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Therapeutic Laser Applications and Laser-Tissue Interactions IV
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Volume Number: 7373
Date Published: 8 July 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7373
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanoparticle mediated laser cell perforation
Author(s): Markus Schomaker; Judith Baumgart; Anaclet Ngezahayo; Jörn Bullerdiek; Ingo Nolte; Hugo Murua-Escobar; Holger Lubatschowski; Alexander Heisterkamp
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Femtosecond laser based enucleation of porcine oocytes for somatic cell nuclear transfer
Author(s): K. Kütemeyer; A. Lucas-Hahn; B. Petersen; P. Hassel; E. Lemme; H. Niemann; A. Heisterkamp
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Dynamics of laser-induced transient micro bubble clusters
Author(s): Andreas Fritz; Lars Ptaszynski; Hardo Stoehr; Ralf Brinkmann
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Time resolved detection of tissue denaturation during retinal photocoagulation
Author(s): Kerstin Schlott; Jens Langejürgen; Marco Bever; Stefan Koinzer; Reginald Birngruber; Ralf Brinkmann
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Femtosecond-lentotomy treatment: six-month follow-up of in vivo treated rabbit lenses
Author(s): S. Schumacher; M. Fromm; U. Oberheide; P. Bock; I. Imbschweiler; H. Hoffmann; A. Beineke; G. Gerten; A. Wegener; H. Lubatschowski
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Photobleaching of a human donor lens using an 800 nm femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser
Author(s): Line Kessel M.D.; Lars Eskildsen; Mike van der Poel; Michael Larsen
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Wavelength optimization in femtosecond laser corneal surgery: experimental results
Author(s): C. Crotti; F. Deloison; D. A. Peyrot; M. Savoldelli; J.-M. Legeais; F. Roger; K. Plamann
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Dependence of optoacoustic transients on exciting laser parameters for real-time monitoring of retinal photocoagulation
Author(s): J. Langejürgen; K. Schlott; M. Bever; K. Hausmann; S. Koinzer; L. Ptaszynski; J. Roider; R. Birngruber; R. Brinkmann
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Dynamic and interaction of fs-laser induced cavitation bubbles for analyzing the cutting effect
Author(s): N. Tinne; S. Schumacher; V. Nuzzo; T. Ripken; H. Lubatschowski
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Development of a localized x-ray source for the pin-point treatment of cancers using femtosecond laser
Author(s): N. Kawashima; H. Muramatsu; C. Yanagimoto; M. Miyazawa; E. Kajiwara; I. Imasaki
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Characterizing fluorescence spectral features of cancer, benign, and normal human breast tissues through wavelet transform and singular value decomposition
Author(s): Anita H. Gharekhan; Ashok N. Oza; M. B. Sureshkumar; Prasanta K. Panigrahi; Asima Pradhan
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Multifractal spectra of laser Doppler flowmetry signals in healthy and sleep apnea syndrome subjects
Author(s): Benjamin Buard; Wojciech Trzepizur; Guillaume Mahe; François Chapeau-Blondeau; David Rousseau; Frédéric Gagnadoux; Pierre Abraham; Anne Humeau
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Merocyanine-540 mediated photodynamic effects on staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms
Author(s): Maria Sonia Sbarra; Antonella Di Poto; Enrica Saino; Livia Visai; Paolo Minzioni; Francesca Bragheri; Ilaria Cristiani
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Photochemical model of photodynamic therapy applied to skin diseases by a topical photosensitizer
Author(s): F. Fanjul-Vélez; I. Salas-García; L. A. Fernández-Fernández; M. López-Escobar; L. Buelta-Carrillo; N. Ortega-Quijano; J. L. Arce-Diego
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GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo simulation for photodynamic therapy treatment planning
Author(s): William Chun Yip Lo; Tianyi David Han; Jonathan Rose; Lothar Lilge
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A combined mathematical-physical model of laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT)
Author(s): Marie S. Enevoldsen; Ove Skovgaard; Peter E. Andersen
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Effect of skin tumor properties on laser penetration
Author(s): A. E. Karsten; A. Singh
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Determination of the optical properties of PNIPAAm gels used in biological applications
Author(s): A. Singh; A. E. Karsten; I. Mputle; A. Chetty; Kersch Naidoo
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Femtosecond laser microstructuring of titanium surfaces for middle ear ossicular replacement prosthesis: results of preliminary studies
Author(s): S. Biedron; J. F. R. Ilgner; E. Fadeeva; B. Chichkov; A. Prescher; M. Bovi; M. Westhofen
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Partial porcine kidney resection in vivo using a 1.92 µm fiber laser system
Author(s): Dirk Theisen-Kunde; Sönke Tedsen; Veit Danicke; Ralf Brinkmann
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Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of safernous vein reflux with 1.56 μm laser
Author(s): V. P. Minaev; A. L. Sokolov; K. V. Lyadov; M. M. Lutsenko; K. M. Zhilin
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Selective treatment of atherosclerotic plaques using nanosecond pulsed laser with a wavelength of 5.75 μm for less-invasive laser angioplasty
Author(s): K. Ishii; H. Tsukimoto; H. Hazama; K. Awazu
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Evaluation of the PDT effect of Foscan and Fospeg in the LNCaP human prostate cancer cell line
Author(s): A. Petri; M. Kyriazi; E. Alexandratou; M. Rallis; S. Gräfe; D. Yova
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Photodynamic inactivation of the models Mycobacterium phlei and Mycobacterium smegmatis in vitro
Author(s): R. Bruce-Micah; U. Gamm; D. Hüttenberger; J. Cullum; H.-J. Foth
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Characterization of a miniature integrating cylinder for absolute calibration of fluence rate probes for interstitial photodynamic therapy (IPDT)
Author(s): Benjamin Lai; George Netchev; Emma Henderson; Lothar Lilge
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Absolute calibration of multi-sensor fluorescent probes for interstitial photodynamic therapy monitoring
Author(s): Benjamin Lai; Lothar D. Lilge
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Optical parameters evaluation using optical coherent tomography images
Author(s): I. Ionita
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The modeling of the temperature field formed inside multilayered biological tissue under laser emission
Author(s): Kirill Kulikov
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Comparison of 980-nm and 1070-nm in endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)
Author(s): Nermin Topaloglu; Ozgur Tabakoglu; Mehmet U. Ergenoglu; Murat Gülsoy
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Laser osteoperforation for treatment of inflammatory and destructive bone diseases
Author(s): V. A. Privalov; I. V. Krochek; I. A. Abushkin; I. I. Shumilin; A. V. Lappa
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Root canal microleakage investigation after Nd:YAG laser-assisted treatment
Author(s): Cosmin Balabuc M.D.; Laura Filip M.D.; Mircea Calniceanu; Camelia Demian; Aurel Raduta; Cosmin Locovei; Carmen Todea M.D.
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Optical tweezers and manipulation of PMMA beads in various conditions
Author(s): D. G. Kotsifaki; M. Makropoulou; A. A. Serafetinides
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Non-ablative processing of biofibers by femtosecond IR laser
Author(s): Vladimir Hovhannisyan; Wen Lo; Chieh Hu; Shean-Jen Chen; Chen Yuan Dong
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Study of corneal scattering for the optimization of femtosecond keratoplasty
Author(s): D. A. Peyrot; F. Aptel; C. Crotti; F. Deloison; M. Savoldelli; J.-M. Legeais; K. Plamann
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Transmission measurements of human lenses
Author(s): Jesper H. Lundeman; Kristine Herbst; Michael Larsen; Line Kessel M.D.
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Atomic force microscopy analysis of human cornea surface after UV (λ=266 nm) laser irradiation
Author(s): E. Spyratou; M. Makropoulou; K. Moutsouris; C. Bacharis; A. A. Serafetinides
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