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Plasmonics: Metallic Nanostructures and Their Optical Properties VII
Editor(s): Mark I. Stockman
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Volume Number: 7394
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7394
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Exploring single-molecule SERS and single-nanoparticle plasmon microscopy
Author(s): Kristin L. Wustholz; Anne-Isabelle Henry; Julia M Bingham; Samuel L. Kleinman; Michael J. Natan; R. Griffith Freeman; Richard P. Van Duyne
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Adiabatic focusing of surface plasmon polaritons for label free detection of few molecules by means of Raman scattering
Author(s): F. De Angelis; G. Das; C. Liberale; P. Candeloro; F. Mecarini; M. L. Coluccio; Enzo Di Fabrizio
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Metallic nano-cavity lasers at near infrared wavelengths
Author(s): Martin T. Hill
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Natural superoscillation of random functions in one and more dimensions
Author(s): Mark R. Dennis; Jari Lindberg
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Nanoscale slit arrays as planar far-field lenses
Author(s): Peter B. Catrysse; Lieven Verslegers; Zongfu Yu; Justin S. White; Edward S. Barnard; Mark L. Brongersma; Shanhui Fan
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Flexible and reconfigurable terahertz metamaterials
Author(s): H. Tao; A. C. Strikwerda; K. Fan; C. Bingham; N. I. Landy; D. Shrekenhamer; D. Pilon; W. J. Padilla; X. Zhang; R. D. Averitt
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Polarization dependent terahertz spectroscopy of a single subwavelength hole in thin metallic film
Author(s): Tae-Ho Park; Joong-Wook Lee; Daniel M. Mittleman; Peter Nordlander
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THz anomalous transmission in plasmonic lattices: incidence angle dependence
Author(s): Tho D. Nguyen; Ajay Nahata; Z. Valy Vardeny
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Giant surface plasmon induced drag effect (SPIDEr) in metal nanowires
Author(s): Maxim Durach; Anastasia Rusina; Mark I. Stockman
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Interface effects in hybrid gold/vanadium dioxide nanostructures
Author(s): Jed I. Ziegler; Joyeeta Nag; Richard F. Haglund Jr.
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Fluctuation in surface enhanced Raman scattering intensity due to plasmon related heating effect
Author(s): Dinish U. Soudamini; Chit Yaw Fu; Kiang Wei Kho; Praveen Thoniyot; Ajay Agarwal; Malini Olivo
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High harmonics generation by plasmonic field enhancement
Author(s): Seung-Woo Kim; Seungchul Kim; In-Yong Park; Jonghan Jin
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Design of nanostructures for high harmonic generation by localized surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): In-Yong Park; Seungchul Kim; Joonhee Choi; Jonghan Jin; Seung-Woo Kim
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Saturable absorption of femtosecond laser pulses at surface plasmon resonance in gold nanoshells
Author(s): Ida Ros; Piero Schiavuta; Giovanni Mattei; Renato Bozio
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Infrared spectroscopy of antenna resonances
Author(s): Hoang V. Chung; Frank Neubrech; A. Pucci
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Plasmonic nanorectennas for energy conversion
Author(s): Richard Osgood III; Joel B. Carlson; Brian R. Kimball; David P. Ziegler; James R. Welch; Lauren E. Belton; Gustavo E. Fernandes; Zhijun Liu; Jimmy Xu
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Plasmonic gold structures with individually designed geometries
Author(s): Monika Fleischer; Kai Braun; Dai Zhang; Sebastian Jäger; Alfred J. Meixner; Dieter P. Kern
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Coupling dynamics between photoluminescent centers in ZnO and surface plasmons
Author(s): B. J. Lawrie; R. Mu; R. F. Haglund
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Spinoptics: spin symmetry breaking in plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): Erez Hasman; Yuri Gorodetski; Nir Shitrit; Itay Bretner; Avi Niv; Vladimir Kleiner
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Observation of plasmon resonance linewidth narrowing in embedded gold nanoparticle arrays
Author(s): Ronen Adato; Ahmet A. Yanik; Hatice Altug
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All-optical absorption switches in subwavelength metal-dielectricmetal plasmonic waveguides
Author(s): Changjun Min; Georgios Veronis
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Electromagnetic eigenstates applied to the theoretical discussion of meta-materials with negative refraction
Author(s): David J. Bergman; Jacob Ben-Yakar
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Plasmon resonance differences between the near- and far-field and implications for molecular detection
Author(s): Benjamin M. Ross; Savas Tasoglu; Luke P. Lee
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Designing plasmonic systems: applications to dark modes in nanoparticle pairs and triplets
Author(s): Timothy J. Davis; Kristy C. Vernon; Daniel E. Gómez
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Nonlinear magneto-optical transversal Kerr effect in magneto-plasmonic nanosandwiches
Author(s): Irina A. Kolmychek; Tatyana V. Murzina; Oleg A. Aktsipetrov
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Ultrafast light transmission behavior of surface plasmon excited Maxwell Garnet type Ag nanocomposite polymer
Author(s): B. Karthikeyan; Suchand C. S. Sandeep; Reji Philip
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Spatially varying near-resonant aperture arrays for beam manipulation
Author(s): X. M. Goh; L. Lin; A. Roberts
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Critically coupled surface phonon-polariton excitation in silicon carbide
Author(s): Burton Neuner III; Dmitriy Korobkin; Chris Fietz; Davy Carole; Gabriel Ferro; Gennady Shvets
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Plasmon-exciton transition in iodized Ag-Cu nanostructured films
Author(s): M. Gnanavel; C. S. Sunandana
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Backward wave phenomenon for light propagating through a silver nanorod array
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Ching-Wei Yu; Chin-Te Lin
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The absorption modes of a dielectric-metal-dielectric nanorod array in the Kretschmann configuration
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Chia-Feng Lin; Tzu-Yi Chan
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SPR of Ag nanoparticles in photothermochromic glasses
Author(s): O. A. Usov; A. I. Sidorov; A. V. Nashchekin; O. A. Podsvirov; N. V. Kurbatova; V. A. Tsekhomsky; A. V. Vostokov
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Plasmonic structures fabricated by interference lithography for sensor applications
Author(s): Jacson W. Menezes; Marcelo Nalin; Enver F. Chillcce; Edmundo S. Braga; Lucila Cescato
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Far-field coupling in arrays of gold and gold::vanadium dioxide nanodimers
Author(s): D. W. Ferrara; J. Nag; E. MacQuarrie; K. Appavoo; R. F. Haglund Jr.
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Synthesis of generalized surface plasmon beams
Author(s): G. Martinez-Niconoff; J. Munoz-Lopez; P. Martinez-Vara
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Solvent and ligand effects on the optical properties of silver nanoparticles in silica sol-gel films
Author(s): J. A. García-Macedo; V. M. Rentería-Tapia; G. Valverde-Aguilar
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Nanoscale bowtie aperture as high efficiency light coupler with plasmonic waveguide
Author(s): Edward C. Kinzel; Xianfan Xu
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Plasmon hybridization in nanoapertures for development of an efficient nanoantenna array
Author(s): Ahmet A. Yanik; Ronen Adato; Shyamsunder Erramilli; Hatice Altug
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Nanoscale materials for sensing and detection based on surface plasmon excitation
Author(s): Bader H. Alhasson; M. Matin
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