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Photonic Crystal Fibers III
Editor(s): Kyriacos Kalli
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Volume Number: 7357
Date Published: 6 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7357
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Microstructured fibers with high lanthanum oxide glass core for nonlinear applications
Author(s): J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; D. Litzkendorf; A. Schwuchow; J. Kirchhof; H. Bartelt; V. Tombelaine; P. Leproux; V. Couderc; A. Labruyere
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Highly nonlinear chalcogenide core nanofiber and photonic crystal fiber showing zero dispersion at 1.55 microns
Author(s): Chitrarekha Chaudhari; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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Microstrutured fibers with germanium doped core components
Author(s): J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; A. Schwuchow; Y. Wang; S. Brückner; M. Becker; M. Rothhardt; J. Kirchhof; W. Ecke; R. Willsch; H. Bartelt
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Dispersion-engineered and highly nonlinear microstructured polymer optical fibres
Author(s): Michael H. Frosz; Kristian Nielsen; Petr Hlubina; Alessio Stefani; Ole Bang
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Y-shaped microstructured fibers with Ge-doped core
Author(s): Salvador Torres-Peiró; Antonio Díez; José L. Cruz; Miguel V. Andrés
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Relativistic particle white light super continuum generation
Author(s): Kent E. Mattsson
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Ge-doped Y-shaped microstructured fiber for supercontinuum generation
Author(s): J. Cascante-Vindas; S. Torres-Peiró; A. Díez; M. V. Andrés
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Ultraflat supercontinuum generation in soft-glass photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): J. J. Miret; E. Silvestre; P. Andrés
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Broadband measurement of dispersion in a two-mode birefringent holey fiber by spectral interferometric techniques
Author(s): P. Hlubina; D. Ciprian; M. Kadulova; G. Statkiewicz-Barabach; W. Urbanczyk
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Characterization of modes excited in a nonlinear photonic crystal fibre using low coherence interferometry
Author(s): P. Nandi; W. J. Wadsworth; T. A. Birks; J. C. Knight
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Birefringence dispersion in elliptical-core fibers measured over a broad wavelength range by interferometric techniques
Author(s): M. Kadulová; P. Hlubina; D. Ciprian; G. Statkiewicz-Barabach; W. Urbanczyk; J. Wojcik
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Dynamic behaviour of an Ytterbium-doped rodlike PCF laser
Author(s): F. Poli; D. Passaro; A. Cucinotta; S. Selleri
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Hollow-core photonic crystal fibers for integrated mid infrared sources
Author(s): B. Beaudou; F. Couny; S. Février; G. Humbert; F. Gérôme; F. Benabid
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Chalcogenide As2S3 suspended core fiber for mid-IR wavelength conversion based on degenerate four-wave mixing
Author(s): M. Szpulak; Sébastien Février
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Singlemode leakage channel fiber for the middle infrared
Author(s): Leonid N. Butvina; Olesya V. Sereda; Alexey L. Butvina; Eugeny M. Dianov; Ninel V. Lichkova; Vladimir N. Zagorodnev
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Bragg grating writing in photonic crystal fibres
Author(s): Kevin Cook; John Canning; Alexandre A. P. Pohl; John Holdsworth; Michael Stevenson; Somnath Bandyopadhyay; Nathaniel Groothoff
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Fiber Bragg gratings in microstructured optical fibers for stress monitoring
Author(s): Thomas Geernaert; Geert Luyckx; Eli Voet; Tomasz Nasilowski; Karima Chah; Martin Becker; Hartmut Bartelt; Waclaw Urbanczyk; Jan Wójcik; Wim De Waele; Joris Degrieck; Francis Berghmans; Hugo Thienpont
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Comparison between femtosecond laser and fusion-arc inscribed long period gratings in photonic crystal fibre
Author(s): T. Allsop; K. Kalli; K. Zhou; G. Smith; M. Komodromos; K. Sugden; M. Dubov; D. J. Webb; I. Bennion
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Inscription of type IIA Bragg reflectors in a highly non-linear microstructured optical fiber using deep ultraviolet laser radiation
Author(s): S. Pissadakis; M. Livitziis; G. Tsibidis; J. Kobelke; K. Schuster
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Long period fibre gratings photoinscribed in a microstructured polymer optical fibre by UV radiation
Author(s): David Sáez-Rodríguez; Jose L. Cruz Munoz; Ian Johnson; David J. Webb; Maryanne C. J. Large; Alexander Argyros
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Analysis of the birefringence of solid-core air-silica microstructured fibers
Author(s): Laurent Labonté; Elio Pone; Maksim Skorobogatiy; Nicolas Godbout; Suzanne Lacroix; Dominique Pagnoux
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Guiding and amplification properties of rod-type photonic crystal fibers with sectioned core doping
Author(s): S. Selleri; F. Poli; D. Passaro; A. Cucinotta; J. Lægsgaard; J. Broeng
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Dispersion optimization of nonlinear glass photonic crystal fibers and impact of fabrication tolerances on their telecom nonlinear applications performance
Author(s): Jiri Kanka
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Novel design of photonic crystal fibres with high birefringence, low confinement loss, and low chromatic dispersion
Author(s): H. Ademgil; S. Haxha; Fathi AbdelMalek
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Role of microstructure on guided acoustic wave Brillouin scattering in photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): J.-C. Beugnot; T. Sylvestre; E. Carry; H. Maillotte; G. Mélin; S. Lempereur; A. Fleureau; V. Laude
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Suspended-core fibres as optical gas sensing cells: study and implementation
Author(s): Isabelle Dicaire; Jean-Charles Beugnot; Luc Thévenaz
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