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Remote Sensing of Inland, Coastal, and Oceanic Waters
Editor(s): Robert J. Frouin; Serge Andrefouet; Hiroshi Kawamura; Mervyn J. Lynch; Delu Pan; Trevor Platt
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Volume Number: 7150
Date Published: 5 December 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7150
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Satellite remote sensing of marine environment and future plan in China
Author(s): Delu Pan; Yan Bai
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Primary analysis of the ocean color remote sensing data of the HY-1B/COCTS
Author(s): Xianqiang He; Yan Bai; Delu Pan; Qiankun Zhu; Fang Gong
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Correction of sea surface reflection in the coastal area
Author(s): Hiroshi Murakami; Robert Frouin
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Remote sensing of solar-stimulated phytoplankton chlorophyll fluorescence by differential absorption in the oxygen B-band
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Pierre-Yves Deschamps; Philippe Dubuisson
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Preparing the potential and challenge of remote sensing-based sea surface salinity estimation: the CoSMOS airborne campaign
Author(s): Nicolas Reul; Joseph Tenerelli; Bertrand Chapron; Sebastien Guimbard; Stephane-S. Picard; Pierre-Yves Le Traon; Sonia Zine
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A tuned hyperspectral semi-analytical algorithm for the China seas
Author(s): Keping Du; ZhongPing Lee; Ying Xi; LiRan Sun; Mingxia He; Zhishen Liu
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Characterization of phytoplankton communities by laser induced seawater fluorescence measurements
Author(s): Pavel A. Salyuk; Oleg A. Bukin; Alexander Ju. Major; Irina A. Lastovskaya
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Comparison between the spectral diffuse attenuation coefficients and the IOP parameters
Author(s): Zhihua Mao; Yan Zhou; Haiqing Huang; Yan Bai
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Evaluating eight field and remote sensing approaches for mapping the benthos of three different coral reef environments in Fiji
Author(s): Chris Roelfsema; Stuart Phinn
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Geomorphological diversity of Dong-Sha Atoll based on spectrum and texture analysis in high resolution remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Jianyu Chen; Zhihua Mao; Xianqiang He
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Proposed digital holographic 3D mapping of coral beds
Author(s): R. L. Kendrick; Ray Bell; Taylor Grow; Thomas Höft; J. C. Marron; Nathan Seldomridge; Eric Smith
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Benefits derived by the fisherman using Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) advisories
Author(s): Srinivasa Kumar Tummala; Nagaraja Kumar Masuluri; Shailesh Nayak
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HABs in the northwest Pacific: emergent findings and new directions from SeaWiFS and other data
Author(s): Yu-Hwan Ahn; Palanisamy Shanmugam
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Fully automated procedure for ship detection using optical satellite imagery
Author(s): C. Corbane; E. Pecoul; L. Demagistri; M. Petit
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Evaluation of high resolution MODIS-Aqua data for oil spill monitoring
Author(s): Aneesh A. Lotliker; Raghavendra S. Mupparthy; Srinivasa Kumar Tummala; Shailesh R. Nayak
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The numerical simulation and remote sensing of the thermal discharge from the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station
Author(s): Ning Li; Zhi-hua Mao; Qing-he Zhang; Di-feng Wang; Yan Bai; De-lu Pan
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Remote sensing and GIS tools for the evaluation of land use effects on coastal waters
Author(s): Alessandra Marino; Mariano Ciucci; Mario Mariani; Antonio Moccaldi
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Semi-automatic detection and labelling of erosion areas using domain knowledge: an appraisal from southeast New Caledonia (SW Pacific)
Author(s): Isabelle Rouet; Dominique Gay; Michel Allenbach; Nazha Selmaoui; Jonathan Maura; Didier Lille
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Applications of GIS and remote sensing for assessing and management of ecologically sensitive habitats from small islands on Chagos Laccadive Archipelago
Author(s): T. G. Jagtap; H. M. H. Nagi; V. A. Kulkarni; S. B. Savant
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Groundwater prospective mapping: remote sensing and a GIS-based index model approach
Author(s): Amba Shetty; Lakshman Nandagiri; Padami Ramachandra
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Terrestrial chemical spill information system through remote sensing, GIS, and V.B. 6.0
Author(s): G. S. Dwarakish; Angel Jeba S.; G. Srinikethan D.V.M.; Usha Natesan
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A depth-resolved primary production model for stratified water in the Yellow Sea
Author(s): Sinjae Yoo; Yu-Hwan Ahn; Jisoo Park
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On the feasibility of detecting Trichodesmium blooms with SeaWiFS in the South Western Tropical Pacific
Author(s): Cécile Dupouy; Dominique Benielli-Gary; Yves Dandonneau; Jacques Neveux; Guillaume Dirberg; Toby Westberry
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Saharan dust-induced chlorophyll blooms in the northwest African upwelling
Author(s): Antonio G. Ramos; Emilio Cuevas; Carlos Pérez; J. M. Baldasano; Josep Coca; Alex Redondo; Silvia Alonso-Pérez; Juan José Bustos; Sergio Rodriguez; Michel Petit; Slobodan Nickovic
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Coastal upwelling activity along the central east coast of India
Author(s): K. Muni Krishna
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Primary production enhancement by typhoon Ketsana in 2003 in western North Pacific
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Toratani
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MODIS/Aqua chlorophyll monitoring of the New Caledonia lagoon during the 2008 La Nina event
Author(s): Cécile Dupouy; Audrey Minghelli-Roman; Marc Despinoy; Rudiger Röttgers; Jacques Neveux; Christel Pinazo; Michel A. Petit
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The spatial distribution of chlorophyll-a in Changjiang River estuary and adjacent sea in spring
Author(s): Youzhuan Ding; Dongyang Fu; Zhihui Wei; Xianqiang He; Yan Bai; Delu Pan
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Monitoring water level in large trans-boundary ungauged basins with altimetry: the example of ENVISAT over the Amazon basin
Author(s): Frederique Seyler; Stephane Calmant; Joecila da Silva; Naziano Filizola; Emmanuel Roux; Gerard Cochonneau; Philippe Vauchel; Marie-Paule Bonnet
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Interannual variation in upwelling during summer in the Taiwan Strait
Author(s): Caiyun Zhang; Yonghong Li; Huasheng Hong; Shaoling Shang
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International workshop on remote-sensing applications to fisheries
Author(s): Marie-Hélène Forget; Michel A. Petit; Antonio Gonzalez Ramos; Serge Andrefouet; Cécile Dupouy; Aneesh Lotlikar; John Hampton
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Study on the atmospheric correction for high spatial resolution bands of MODIS
Author(s): Minwei Zhang; Junwu Tang; Xinli Hu; Jing Ding
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Landscape pattern dynamic change analysis based on eco-hydrological process in the lower reaches of Tarim River, China
Author(s): Qing Huang; Qing-bo Zhou; Xiao-qian Cheng; Wen Wang; Hong-bin Zhang
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Suspended sediment transport mapped by satellite remote sensing
Author(s): P. Shanmugam; Y. H. Ahn; H. R. Yoo; B. C. Suk; J. H. Ryu
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Evaluation of water quality of Lake Kitagata based on satellite remote sensing technique: spectral measurement of Lake Kitagata
Author(s): Takashi Aoyama
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The ocean environment abnormality detection and extraction on color difference
Author(s): HanSong Zhang; Xianqiang He; Delu Pan
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Comparison of optimization methods for the hyperspectral semi-analytical model
Author(s): KePing Du; Ying Xi; LiRan Sun; Xuegang Zhang
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Pattern geomorphologic analysis for soil erosion study
Author(s): Nazha Selmaoui; Isabelle Rouet; Mélanie Mahot
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The second Chinese ocean color satellite HY-1B and future plans
Author(s): Haiqing Huang; Yan Zhou; Delu Pan; Yan Bai
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Marine environmental change monitoring according to the dyke construction using Landsat TM/ETM+ data in the Saemangeum coastal area of Korea
Author(s): Jee-Eun Min; Joo-Hyung Ryu; Seok Lee; Yu-Hwan Ahn
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Simulation of the ocean reflectance spectra based on principle components analysis method
Author(s): Xiulin Lou; Weigen Huang; Shouren Lin; Lidi Chen; Bin Fu; Jinsong Yang
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Ocean color measurements onboard a jet ski: consistency for calval exercise of high-resolution satellite imagery?
Author(s): Nadège Martiny; Aurélie Dehouck; Jean-Marie Froidefond; Nadia Sénéchal
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Retrieval of the aerosol vertical distribution from atmospheric radiance
Author(s): Bruno Pelletier; Robert Frouin; Philippe Dubuisson
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Algae monitoring using Beijing-1 satellite: a case study in Qingdao neighbouring sea area, China
Author(s): Zhenghua Chen; Zhihua Mao; Juhong Zou; Qingyuan Ma; Yan Bai; Xianqiang He
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