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Multimedia on Mobile Devices 2009
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Volume Number: 7256
Date Published: 28 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7256
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A secure wireless mobile-to-server link
Author(s): Abhinav Kumar; David Akopian; Sos Agaian; Reiner Creutzburg
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Image encryption based on edge information
Author(s): Yicong Zhou; Karen Panetta; Sos Agaian
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On-demand learning system using 4K video source
Author(s): Akira Yutani; Yoshitsugu Manabe; Hideki Sunahara; Kunihiro Chihara
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Adaptive timeline aware client controlled HTTP streaming
Author(s): Sachin Deshpande
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Progressive raster imagery beyond a means to overcome limited bandwidth
Author(s): René Rosenbaum; Heidrun Schumann
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H.264/AVC intra-only coding (iAVC) techniques for video over wireless networks
Author(s): Ming Yang; Monica Trifas; Guolun Xiong; Joshua Rogers
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New side information-generation method based on multiple reference frames for distributed video coding
Author(s): Rong Ke Liu; Zhi Yue; Wei Hu
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Resource-saving image browsing based on JPEG2000, blurring, and progression
Author(s): René Rosenbaum; Heidrun Schumann
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Adaptation of web pages and images for mobile applications
Author(s): Stephan Kopf; Benjamin Guthier; Hendrik Lemelson; Wolfgang Effelsberg
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Graphics hardware accelerated panorama builder for mobile phones
Author(s): Miguel Bordallo López; Jari Hannuksela; Olli Silvén; Markku Vehviläinen
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An affordable wearable video system for emergency response training
Author(s): Deen King-Smith; Aravind Mikkilineni; David Ebert; Timothy Collins; Edward J. Delp
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Development of mobile preventive notification system (PreNotiS)
Author(s): Abhinav Kumar; David Akopian; Philip Chen
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An assisted GPS support for GPS simulators for embedded mobile positioning
Author(s): Pradeep Kashyap; Abhay Samant; Phani K. Sagiraju; David Akopian
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Contextual interaction for geospatial visual analytics on mobile devices
Author(s): Avin Pattath; David S. Ebert; William Pike; Richard A. May
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Mobile 3D television: development of core technological elements and user-centered evaluation methods toward an optimized system
Author(s): Atanas Gotchev; Aljoscha Smolic; Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö; Dominik Strohmeier; Gozde Bozdagi Akar; Philipp Merkle; Nikolai Daskalov
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Verification of 3D mobile broadcasting service based on depth-image based rendering technique in terrestrial-DMB
Author(s): Gwangsoon Lee; Hyun Lee; Kugjin Yun; Bongho Lee; Namho Hur; Jin Woong Kim; KwangHee Jung; Young Kyung Park; Joong Kyu Kim
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Use scenarios: mobile 3D television and video
Author(s): Dominik Strohmeier; Mandy Weitzel; Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö
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Imaging and display systems for 3D mobile phone application
Author(s): Min-Chul Park; Jung-Young Son
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Efficient stereoscopic contents file format on the basis of ISO base media file format
Author(s): Kyuheon Kim; Jangwon Lee; Doug Young Suh; Gwang Hoon Park
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Perceptual quality measurement for scalable video at low spatial resolution in mobile environments
Author(s): Hosik Sohn; Hana Yoo; Cheon Seog Kim; Wesley De Neve; Yong Man Ro
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A location-based notification- and visualization-system indicating social activities
Author(s): Sammy David; Stefan Edlich
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An Android based location service using GSMCellID and GPS to obtain a graphical guide to the nearest cash machine
Author(s): Jurma Jacobsen; Stefan Edlich
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