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Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic Systems VII
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Volume Number: 7169
Date Published: 18 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7169
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integrated point of care testing system based on low cost polymer biochips
Author(s): Albrecht Brandenburg; Franziska Curdt; Joerg Nestler; Thomas Otto; Kai Wunderlich; Dirk Michel
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Antibody fragment recognition layers for surface plasmon resonance biosensing: a parametric study
Author(s): André Magalhães; Sandro Bordeira; Ana Cristina Almeida; Vanessa Fontes; Maria João Leite Costa; Luís P. Fonseca; João Garcia da Fonseca
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A sandwich assay for procalcitonin detection for POCT applications
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Luca Bolzoni; Ambra Giannetti; Melanie Kess; Petra M. Kraemer; Elisabeth Kremmer; Giampiero Porro; Folco Senesi; Cosimo Trono
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The involvement of nitric oxide in the hemodynamic and metabolic activities of the brain and small intestine
Author(s): M. Tolmasov; E. Barbiro-Michaely; A. Mayevsky
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Clinical system model for monitoring the physiological status of jaundice by extracting bilirubin components from skin diffuse reflectance spectra
Author(s): Alla Suresh Kumar; Joseph Clark; Fred R. Beyette Jr.
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Epithelial cancer detection by oblique-incidence optical spectroscopy
Author(s): Alejandro Garcia-Uribe; Karthik C. Balareddy; Jun Zou; Kenneth K. Wang M.D.; Madeleine Duvic; Lihong V. Wang
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Support vector machine based classification of fast Fourier transform spectroscopy of proteins
Author(s): Aleksandar Lazarevic; Dragoljub Pokrajac; Aristides Marcano; Noureddine Melikechi
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Image-guided near-infrared Raman spectroscopy for in vivo detection of gastric dysplasia
Author(s): Zhiwei Huang; Seng Khoon Teh; Wei Zheng; Khek Yu Ho; Ming Teh; Khay Guan Yeoh
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Nonlinear Raman microspectroscopy: from research laboratory to clinical environment
Author(s): R. Arora; G. I. Petrov; V. V. Yakovlev
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Tissue imaging of myocardial infarct regions by a slit-scanning Raman microscope
Author(s): Mitsugu Ogawa; Yoshinori Harada; Yoshihisa Yamaoka; Katsumasa Fujita; Tetsuro Takamatsu
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Urinary tract infection diagnosis and response to antibiotics using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Evdokia Kastanos; Alexandros Kyriakides; Katerina Hadjigeorgiou; Constantinos Pitris
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In vivo fluorescence hyperspectral imaging of oral neoplasia
Author(s): Darren Roblyer; Cristina Kurachi; Ann M. Gillenwater; Rebecca Richards-Kortum
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An optical biopsy system with miniaturized Raman and spectral imaging probes: in vivo animal and ex vivo clinical application studies
Author(s): Hidetoshi Sato; Toshiaki Suzuki; Bibin B. Andriana; Shin'ichi Morita; Atsushi Maruyama; Hideyuki Shinzawa; Yuichi Komachi; Gen'ichi Kanai; Nobuo Ura; Koji Masutani; Yuji Matsuura; Masakazu Toi; Toru Shimosegawa; Yukihiro Ozaki
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A MEMS based handheld confocal microscope with Raman spectroscopy for in-vivo skin cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Christopher L. Arrasmith; Chetan A. Patil; David L. Dickensheets; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
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Combining optical coherence tomography with fluorescence molecular imaging: towards simultaneous morphology and molecular imaging
Author(s): Shuai Yuan; Michael Lai; Celeste A. Roney; James Jiang; Qian Li; Hongzhou Ma; Alex Cable; Ronald M. Summers; Yu Chen
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Measurement of the local muscular metabolism by time-domain near infrared spectroscopy during knee flex-extension induced by functional electrical stimulation
Author(s): D. Contini; L. Spinelli; A. Torricelli; S. Ferrante; A. Pedrocchi; F. Molteni; G. Ferrigno; R. Cubeddu
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Automated contact lens measurement using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Bryan R. Davidson; Jennifer K. Barton
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Development of an integrated endoscopic device for multiplexed low coherence interferometry measurements of microbicide gel coating thickness
Author(s): Tyler K. Drake; Francisco E. Robles; Michael DeSoto; Marcus H. Henderson; David F. Katz; Adam P. Wax
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Laparoscopic optical coherence tomographic imaging of human ovarian cancer
Author(s): Lida P. Hariri; Garret T. Bonnema; Kathy Schmidt; Vrushali Korde; Amy M. Winkler; Kenneth Hatch; Molly Brewer; Jennifer K. Barton
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Toward automated detection of malignant melanoma
Author(s): Billy Huang; Daniel S. Gareau
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Fluorescence confocal mosaicing microscopy of basal cell carcinomas ex vivo: demonstration of rapid surgical pathology with high sensitivity and specificity
Author(s): Daniel S. Gareau; Julie K. Karen; Stephen W. Dusza; Marie Tudisco; Kishwer S. Nehal; Milind Rajadhyaksha
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Identification and classification of human neural stem cells by infrared spectroscopic imaging
Author(s): G. Steiner; S. Küchler; E. Koch; R. Salzer; G. Schackert; M. Kirsch
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Narrow band imaging of tumors using gold nanoshells
Author(s): Priyaveena Puvanakrishnan; Jaesook Park; Parameshwaran Diagaradjane; Jon A. Schwartz; Chris L. Coleman; Kelly L. Gill-Sharp; Kristina L. Sang; J. Donald Payne; Sunil Krishnan; James W. Tunnell
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Real-time co-registered imaging using a novel hand-held optical imager
Author(s): Sarah J. Erickson; Steven Regalado; Jiajia Ge; Anuradha Godavarty
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Computer-aided classification of rheumatoid arthritis in finger joints using frequency domain optical tomography
Author(s): C. D. Klose; H. K. Kim; U. Netz; S. Blaschke; P. A. Zwaka; G. A. Mueller; J. Beuthan; A. H. Hielscher
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Quantitative assessment of autonomic dysreflexia with combined spectroscopic and perfusion probes
Author(s): Jessica C. Ramella-Roman; Allison Pfefer; Joseph Hidler
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A remote approach to measure blood perfusion from the human face
Author(s): Jia Zheng; Sijung Hu; Angelos S. Echiadis; Vince Azorin-Peris; Ping Shi; Vasilios Chouliaras
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Validation of the performance of a practical blood vessel imaging system to facilitate vessel punctures
Author(s): Natascha J. Cuper; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk; Rowland de Roode
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Functional assessment of hand vasculature using infrared and laser speckle imaging
Author(s): A. M. Gorbach; H. Wang; B. Wiedenbeck; W. Liu; P. D. Smith; E. Elster
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Role of collagen in terahertz absorption in skin
Author(s): Priyamvada Tewari; Martin O. Culjat; Zachary D. Taylor; Jonathan Y. Suen; Benjamin O Burt; Hua Lee; Elliott R. Brown; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.; Rahul S. Singh
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Illuminants as visualization tool for clinical diagnostics and surgery
Author(s): Maritoni Litorja; Steven W. Brown; Chungsan Lin; Yoshi Ohno
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Image analysis software for following progression of peripheral neuropathy
Author(s): Thomas Epplin-Zapf; Clayton Miller; Sean Larkin; Eduardo Hermesmeyer; Jenny Macy; Marco Pellegrini; Saverio Luccarelli; Giovanni Staurenghi; Timothy Holmes
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Interactive brain shift compensation using GPU based programming
Author(s): Sander van der Steen; Herke Jan Noordmans; Rudolf Verdaasdonk
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Visible and near infrared autofluorescence and hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy for the investigation of colorectal lesions and detection of exogenous fluorophores
Author(s): Kevin R. Koh; Tobias C. Wood; Robert D Goldin; Guang-Zhong Yang; Daniel S. Elson
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Spinning wave plate design for retinal birefringence scanning
Author(s): K. Irsch; B. I. Gramatikov; Y.-K. Wu; D. L. Guyton
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A fluorescence diagnostic system detecting cancer-specific enzymatic activities: preliminary results
Author(s): Tobias Beck; Herbert Stepp; Rainer Wittig; Markus Boehl; Peter Schubert; Sigrun Henkenjohann; Markus Sauer; Axel Duerkop; Christian S. Betz; Ann Johansson
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Protein profile study of clinical samples using laser induced fluorescence as the detection method: case of malignant and normal cervical tissues
Author(s): Gopal Karemore; Sujatha N. Raja; Lavanya Rai; V. B. Kartha; Santhosh Chidangil
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One- and two-photon time-resolved fluorescence of visible and near-infrared dyes in scattering media
Author(s): R. Esposito; C. Altucci; R. Velotta; G. M. Gaeta; M. Lepore
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Stroboscopic wide-field optical coherence gated imaging
Author(s): Woo June Choi; Jihoon Na; Jonghyun Eom; Byeong Ha Lee
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Antenna configurations for ultra wide band radar detection of breast cancer
Author(s): Raquel C. Conceição; Martin O'Halloran; Martin Glavin; Edward Jones
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An approach to the correspondence problem in the 1-D optical transducers tracking system
Author(s): Qiuting Wen; Jian Wu; Hai Tao; Guangzhi Wang; Datian Ye
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