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Sensors, Cameras, and Systems for Industrial/Scientific Applications X
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Volume Number: 7249
Date Published: 27 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7249
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MonoColor CMOS sensor
Author(s): Ynjiun Paul Wang
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The implementation and spectrum response analysis of multifinger photogate APS pixels
Author(s): Jenny Leung; Michelle La Haye; Glenn H. Chapman; Jeff Liu; Phanindra Kalyanam; M. Parameswaran
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Nanoplasmonic filters for image sensors
Author(s): Stéphane Gétin; Yohan Désières; Mathilde Marie; Geoffroy Auvert; Catherine Pellé; Olivier Lartigue; Ludovic Poupinet; Laurent Frey
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Camera system for multispectral imaging of documents
Author(s): William A. Christens-Barry; Kenneth Boydston; Fenella G. France; Keith T. Knox; Roger L. Easton Jr.; Michael B. Toth
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An ultra fast 100 ps, 100µm 3D pixel imager
Author(s): A. Kluge; G. Dellacasa; M. Fiorini; P. Jarron; J. Kaplon; F. Marchetto; E. Martin; S. Martoiu; G. Mazza; A. Cotta Ramusino; P. Riedler; A. Rivetti; S. Tiuraniemi
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Packaging and characterization of orthogonal transfer array CCDs for the WIYN One Degree Imager
Author(s): Michael Lesser; David Ouellette; Grzegorz Zareba; George Jacoby; Gary Muller; David Sawyer; Joe Keyes; Richard Bredthauer; Kasey Boggs
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New 5.5 µm interline transfer CCD platform for applied imaging markets
Author(s): Douglas A. Carpenter; James A. DiBella; Robert Kaser; Stephen L. Kosman; Xueyuan Liu; John P. McCarten; Eric J. Meisenzahl; David N Nichols; Christopher Parks; Thomas R. Pian
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Low Gr/Gb sensitivity imbalance 3.2M CMOS image sensor with 2.2µm pixel
Author(s): Nagataka Tanaka; Junji Naruse; Ikuko Inoue; Hirofumi Yamashita; Makoto Monoi
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16k pixel digital line-scan sensor with 12bit resolution and 40kS/second
Author(s): Martin Wäny; Paulo Franco; Stephan Voltz
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High-speed and high-dynamic range difference imaging based on the near-sensor image processing concept
Author(s): Anders Åström; Robert Forchheimer
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Experimental color video capturing equipment with three 33-megapixel CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Takayuki Yamashita; Steven Huang; Ryohei Funatsu; Barmak Mansoorian; Kohji Mitani; Yuji Nojiri
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A single-layer CCD image sensor with wide gap electrode and gradual potential channel
Author(s): Makoto Monoi; Syu Sasaki; Kumiko Dobashi; Junya Iwai; Hirokazu Sekine; Ken Tomita; Masayuki Ooki; Seiichi Mashiko; Hiroyuki Saito; Yasushi Itabashi
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Low dark current, back-illuminated charge coupled devices
Author(s): R. C. Westhoff; B. E. Burke; H. R. Clark; A. H. Loomis; D. J. Young; J. A. Gregory; R. K. Reich
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Residual bulk image characterization and management in CCD image sensors
Author(s): Richard D. Crisp
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Characterization and system modeling of M-pixel CMOS arrays part II
Author(s): Curtis Tesdahl; Prateek Jain; David Dorn
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Dark current behavior in DSLR cameras
Author(s): Justin C. Dunlap; Oleg Sostin; Ralf Widenhorn; Erik Bodegom
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Optimization of photodetector thickness in vertically-integrated image sensors
Author(s): Orit Skorka; Dan Sirbu; Dileepan Joseph
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Superconducting single photon detectors for ultrasensitive visible and IR detection
Author(s): Roch Espiau de Lamaestre; Laurent Maingault; Laurent Frey; Christophe Constancias; Paul Cavalier; Jean Claude Villégier; Philippe Odier; Jean Philippe Poizat
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High quantum efficiency, back-illuminated, crystallographically etched, silicon-on-sapphire avalanche photodiode with very wide dynamic range, for manufacturable high resolution imaging arrays
Author(s): Alvin G. Stern; Daniel C. Cole
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A day and night MOS imager spectrally adjusted for a wide range of color temperatures
Author(s): Shinzo Koyama; Keisuke Tanaka; Mitsuru Muguruma; Manabu Usuda; Kazuo Fujiwara; Toshinobu Matsuno; Yutaka Hirose; Yasuhiro Shimada
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High-speed sequential image acquisition using a CMOS image sensor with a multi-lens optical system and its application for three-dimensional measurement
Author(s): Daisuke Miyazaki; Hiroki Shimizu; Yoshizumi Nakao; Takashi Toyoda; Yasuo Masaki
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Fast single-photon imager acquires 1024 pixels at 100 kframe/s
Author(s): Fabrizio Guerrieri; Simone Tisa; Franco Zappa
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Minimal form factor digital-image sensor for endoscopic applications
Author(s): Martin Wäny; Stephan Voltz; Fabio Gaspar; Lei Chen
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Self-calibrating optical object tracking using Wii remotes
Author(s): Ian F. Rickard; James E. Davis
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Spectroscopy using the Hadamard Transform
Author(s): D. J. Fixsen; M. A. Greenhouse; J. W. MacKenty; J. C. Mather
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Non-contact finger vein acquisition system using NIR laser
Author(s): Jiman Kim; Hyoun-Joong Kong; Sangyun Park; SeungWoo Noh; Seung-Rae Lee; Taejeong Kim; Hee Chan Kim
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A static multiplex Fabry-Perot spectrometer
Author(s): Nan Zheng; Nathan Hagen; Renu John; David J. Brady
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