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Medical Imaging 2009: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing
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Volume Number: 7265
Date Published: 13 March 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7265
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Experimental validation of A-mode ultrasound acquisition system for computer assisted orthopaedic surgery
Author(s): Danilo De Lorenzo; Elena De Momi; Elisa Beretta; Pietro Cerveri; Franco Perona; Giancarlo Ferrigno
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The ultrasound brain helmet: early human feasibility study of multiple simultaneous 3D scans of cerebral vasculature
Author(s): Brooks D. Lindsey; Nikolas M. Ivancevich; John Whitman; Edward Light; Matthew Fronheiser; Heather A. Nicoletto; Daniel T. Laskowitz; Stephen W. Smith
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High-frequency 3D echodentographic imaging modality for early assessment of periodontal diseases: in vitro study
Author(s): Ahmed M. Mahmoud; Peter Ngan; Richard Crout; Osama M. Mukdadi
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Dedicated ultrasound speckle tracking to study tendon displacement
Author(s): Jan-Wiebe H. Korstanje; Ruud W. Selles; Henk J. Stam; Steven E. R. Hovius; Johan G. Bosch
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Breast ultrasound tomography with total-variation regularization
Author(s): Cuiping Li; Neb Duric; Lianjie Huang
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The first harmonic as a known source for wavefront correction
Author(s): Scott W. Dianis; Olaf T. von Ramm
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PE-CMOS-based C-mode ultrasound: signal acquisition and time gating
Author(s): Shih-Chung B. Lo; Chu-Chuan Liu; Matthew T. Freedman; Seong-Ki Mun; John Kula; Marvin E. Lasser; Bob Lasser; Yue Joseph Wang
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Simulation and experimental analysis of ultrasonic clutter in fundamental and harmonic imaging
Author(s): Jeremy J. Dahl; Gianmarco F. Pinton; Muyinatu Lediju; Gregg E. Trahey
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Ultrasonic array beamforming with iterative spatial filters
Author(s): Nghia Q. Nguyen; Craig K. Abbey; Michael F. Insana
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Efficient implementations of ultrasound color Doppler algorithms on VLIW architectures
Author(s): Udayan Dasgupta; David P. Magee; Murtaza Ali
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Waveform synthesis for the design and image reconstruction of step FMCW ultrasound imaging systems with conformal transducer arrays
Author(s): Michael Lee; Rahul S. Singh; Martin O. Culjat; Shyam Natarajan; Brian P. Cox; Elliott R. Brown; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.; Hua Lee
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Automatic alignment of standard views in 3D echocardiograms using real-time tracking
Author(s): Fredrik Orderud; Hans Torp; Stein Inge Rabben
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Real-time kidney ultrasound image segmentation: a prospective study
Author(s): S. Dahdouh; E. Frenoux; A. Osorio
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Fetal skull analysis in ultrasound images based on iterative randomized Hough transform
Author(s): Yufei Shen; Jinhua Yu; Yuzhong Shen; Yuanyuan Wang
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Automated ultrasound measurement of artery thickness
Author(s): Dave Tahmoush; Yu-Bu Lee; Myoung-Hee Kim
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A Markov-random-field-based filter for speckle reduction in ultrasound imagery
Author(s): Ousseini Lankoande; Majeed M. Hayat; Balu Santhanam
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Simultaneous imaging of ultrasound attenuation, speed of sound, and optical absorption in a photoacoustic setup
Author(s): Rene G. H. Willemink; Srirang Manohar; Jithin Jose; Kees Slump; Ferdi van der Heijden; Ton G. van Leeuwen
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Photoacoustic imaging with integrating line detectors
Author(s): Hubert Grün; Thomas Berer; Armin Hochreiner; Robert Nuster; Günther Paltauf; Peter Burgholzer
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Influence of inhomogeneity of optical absorbers on optoacoustic signals: a comparison between experiment and theory
Author(s): A. G. Gertsch; M. Jaeger; N. L. Bush; M. Frenz; J. C. Bamber
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Quantitative acousto-optic imaging in tissue-mimicking phantoms
Author(s): R. Molenaar; A. Bratchenia; R. P. H. Kooyman
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2D array transducers for real-time 3D ultrasound guidance of interventional devices
Author(s): Edward D. Light; Stephen W. Smith
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Real-time 3D ultrasound guidance of autonomous surgical robot for shrapnel detection and breast biopsy
Author(s): Albert J. Rogers; Edward D. Light; Daniel von Allmen; Stephen W. Smith
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Temperature monitoring during tissue freezing using ultrasound speed measurements
Author(s): I. Jovanovic; A. Hormati; P. Littrup; N. Duric; O. Rama; M. Vetterli
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Three-dimensional heat-induced echo-strain imaging for monitoring high-intensity acoustic ablation
Author(s): Emad M. Boctor; Nishikant Deshmukh; Maria S. Ayad; Clyde Clarke; Kris Dickie; Michael A Choti; Everette C. Burdette
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Elastography based on mechanical and image energy minimization
Author(s): Maria Abdelali; Rosaire Mongrain; Michel J Bertrand
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Simple fast noninvasive technique for measuring brachial wall mechanics during flow mediated vasodilatation analysis
Author(s): Ahmed M. Mahmoud; Phoebe A. Stapleton; Jefferson C. Frisbee; Alexandre D’Audiffret; Osama M. Mukdadi
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Understanding quantification of microvascularity with high-frequency power Doppler ultrasound
Author(s): Stephen Z. Pinter; James C. Lacefield
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Color flow image segmentation
Author(s): J. Zhang; W. Hu; Z. Wu
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Supercompound imaging with Weiner deconvolution
Author(s): Tsuicheng Chiu; James Macione; Sonia Contreras; Eric Sirois; Wei Sun; Martin Fox
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IVUS coronary volume alignment for distinct phases
Author(s): Monica Mitiko Soares Matsumoto; Pedro Alves Lemos; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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A novel synthetic aperture technique for breast tomography with toroidal arrays
Author(s): F. Simonetti; L. Huang
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Enhancement of compounded ultrasound images using spatial filtering
Author(s): Jakob Nebeker; Thomas R. Nelson
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Breast imaging with acoustic tomography: a comparative study with MRI
Author(s): Bryan Ranger; Peter Littrup; Neb Duric; Cuiping Li; Jessica Lupinacci; Lukasz Myc; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight
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Frequency compounding in multifrequency vibroacoustography
Author(s): Matthew W. Urban; Azra Alizad; Mostafa Fatemi
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Acoustic-radiation-force-induced shear wave propagation in cardiac tissue
Author(s): Richard R. Bouchard; Patrick D. Wolf; Stephen J. Hsu; Douglas M. Dumont; Gregg E. Trahey
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Prostate cancer detection using crawling wave sonoelastography
Author(s): Benjamin Castaneda; Liwei An; Shuang Wu; Laurie L. Baxter; Jorge L. Yao; Jean V. Joseph; Kenneth Hoyt; John Strang; Deborah J. Rubens; Kevin J. Parker
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Estimating elastic modulus of soft tissue from incomplete displacement measurement
Author(s): Yasuo Yamashita; Kazuaki Machida; Fei Yan
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Spatial compounding of large sets of 3D echocardiography images
Author(s): Cheng Yao; John M. Simpson; Christian H. P. Jansen; Andrew P. King; Graeme P. Penney
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Tissue typing with ultrasound RF time series: phantom studies
Author(s): Mehdi Moradi; Parvin Mousavi; Robert Rohling; Purang Abolmaesumi
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Monitoring breast masses with ultrasound tomography in patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Author(s): Jessica Lupinacci; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Ding Wang; Cuiping Li; Steven Schmidt; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight; Lukasz Myc
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Operator guidance in 2D echocardiography via 3D model to image registration
Author(s): Christoph Bergmeir; Navneeth Subramanian
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Super-resolution of ultrasound images by displacement, averaging, and interlacing
Author(s): Sonia H. Contreras Ortiz; James Macione; Tsuicheng Chiu; Martin D. Fox
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Fusion of electromagnetic tracking with speckle-tracked 3D freehand ultrasound using an unscented Kalman filter
Author(s): Andrew Lang; Parvin Mousavi; Gabor Fichtinger; Purang Abolmaesumi
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Multi-modality fusion of CT, 3D ultrasound, and tracked strain images for breast irradiation planning
Author(s): Pezhman Foroughi; Csaba Csoma; Hassan Rivaz; Gabor Fichtinger; Richard Zellars; Gregory Hager; Emad Boctor
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Three-dimensional visualization of pulsatile tissue-motion in B-mode ultrasonogram of neonatal cranium
Author(s): Masayuki Fukuzawa; Hikari Kawaguchi; Masayoshi Yamada; Nobuyuki Nakamori; Yoshiki Kitsunezuka
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New flexible multi-volume rendering technique for ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Eung-Hun Kim; Ravi Managuli; Yongmin Kim
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Semiautomatic determination of the reconstruction volume for real-time freehand 3D ultrasound reconstruction
Author(s): Yakang Dai; Jie Tian; Jian Zheng
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Harmonic Golay coded excitation using mutually orthogonal Golay codes and pulse inversion
Author(s): Sang-Min Kim; Jae-Hee Song; Tai-Kyong Song
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Detection and characterization of breast masses with ultrasound tomography: clinical results
Author(s): Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Cuiping Li; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight R.N.; Steven Schmidt; Jessica Lupinacci
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Minimizing errors in ultrasound measurements
Author(s): Dave Tahmoush
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Reconstruction algorithms for interior and exterior spherical Radon transform-based ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Ravi Shankar Vaidyanathan; Matthew A. Lewis; Gaik Ambartsoumian; Tuncay Aktosun
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