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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XI
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Volume Number: 7472
Date Published: 9 September 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7472
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tidal flood monitoring in marsh estuary areas from Landsat TM data
Author(s): M. J. Polo; J. Regodón; M. P. González-Dugo
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Testing the performance of the MNDVI vegetation index
Author(s): George Aim. Skianis; Dimitrios A. Vaiopoulos; Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos
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Hydrological impacts of land cover change in the Dragonja catchment (Slovenia)
Author(s): Hylke Beck; Giulia Salvini; Jaap Schellekens; Sampurno Bruijnzeel; Richard de Jeu
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Modelling the stream flow change in a poorly gauged mountainous watershed, southern Tianshan Mountain, using multi-source remote sensing data
Author(s): Zhandong Sun; Christian Opp; Thomas Hennig
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Estimation of inter-annual winter crop area variation and spatial distribution with low resolution NDVI data by using neural networks trained on high resolution images
Author(s): C. Atzberger; F. Rembold
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Storm damage assessment support service in the U.S. corn belt using RapidEye satellite imagery
Author(s): Maria A. Capellades; Sandra Reigber; Marika Kunze
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Vegetation cover change detection in Chamela-Cuixamala, Mexico
Author(s): Betsabé De la Barreda Bautista; Alejandra A. López-Caloca
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Monitoring the urban expansion of Thrakomakedones area (North- Western Athens) due to the Olympic Games using high resolution satellite data and GIS techniques
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Panagiotis I. Tsombos; George Papanikolaou
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Using neural networks to map Africa's land cover with Landsat ETM+ SLC-off imagery
Author(s): M. J. Aitkenhead
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Multitemporal burnt area detection methods based on a couple of images acquired after the fire event
Author(s): R. Carlà; L. Santurri; L. Bonora; C. Conese
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Earth observation products for operational irrigation management: the PLEIADeS project
Author(s): G. D'Urso; F. Vuolo; K. Richter; A. Calera Belmonte; M. A. Osann
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Irrigation water use monitoring at watershed scale using series of high-resolution satellite images
Author(s): A. Díaz; M. P. González-Dugo; S. Escuin; L. Mateos; F. Cano; V. Cifuentes; J. L. Tirado; N. Oyonarte
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Integration of wireless sensor network and remote sensing for monitoring and determining irrigation demand in Cyprus
Author(s): Athos Agapiou; George Papadavid; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Reflectance modeling of vineyards under water stress based on the coupling between 3D architecture and water balance model
Author(s): R. López-Lozano; F. Baret; I. García de Cortázar Atauri; B. Tisseyre; E. Lebon
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Remote sensing analysis of forest vegetation changes due to climate and anthropogenic impacts
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; L. F. V. Zoran; A. I. Dida
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Coralline reefs classification in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico
Author(s): Ameris I. Contreras-Silva; Alejandra A. López-Caloca
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Integration of micro-sensor technology and remote sensing for monitoring coastal water quality in a municipal beach and other areas in Cyprus
Author(s): Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Marinos G. Hadjimitsis; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Athos Agapiou
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Towards the development of a 30 year record of remotely sensed vegetation optical depth
Author(s): Richard A. M. de Jeu; Thomas R. H. Holmes; Guido van der Werf
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Sensitivity analysis on the relationship between vegetation growth and multi-polarized radar data
Author(s): F. Capodici; G. La Loggia; G. D'Urso; A. Maltese; G. Ciraolo
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Algorithm development for snow density estimation using polarimetric advanced SAR data
Author(s): G. Singh; G. Venkataraman
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Spatial distribution of soil water content from airborne thermal and optical remote sensing data
Author(s): Katja Richter; Mario Palladino; Francesco Vuolo; Luigi Dini; Guido D'Urso
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Comparison of three methods based on the temperature-NDVI diagram for soil moisture characterization
Author(s): Jean-Claude Krapez; Albert Olioso; Benoit Coudert
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The effect of mesoscale mountains on precipitation horizontal and vertical distribution over South China
Author(s): Suxing Zhu; Haiming Xu
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Monitoring geothermal activity in Yellowstone National Park using airborne thermal infrared remote sensing
Author(s): C. M. U. Neale; S. Sivarajan; O. Z. Akasheh; C. Jaworowski; H. Heasler
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Comparison between energy balance and mass balance models for actual evapotranspiration assessment
Author(s): A. Gentile; L. Pierce; G. Ciraolo; G. Zhang; G. La Loggia; R. Nemani
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Effects of rainfall events on the evapotranspiration retrieved by an energy balance model
Author(s): Antonino Maltese; Carmelo Cammalleri; Giuseppe Ciraolo; Goffredo La Loggia
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Spectral signature measurements during the whole life cycle of annual crops and sustainable irrigation management over Cyprus using remote sensing and spectro-radiometric data: the cases of spring potatoes and peas
Author(s): George Papadavid; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Identification of combined vegetation indices for the early detection of plant diseases
Author(s): T. Rumpf; A. Mahlein; D. Dörschlag; L. Plümer
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Airborne remote sensing in precision viticolture: assessment of quality and quantity vineyard production using multispectral imagery: a case study in Velletri, Rome surroundings (central Italy)
Author(s): Gianluca Tramontana; Dario Papale; Filippo Girard; Claudio Belli; Paolo Pietromarchi; Domenico Tiberi; Maria C. Comandini
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Wheat growth modelling by a combination of a biophysical model approach and hyperspectral remote sensing data
Author(s): Natascha M. Oppelt
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Urban land cover changes assessment by satellite remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran
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The application of unified surface water capacity method in drought remote sensing monitoring
Author(s): Hongwei Zhang; Huailiang Chen; Rui Sun; Weidong Yu; Chunhui Zou; Shuanghe Shen
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Monitoring drought dynamics in Huanghuai region of China using AVHRR-based vegetation health indices in comparison with ground data
Author(s): Mingwei Zhang; Xiaoxiang Zhu; Jinlong Fan; Guicai Li; Yeping Zhang
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The application study of using temperature vegetation dryness index in regional drought monitoring
Author(s): Yeping Zhang; Mingwei Zhang; Xiaoxiang Zhu; Jinlong Fan; Yuanyuan Zhang
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Agricultural drought monitoring, forecasting and loss assessment in China
Author(s): Huailiang Chen; Hongwei Zhang; Ronghua Liu; Weidong Yu
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The application of normalized multi-band drought index (NMDI) method in cropland drought monitoring
Author(s): Hong-wei Zhang; Huai-Liang Chen; Shuanghe Shen
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The optimal hyperspectral quantitative models for chlorophyll-a of chlorella vulgaris
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Xiuju Wu
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Study on the spectrum response of Cyanobacter to the Pb2+ pollution
Author(s): Xiuju Wu; Qian Cheng
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The spectral characteristics of Stellera chamaejasme L. with varied coverage in Qilian of China
Author(s): Haibo Wang; Jinbo Qian; Mingguo Ma; Xufeng Wang
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Complex microwave transmittivity of tree crowns
Author(s): A. Chukhlantsev; S. Golovachev; V. Kobylianskij; S. Marechek; Yu. Tsargorodtsev
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Assimilation of soil moisture in LPJ-DGVM
Author(s): Xufeng Wang; Mingguo Ma; Xujun Han; Yi Song
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A real-time drought monitoring method: cropland soil moisture index (CSMI) and application
Author(s): Huailiang Chen; Hongwei Zhang; Shuang-he Shen; Weidong Yu; Chunhui Zou
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Detection of vegetation LUE based on chlorophyll fluorescence separation algorithm from Fraunhofer line
Author(s): Liangyun Liu; Bing Zhang
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Critical analysis of empirical ground heat flux equations on a cereal field using micrometeorological data
Author(s): Carmelo Cammalleri; Goffredo La Loggia; Antonino Maltese
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Monitoring winter-wheat phenology in North China using time-series MODIS EVI
Author(s): Mingwei Zhang; Jinlong Fan; Xiaoxiang Zhu; Guicai Li; Yeping Zhang
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Disease detection in sugar beet fields: a multi-temporal and multi-sensoral approach on different scales
Author(s): Anne-Katrin Mahlein; Christian Hillnhütter; Thorsten Mewes; Christine Scholz; Ulrike Steiner; Heinz-Willhelm Dehne; Erich-Christian Oerke
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Evaluating crop land productivity using MODIS derived time serious vegetation index and water index in North China Plain
Author(s): Zhen Wang; Yunqiao Shu; Shengwei Zhang; Hongjun Li; Yuping Lei
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Assessment of nitrate leaching on agriculture region using remote sensing and model
Author(s): Yuping Lei; Zhen Wang; Hongjun Li; Li Zheng; Shengwei Zhang
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