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Optics in Bone Biology and Diagnostics
Editor(s): Andreas Mandelis
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Volume Number: 7166
Date Published: 17 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7166
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Vibrational spectroscopy in biomedical science: bone
Author(s): Sonja Gamsjäger; R. Zoehrer; P. Roschger; P. Fratzl; K. Klaushofer; R. Mendelsohn; E. P. Paschalis
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Monte Carlo modeling of photon transport in buried bone tissue layer for quantitative Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert H. Wilson; Kathryn A. Dooley; Michael D. Morris; Mary-Ann Mycek
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Automated Raman spectral preprocessing of bone and other musculoskeletal tissues
Author(s): Francis W. L. Esmonde-White; Matthew V. Schulmerich; Karen A. Esmonde-White; Michael D. Morris
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Raman analysis of yield in cortical bone
Author(s): Ji Hoon Jeon; Vinay J. Korlepara; John Blendell; Ozan Akkus
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Raman spectroscopy of murine bone in response to simulated spaceflight conditions
Author(s): Gurjit S. Mandair; Ted A. Bateman; Michael D. Morris
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Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography in equine bone
Author(s): J. W. Jacobs; S. J. Matcher
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Dynamic photophysical processes in laser irradiated human cortical skull bone
Author(s): Andreas Mandelis; Chi-Hang Kwan; Anna Matvienko
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Raman spectroscopy for assessment of bone quality in MMP-2 knockout mice
Author(s): Xiaohong Bi; Jeffry S. Nyman; Chetan A. Patil; Philip Masui; Conor Lynch; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
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Quantitative analysis of incipient mineral loss in hard tissues
Author(s): Anna Matvienko; Andreas Mandelis; Adam Hellen; Raymond Jeon; Stephen Abrams; Bennett Amaechi
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Caries assessment: establishing mathematical link of clinical and benchtop method
Author(s): Bennett T. Amaechi
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Quantum dots as mineral- and matrix-specific strain gages for bone biomechanical studies
Author(s): Peizhi Zhu; Jiadi Xu; Michael Morris; Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy; Nadder Sahar; David Kohn
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Tomographic x-ray guided three-dimensional diffuse optical imaging of osteoarthritis in the finger joints: a clinical study
Author(s): Zhen Yuan; Huizhu Jiang; Qizhi Zhang; Eric S. Sobel; Huabei Jiang
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Photothermal and infrared thermography characterizations of thermal diffusion in hydroxyapatite materials
Author(s): J. Bante-Guerra; M. Conde-Contreras; S. Trujillo; P. Martinez-Torres; B. Cruz-Jimenez; P. Quintana; J. J. Alvarado-Gil
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Characterizing light propagation in bone for photodynamic therapy of osteosarcoma
Author(s): Vincent M. Rossi; Scott B. Gustafson; Steven L. Jacques
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Osteoarthritis screening using Raman spectroscopy of dried human synovial fluid drops
Author(s): Karen A. Esmonde-White; Gurjit S. Mandair; Francis W. L. Esmonde-White; Farhang Raaii; Blake J. Roessler; Michael D. Morris
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Three-dimensional diffuse optical tomography of osteoarthritis: a study of 38 finger joints
Author(s): Qizhi Zhang; Zhen Yuan; Eric S. Sobel; Huabei Jiang
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Assessment of a new biomimetic scaffold and its effects on bone formation by OCT
Author(s): Ying Yang; Halil M. Aydin; Erhan Piskin; Alicia J El Haj
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