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Lidar Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring IX
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Volume Number: 7153
Date Published: 2 December 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7153
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Remote Raman spectroscopy of minerals at elevated temperature relevant to Venus exploration
Author(s): Shiv K. Sharma; Anupam K. Misra; Upendra N. Singh
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Engineered laser materials for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Brian M. Walsh; Norman P. Barnes; Upendra N. Singh
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The selection of Q-switch for a 350mJ air-borne 2μm wind lidar
Author(s): Mulugeta Petros; Jirong Yu; Bo Trieu; Yingxin Bai; Paul Petzar; Upendra N. Singh
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Lidar network observations of tropospheric aerosols
Author(s): Nobuo Sugimoto; Ichiro Matsui; Atsushi Shimizu; Tomoaki Nishizawa; Yukari Hara; Chenbo Xie; Itsushi Uno; Keiya Yumimoto; Zifa Wang; Soon-Chang Yoon
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Fundamental measurement by in-line typed high-precision polarization lidar
Author(s): Tatsuo Shiina; Masakazu Miyamoto; Dai Umaki; Kazuo Noguchi; Tetsuo Fukuchi
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Toward low-cost water-vapour differential absorption lidar
Author(s): Murray Hamilton; Roger Atkinson; Alex Dinovitser; Eva Peters; Robert A. Vincent
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Conductive-cooled 2-micron laser for CO2 and wind observations
Author(s): Kohei Mizutani; Toshikazu Itabe; Shoken Ishii; Tetsuo Aoki; Kazuhiro Asai; Atsushi Sato; Hirotake Fukuoka; Takayoshi Ishikawa
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Development of 1.6 micron CW modulation ground-based DIAL system for CO2 monitoring
Author(s): Shumpei Kameyama; Masaharu Imaki; Yoshihito Hirano; Shinichi Ueno; Shuji Kawakami; Masakatsu Nakajima
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CALIPSO observations of volcanic aerosol in the stratosphere
Author(s): Larry W. Thomason; Michael C. Pitts
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Design and development of micro pulse lidar for cloud and aerosol studies
Author(s): P. K. Dubey; B. C. Arya; Y. Nazeer Ahammed; Arun Kumar; P. S. Kulkarni; S. L. Jain
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On deriving the accurate aerosol extinction profiles in the troposphere and lower stratosphere using the range dependent scattering ratio
Author(s): M. V. Satyanarayana; S. R. Radhakrishnan; V. P. Mahadevanpillai; V. Krishnakumar
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Monitoring low-level cloud activity using boundary layer lidar, AWS, and radiosonde data over Chennai
Author(s): V. S. Murty; M. Bhattacharjee
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Microphysical parameters of cirrus clouds using lidar at a tropical station, Gadanki, Tirupati (13.5 degrees N, 79.2 degrees E), India
Author(s): M. Satyanarayana; S-R. Radhakrishnan; V. Krishnakumar; V. P. Mahadevan Pillai; K. Raghunath
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Design of a back-illuminated, crystallographically etched, silicon-on-sapphire avalanche photodiode with monolithically integrated microlens, for dual-mode passive & active imaging arrays
Author(s): Alvin G. Stern; Daniel C. Cole
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Automatic gain control for Raman lidar signals
Author(s): Aimé Lay-Ekuakille; Giuseppe Vendramin; Amerigo Trotta
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Statistic study of effect of the sea surface temperature caused by typhoon based on remote sensing
Author(s): Dongyang Fu; Delu Pan; Youzhuan Ding; Haiqing Huang
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Influence of inland aerosol loading on the monsoon over Indian subcontinent
Author(s): M. Satyanarayana; V. Krishnakumar; V. P. Mahadevan Pillai; S. R. Radhakrishnan; K. Raghunath
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Q-switch operation of thulium and holmium-doped YAG ceramic laser at room temperature
Author(s): Yoshiharu Urata; Masaki Yumoto; Oleg Louchev; Satoshi Wada
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Development of a high-energy, quasi-three-level Nd:YVO4 laser at 914 nm for deep-blue light generation
Author(s): Atsushi Sato; Yohei Nitsuma; Tomohiro Terasaki; Kazuhiro Asai; Shoken Ishii; Kohei Mizutani; Toshikazu Itabe
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