based on particle filter pre-location
Author(s): Jie Su; Guisheng Yin; Zhenhua Wei; Yining Xie
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