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Harnessing Relativistic Plasma Waves as Novel Radiation Sources from Terahertz to X-Rays and Beyond
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Volume Number: 7359
Date Published: 6 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7359
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Towards a compact 0.1-10 MeV broadband betatron photon source
Author(s): C. E. Clayton; S. F. Martins; J. L. Martins; D. K. Johnson; S. Wang; K. A. Marsh; P. Muggli; M. J. Hogan; D. Walz; R. A. Fonseca; E. Oz; C. D. Barnes; C. L. O'Connell; I. Blumenfeld; N. Kirby; R. Ischebeck; C. Huang; M. Zhou; W. Lu; S. Deng; T. Katsouleas; W. B. Mori; R. H. Siemann; L. O. Silva; C. Joshi
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Attosecond slicing of an LWFA produced electron beam
Author(s): C. M. S. Sears; A. Buck; K. Schmid; L. Veisz; D. Herrmann; J. Mikhailova; R. Tautz; F. Krausz
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Coherent Thomson scattering at laser compressed and accelerated electron bunches
Author(s): D. an der Brügge; A. Pukhov
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Pepper-pot emittance measurement of laser-plasma wakefield accelerated electrons
Author(s): R. P. Shanks; M. P. Anania; E. Brunetti; S. Cipiccia; B. Ersfeld; J. G. Gallacher; R. C. Issac; M. R. Islam; G. Vieux; G. H. Welsh; S. M. Wiggins; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Linear and non-linear Thomson-scattering x-ray sources driven by conventionally and laser plasma accelerated electrons
Author(s): A. Debus; S. Bock; M. Bussmann; T. E. Cowan; A. Jochmann; T. Kluge; S. D. Kraft; R. Sauerbrey; K. Zeil; U. Schramm
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The flying mirror: future brightest x-ray and gamma-ray source
Author(s): T. Zh. Esirkepov; S. V. Bulanov; M. Kando; A. S. Pirozhkov; A. G. Zhidkov
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Photon Landau damping of relativistic plasma waves
Author(s): J. T. Mendonça
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Factors influencing the temporal characteristics of coherent wake field harmonic emission from solid surfaces
Author(s): Rainer Hörlein; Yutaka Nomura; Sergey G. Rykovanov; Ferenc Krausz; George D. Tsakiris
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Attosecond and femtosecond metrology for plasma mirrors
Author(s): F. Quéré; H. George; Ph. Martin
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Ultrabright attosecond sources from relativistically oscillating mirrors
Author(s): M. Zepf; D. Adams; B. Dromey; M. Geissler; R. Hörlein; Y. Nomura; S. Rykovanov; G. D. Tsakiris
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Short-wavelength magnetic structures from the plasma magnetic mode and their applications
Author(s): F. Fiuza; S. F. Martins; R. A. Fonseca; L. O. Silva
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XUV and IR electromagnetic radiation from nonlinear laser-plasma interaction
Author(s): Masaki Kando; Alexander S. Pirozhkov; Yuji Fukuda; Timur Zh. Esirkepov; Izuru Daito; Keigo Kawase; Jinglong Ma; Liming Chen; Yukio Hayashi; Michiaki Mori; Koichi Ogura; Hideyuki Kotaki; Akito Sagisaka; Evgeny N. Ragozin; Anatoly Faenov; Tatiana Pikuz; Hiromitsu Kiriyama; Hajime Okada; Takashi Kameshima; James K. Koga; Tetsuya Kawachi; Hiroyuki Daido; Toyoaki Kimura; Yoshiaki Kato; Toshiki Tajima; Sergei V. Bulanov
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Photon frequency up-shifting by an amplified plasma density wake due to two co-propagating laser pulses
Author(s): Gaurav Raj; M. R. Islam; B. Ersfeld; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Raman amplification in plasma: thermal effects and damping
Author(s): J. P. Farmer; B. Ersfeld; G. Raj; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Experimental investigation of identical wavelength short light pulses crossing in underdense plasma
Author(s): L. Lancia; J.-R. Marquès; J. Fuchs; M. Nakatsutsumi; A. Mancic; P. Antici; C. Riconda; S. Weber; V. T. Tikhonchuck; A. Héron; S. Hüller; J.-C. Adam; P. Audebert
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Temporal evolution of density and field amplitudes in Raman amplification including relativistic and ponderomotive effects
Author(s): Gaurav Raj; John Farmer; B. Ersfeld; Dino A. Jaroszynski
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Effects of energy absorption on Raman amplification in plasma
Author(s): Bernhard Ersfeld; John Farmer; Gaurav Raj; Dino A. Jaroszynski
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Study of chirped pulse amplification based on Raman backscattering
Author(s): X. Yang; G. Vieux; A. Lyachev; J. Farmer; G. Raj; B. Ersfeld; E. Brunetti; M. Wiggins; R. Issac; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Chirped pulse Raman amplification in plasma: high gain measurements
Author(s): G. Vieux; X. Yang; A. Lyachev; B. Ersfeld; J. Farmer; E. Brunetti; M. Wiggins; R. Issac; G. Raj; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Comparative study of betatron radiation from laser-wakefield and direct-laser accelerated bunches of relativistic electrons
Author(s): S. Kneip; C. McGuffey; S. R. Nagel; C. Palmer; C. Bellei; J. Schreiber; C. Huntington; F. Dollar; T. Matsuoka; V. Chvykov; G. Kalintchenko; V. Yanovsky; A. Maksimchuk; K. Ta Phuoc; S. P. D. Mangles; K. Krushelnick; Z. Najmudin
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Radiation post-processing in PIC codes
Author(s): J. L. Martins; S. F. Martins; R. A. Fonseca; L. O. Silva
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Temporal characterization and flux improvement of the x-ray betatron source
Author(s): R. Fitour; K. Ta Phuoc; S. Corde; A. Rousse
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Novel THz radiation from relativistic laser-plasmas
Author(s): Z. M. Sheng; H. C. Wu; W. M. Wang; X. G. Dong; M. Chen; J. Zhang
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Possibility of high power THz radiation via electromagnetically induced transparency at ion acoustic frequency region in laser-produced dense plasmas
Author(s): Noboru Yugami; Takeshi Higashiguchi; Ryousuke Kodama
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Terahertz radiation from the interaction of laser pulses with gas target
Author(s): Min Chen; Alexander Pukhov; Xiao-Yu Peng; Oswald Willi; Zheng-Ming Sheng; Jie Zhang
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Narrow spread electron beams from a laser-plasma wakefield accelerator
Author(s): S. M. Wiggins; M. P. Anania; E. Brunetti; S. Cipiccia; B. Ersfeld; M. R. Islam; R. C. Issac; G. Raj; R. P. Shanks; G. Vieux; G. H. Welsh; W. A. Gillespie; A. M. MacLeod; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Electron beam pointing stability of a laser wakefield accelerator
Author(s): R. C. Issac; G. Vieux; G. H Welsh; R. Shanks; E. Brunetti; S. Cipiccia; M. P. Anania; X. Yang; S. M. Wiggins; M. R. Islam; B. Ersfeld; J. Farmer; G. Raj; S. Chen; D. Clark; T. McCanny; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Transport of ultra-short electron bunches in a free-electron laser driven by a laser-plasma wakefield accelerator
Author(s): M. P. Anania; D. Clark; S. B. van der Geer; M. J. de Loos; R. Isaac; A. J. W. Reitsma; G. H. Welsh; S. M. Wiggins; D. A. Jaroszynski
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Plasma diagnostics of a capillary plasma using pulse power
Author(s): Takeshi Higashiguchi; Hiromitsu Terauchi; Jin-xiang Bai; Takashi Kikuchi; Noboru Yugami; Toyohiko Yatagai
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Compression of an ultrashort laser pulse via self-modulation in argon gas
Author(s): Takeshi Higashiguchi; Masashi Kudo; Noboru Yugami; Eiji Takahashi
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Femto-second ultrashort laser wakefield electron bunch-duration measurements: a prism-based dispersion visible-to-IR spectrometer
Author(s): J. Lim; J. Faure; G. Gallot; O. Lundh; C. Rechatin; V. Malka
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