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Metamaterials IV
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Volume Number: 7353
Date Published: 7 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7353
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spatial dispersion in a wire mesh metamaterial
Author(s): D. Felbacq; B. Guizal; G. Bouchitté; C. Bourel
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Low-loss infrared metallo-dielectric metamaterials: theory and applications
Author(s): B. Kanté; A. de Lustrac; J.-M. Lourtioz
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Negative and imaginary permittivity in 2D photonic macroporous silicon structures
Author(s): Lyudmila Karachevtseva; Vitalii Ivanov; Volodimyr Onishchenko; Olena Stronska
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Negative effective permeability of multilayers of ordered arrays of metal-dielectric nanosandwiches
Author(s): C. Tserkezis; N. Stefanou; G. Gantzounis; N. Papanikolaou
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Metamaterial absorber with wide angular and frequency bandwidth
Author(s): Alessandro Toscano; Lucio Vegni
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Infrared metamaterials and plasmons engineering
Author(s): B. Kanté; A. de Lustrac; J.-M. Lourtioz
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Propagation and tunneling of electromagnetic waves through uniaxial metamaterials at arbitrary orientations of the optical axis
Author(s): Evgenii Starodubtsev
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Optics of metamaterials based on channeled mirror structures
Author(s): Eugene Ya. Glushko
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Analysis of metallic nanostructures via a discontinuous-Galerkin time-domain approach
Author(s): Kai Stannigel; Michael König; Jens Niegemann; Kurt Busch
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Analytical modelling of linear and nonlinear properties of metamaterials based on multipole expansion
Author(s): J. Petschulat; A. Chipouline; E. Pshenay-Severin; A. Tünnermann; T. Pertsch; C. Menzel; C. Rockstuhl; T. Paul; F. Lederer
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Monte Carlo analysis of local distribution of negative refractive index in nanosphere-doped liquid crystal metamaterial
Author(s): M. Jarema; W. Walasik; G. Pawlik; R. Orlik; A. C. Mitus
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Magneto-optical response enhancement in 1D and 2D magnetoplasmonic crystals
Author(s): A. A. Grunin; A. G. Zhdanov; B. B. Tsema; A. A. Ezhov; T. V. Dolgova; E. A. Ganshina; M. H. Hong; A. A. Fedyanin
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An all-purpose three-dimensional finite element model for crossed-gratings
Author(s): Guillaume Demésy; Frédéric Zolla; André Nicolet; Mireille Commandré
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A genetic algorithm based procedure to retrieve effective parameters of planar metamaterial samples
Author(s): Simone Tricarico; Filiberto Bilotti; Lucio Vegni
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Dielectric-metal-dielectric nanotip for SNOM
Author(s): Tomasz J. Antosiewicz; Piotr Wróbel; Tomasz Szoplik
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Propagation of surface plasmons through planar interface
Author(s): Tomáš Váry; Peter Markoš
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The negative refractive index metamaterials as the aggregate of spherical particles or porous disposed in the different ambient medium
Author(s): M. Tagviashvili; V. Berezhiani
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Transmission enhancement of light through a metallic nano-slit with periodic metallic nanostrips
Author(s): Yanxia Cui; Yi Jin; Yoichi Okuno; Sailing He
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Plasmon-induced wavelength-dependent polarization switching in optical metamaterials
Author(s): Maxim R. Shcherbakov; Polina P. Vabishchevich; Tatyana V. Dolgova; Alexander A. Zaitsev; Alexander S. Sigov; Andrey A. Fedyanin
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Metal-dielectric superlens with ultra-flat phase of the modulation transfer function
Author(s): Tomasz Stefaniuk; Rafał Kotyński; Tomasz Szoplik
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Focusing of radially polarized light with corrugated silver nanolayer
Author(s): Piotr Wrobel; Jacek Pniewski; Tomasz J. Antosiewicz; Tomasz Szoplik
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Subwavelength focusing using radiationless inteference at optical wavelengths
Author(s): R. Gordon
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Proximity-effect induced limitations on the density of electron-beam patterned planar photonic nanostructures
Author(s): R. Wüest
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Optical spectroscopy of terbium-scandium-aluminium garnet and terbium-scandium perovskite
Author(s): K. Postava; L. Halagačka; D. Hrabovský; O. Životský; J. Pištora; D. A. Pawlak; S. Turczynski; K. Kolodziejak
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Design of miniaturized printed monopole antennas through phase-compensation
Author(s): Luca Scorrano; Filiberto Bilotti; Lucio Vegni
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A quasi-quantitative demonstration of multi-mode refractive index sensors based on standing-wave plasmonic resonances in split ring resonators
Author(s): Yun-Tzu Chang; Ta-Jen Yen
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Imaging in the visible wavelength range through anisotropic layered flat lens operating in the canalization regime
Author(s): Anna Pastuszczak; Rafal Kotyński
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Zero-average index band-gap edges in m-bonacci metamaterial multilayers
Author(s): Juan A. Monsoriu; Ricardo A. Depine; María L. Martínez-Ricci; Pedro Andrés; Enrique Silvestre
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Complex Fourier factorization method applied in modeling optical metamaterials based on 2D periodic nanostructures
Author(s): Roman Antos; Martin Veis; Stefan Visnovsky
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