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Image Processing: Machine Vision Applications III
Editor(s): David Fofi; Kurt S. Niel
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Volume Number: 7538
Date Published: 28 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7538
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Rotating optical geometry sensor for inner pipe-surface reconstruction
Author(s): Moritz Ritter; Christan W. Frey
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Fully automatic leaf characterisation in heterogeneous environment of plant growing automation
Author(s): Gaël Chareyron; Jérôme Da Rugna; Amaury Darsch
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3D vision for nuclear reactor retrofit tool docking
Author(s): Jay Stavnitzky; Frederic Rivollier
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Analysis of a multimodal-camera and its advantages for autonomous vehicles
Author(s): Simon Hawe; Ulrich Kirchmaier; Klaus Diepold
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Fully automatic 3D digitization of unknown objects
Author(s): Gabriel F. Rozenwald; Ralph Seulin; Yohan D. Fougerolle
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Automatic trajectory clustering for generating ground truth data sets
Author(s): Julia Moehrmann; Gunther Heidemann
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VisNAV 100: a robust, compact imaging sensor for enabling autonomous air-to-air refueling of aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles
Author(s): Anup Katake; Heeyoul Choi
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Comparison of the ability of quantitative parameters to differentiate surface texture of Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) images
Author(s): Bethany Niedzielski; Christine Caragianis Broadbridge; John S. DaPonte; Maria Gherasimova
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Conformity of valuable spikes by ombroscopic imaging
Author(s): Fabrice Mairesse; Tadeusz M. Sliwa; Yvon Voisin
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Segmentation of thermographic images of hands using a genetic algorithm
Author(s): Payel Ghosh; Melanie Mitchell; Judith Gold
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A system architecture for online data interpretation and reduction in fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Thorsten Röder; Matthias Geisbauer; Yang Chen; Alois Knoll; Rainer Uhl
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Motion estimation accuracy for visible-light/gamma-ray imaging fusion for portable portal monitoring
Author(s): Thomas P. Karnowski; Mark F. Cunningham; James S Goddard; Anil M. Cheriyadat; Donald E. Hornback; Lorenzo Fabris; Ryan A. Kerekes; Klaus-Peter Ziock; Timothy F. Gee
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A novel region-based approach for the fusion of combined stereo and spectral series
Author(s): I. Gheta; S. Höfer; M. Heizmann; J. Beyerer
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Multiple range imaging camera operation with minimal performance impact
Author(s): Refael Z. Whyte; Andrew D. Payne; Adrian A. Dorrington; Michael J. Cree
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Calibration and control of a robot arm using a range imaging camera
Author(s): Cameron B. D. Kelly; Adrian A. Dorrington; Michael J. Cree; Andrew D. Payne
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Resolving depth-measurement ambiguity with commercially available range imaging cameras
Author(s): Shane H. McClure; Michael J. Cree; Adrian A. Dorrington; Andrew D. Payne
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A novel 3D reconstruction approach by dynamic (de)focused light
Author(s): Intuon Lertrusdachakul; Yohan D. Fougerolle; Olivier Laligant
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1000-fps real-time optical flow detection system
Author(s): Idaku Ishii; Taku Taniguchi; Kenkichi Yamamoto; Takeshi Takaki
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Motion based situation recognition in group meetings
Author(s): Julia Moehrmann; Xin Wang; Gunther Heidemann
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Motion detection with level set-based segmentation
Author(s): Suk-ho Lee; Nam-seok Choi; Moon Gi Kang
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Ego-translation estimation from one straight edge in constructed scenes
Author(s): Saleh Mosaddegh; David Fofi; Pascal Vasseur
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A line detection and description algorithm based on swarm intelligence
Author(s): Ulrich Kirchmaier; Simon Hawe; Klaus Diepold
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A hybrid and adaptive segmentation method using color and texture information
Author(s): C. Meurie; Y. Ruichek; A. Cohen; J. Marais
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Hierarchical feature extraction and object recognition based on biologically inspired filters
Author(s): Pankaj Mishra; B. Keith Jenkins
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Blurred face recognition algorithm guided by a no-reference blur metric
Author(s): Cécile Fiche; Patricia Ladret; Ngoc-Son Vu
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2x1D image registration and comparison
Author(s): Geng Zheng; Elisa H. Barney Smith; Nader Rafla; Tim Andersen
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Layer separation for material discrimination cargo imaging system
Author(s): Kenneth Fu; Dale Ranta; Pankaj Das; Clark Guest
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The application of wavelet denoising in material discrimination system
Author(s): Kenneth Fu; Dale Ranta; Clark Guest; Pankaj Das
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A practical DCT based blind image watermarking scheme for print-and-scan process
Author(s): Jianming Jin; Huiman Hou; Yuhong Xiong
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Synthesis of solid textures based on a 2D example: application to the synthesis of 3D carbon structures observed by transmission electronic microscopy
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Da Costa; Christian Germain
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Cigarette smoke detection from captured image sequences
Author(s): Kentaro Iwamoto; Hironori Inoue; Toru Matsubara; Toshihisa Tanaka
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