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Micro- and Nanotechnology: Materials, Processes, Packaging, and Systems IV
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Volume Number: 7269
Date Published: 29 December 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7269
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electrospray from hot embossed polymer microfluidic chips formed using laser machined and electroformed tools
Author(s): Sana Malahat; Pio G. Iovenitti; Igor Sbarski
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Paramagnetic microchip for high-gradient separation of blood cell
Author(s): Ciprian Iliescu; Guolin Xu; Elena Barbarini; Marioara Avram; Florina S. Iliescu
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Modeling pattern dependencies in the micron-scale embossing of polymeric layers
Author(s): Hayden Taylor; Ciprian Iliescu; Ming Ni; Chen Xing; Yee Cheong Lam; Duane Boning
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Solid-phase purification of gene synthesis products using magnetic beads
Author(s): Mo Chao Huang; Mo-Huang Li; Jackie Y. Ying
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Rapid prototyping of multi-level polydimethylsiloxane-based microfluidic devices
Author(s): Wai Chye Cheong; Yoke Kong Kuan; Mo-Huang Li; Jackie Y. Ying
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Low-stress PECVD amorphous silicon carbide (α-SiC) layers for biomedical application
Author(s): Jiashen Wei; Bangtao Chen; Daniel P. Poenar; Yong Yeow Lee; Ciprian Iliescu
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Electrical impedance properties of bulk carbon nanotube composites for chemical sensors and biosensors
Author(s): Dae-Sup So; Hoon Huh; Gyeong Rak Choi; Hyungki Park; Inpil Kang
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Sealed air-core planar waveguide arrays in SU8 epoxy
Author(s): Eike Zeller; Arnan Mitchell
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Lithographically defined intersecting optical waveguides and fluidic channels
Author(s): Tanveer Mahmud; Eike Zeller; Christian Karnutsch; Arnan Mitchell
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Fabrication of solid immersion lens with gold nanoparticles by surface tension mold technique
Author(s): T. Kishi; S. Furusawa; T. Yano; S. Shibata; A. Yasumori
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An effective multiscale approach for deformation analyses of carbon nanotube-based nanoswitches
Author(s): Y. T. Gu; A. Tan; Prasad K. D. V. Yarlagadda
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Dielectric performance of diamond-like carbon nanofilms deposited by electron-beam-induced deposition
Author(s): Eugeniu Balaur; Andrew G. Peele
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Development of thick film PECVD amorphous silicon with low stress for MEMS applications
Author(s): Bangtao Chen; Francis E. H. Tay; Ciprian Iliescu
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Ni-PTFE electroformed micro parts by SU8-based UV-LIGA
Author(s): Yuhua Guo; Yingnan Wang; Tom C. Kong; R. Du
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Development of polyimide-based flexible tactile sensing module integrated with strain gauges & flexible flat cable
Author(s): Kunnyun Kim; Kang Ryeol Lee; Won Hyo Kim; Kwang-Bum Park; Tae-Hyung Kim; James Jungho Pak
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A scheme to calculate higher-order homogenization as applied to micro-acoustic boundary value problems
Author(s): Hardik A. Vagh; Alireza Baghai-Wadji
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Construction of Wannier functions in phononic structures
Author(s): M. S. Muradoglu; Alireza R. Baghai-Wadji
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A novel approach for symbolically calculating polynomial integrals arising in 2D and 3D FEM applications
Author(s): Alireza Baghai-Wadji; Istiaque Ahmed
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Wet anisotropic etching by TMAH with NCW-1002 surfactant on crystalline silicon surface
Author(s): Yi Wei Xu; Aron Michael; Chee Yee Kwok
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Investigation of the performance of micro-thermoelectric coolers
Author(s): Z. W. Zhong; W. Fan; C. W. Low
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MEMS product engineering using fabrication process development tools
Author(s): K. Hahn; T. Schmidt; D. Ortloff; J. Popp; A. Wagener; R. Brück
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Rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices using imprinting: application to microvalves and micropumps
Author(s): Adrian J. Keating; Michael Gager; Donald Clarke
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Joint time-frequency analysis of micro-acoustic devices
Author(s): Glenn I. Matthews; Alireza Baghai-Wadji
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Transparency conversion mechanism and laser induced fast response of bimetallic Bi/In thin film
Author(s): Sihai Cao; Chuanfei Guo; Yongsheng Wang; Junjie Miao; Zhuwei Zhang; Qian Liu
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Carbon nanotubes on polymer-based pressure micro-sensor for manometric catheters
Author(s): M. F. Teng; A. Hariz; H. Y. Hsu; T. Omari
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Fabrication and characterization of AZ91/CNT magnesium matrix composites
Author(s): Yong-Ha Park; Yong-Ho Park; Ik-Min Park; Jeong-jung Oak; Hisamichi Kimura; Kyung-Mox Cho
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Performance evaluation of a chemical fume extractor for indoor working environment improvement
Author(s): Lun-Chen Hsu; J. C. Chiao
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The analysis of surface treatment of PDMS on prostate cancer and smooth muscle cells
Author(s): Cory Huggins; Smitha M. N. Rao; Kytai Nguyen; J.-C. Chiao
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Visible-light-driven TiO2 photocatalyst synthesis and photocatalytic properties
Author(s): Vu Anh Tuan; Bui Thi Hai Linh; Hoang Yen; Dinh Cao Thang; Tran Manh Cuong; Dang Tuyet Phuong; Tran Thi Kim Hoa; Hoang Vinh Thang; Nguyen Van Hoa; Nguyen Quoc Tuan
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Investigation of repeatability of sol-gel iridium oxide pH sensor on flexible substrate
Author(s): Wen-Ding Huang; Lun-Chen Hsu; Jianqun Wang; Thermpon Ativanichayaphong; Sanchali Deb; Mu Chiao; J. C. Chiao
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Study on the medical application of silver material
Author(s): Min Han; Shan Li
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