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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications V
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Volume Number: 7113
Date Published: 1 October 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7113
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Latest developments in compact IR cooled detectors
Author(s): F. Pistone; M. Vuillermet
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Uncooled amorphous silicon 1/4 VGA IRFPA with 25 µm pixel-pitch for high-end applications
Author(s): C. Minassian; J. L. Tissot; M. Vilain; O. Legras; S. Tinnes; A. Crastes; P. Robert; B. Fieque
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Advanced infrared optical measurements at Sofradir
Author(s): Sébastien Verdet; Dominique Leclercq; Annie Cuelhe; Gérard Query; David Billon-Lanfrey
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Investigations of reactively sputtered TiO2-delta films for microbolometer applications
Author(s): Myung-Ho Kwon; Keedong Yang; Yong-Su Park; Young-Ho Kim; Han Chung
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3D imaging with range gated laser systems using speckle reduction techniques to improve the depth accuracy
Author(s): B. Göhler; P. Lutzmann; G. Anstett
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Measurement of atmospheric MTF in a littoral environment
Author(s): Derek J. Griffith; Francois P. J. le Roux; Piet B. W. Schwering; Mark Holloway
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Discriminative sensing techniques
Author(s): Keith Lewis
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The principles and roles of hybrid optical/digital codecs in imaging
Author(s): Andrew Robert Harvey; Gonzalo Muyo; Mads Demenikov
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Hollow optical waveguide devices and systems
Author(s): R. M. Jenkins; B. J. Perrett; M. E. McNie; E. D. Finlayson; R. R. Davies; J. Banerji; A. R. Davies
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A versatile wide dynamic range pixel with an improved low-light sensitivity
Author(s): Hsiu-Yu Cheng; Steve Collins
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Results from the UK 3rd generation programme: Albion
Author(s): R. K. McEwen; C. Axcell; P. Knowles; K. P. Hoade; M. Wilson; P. N. J. Dennis; P. Backhouse; N. T. Gordon
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Low noise InAs avalanche photodiodes for high sensitivity FPAs
Author(s): Andrew R. J. Marshall; Chee Hing Tan; Matthew J. Steer; John P. R. David
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Infrared photodiodes based on Type-II strained layer superlattices
Author(s): Sankha D. Das; Yu Ling Goh; Chee Hing Tan; John Paul R. David; Jean-Baptiste Rodriguez; Elena A. Plis; Yagya D. Sharma; Ha Sul Kim; Sanjay Krishna
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Multiple stack quantum dot infrared photodetectors
Author(s): P. Vines; C. H. Tan; J. P. R. David; R. S. Attaluri; T. E. Vandervelde; S. Krishna
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Discriminative imaging using a LWIR polarimeter
Author(s): Barry Connor; Iain Carrie; Robert Craig; John Parsons
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Multispectral-polarimetric sensing for detection of difficult targets
Author(s): Wendy Hubbard; Gary Bishop; Trevor Gowen; Daniel Hayter; Greg Innes
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Miniature imaging devices for airborne platforms
Author(s): L. C. Laycock; V. A. Handerek
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Sub-100g uncooled thermal imaging camera design
Author(s): Alistair Brown
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Accelerating image processing capability using graphics processors
Author(s): Jason Dale; Gordon Cain; Brad Zell
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Mitigating ground-based sensor failures with video motion detection
Author(s): Robert E. Macior; Jonathan P. Knauth; Sharon M. Walter; Richard Evans
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Surveillance of borders, coastlines, and harbours (SOBCAH): a European commission preparatory action on security research
Author(s): David J. Clarke; Eric Davis; Alan G. Varco
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Electro-optical systems to accurately align (boresight) laser designator, FLIR, and CCD on the ground before the mission
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Alon Segal; Jacob Dolev
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Test projectors to demonstrate the performance of IR missile warning sensors
Author(s): Thomas Roth; Jochen Barth; Sabino Gadaleta
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Controllable time dependent and dual band emission infrared source to test missile warning systems in flight
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Larry Davidzon; Amir Gil
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Designing a 1.7-5.3 µm athermalized lens
Author(s): R. Bardazzi
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Thermal infrared optical metrology using quadri-wave lateral shearing interferometry
Author(s): Sabrina Velghe; Djamel Brahmi; William Boucher; Benoit Wattellier; Nicolas Guérineau; Riad Haïdar; Jérôme Primot
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Wideband protection filter (WPF) integrated within optical systems
Author(s): G. Ritt; B. Eberle; R. Ebert; T. Fisher; B. Nemet; M. Oron; A. Donval
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Continuous laser beam steering with micro-optical arrays: experimental results
Author(s): J. Bourderionnet; M. Rungenhagen; D. Dolfi; H. D. Tholl
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Performance and examples of measurements of a mid infrared interferometric hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Dario Cabib
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Multispectral observations of marine mammals
Author(s): Jon Schoonmaker; Joseph Dirbas; Yuliya Podobna; Tami Wells; Cynthia Boucher; Daniel Oakley
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Methodology for accurate multi-spectral signature measurement
Author(s): Michael Y. Engel; Adam D. Devir; Ilan Mendelewicz
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Neural network approaches for multi-spectral missile discrimination
Author(s): M. Can Altinigneli; Sabino Gadaleta
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Detecting anomalous objects in hyperspectral data using segmentation
Author(s): Hila Blecher Segev; Stanley R. Rotman; Dan G. Blumberg
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Coping with mixtures of backgrounds in a sliding dual window anomaly detection algorithm
Author(s): Lior Boker; Stanley R. Rotman; Dan G. Blumberg
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Spatial and temporal point tracking in real hyperspectral images
Author(s): Benjamin Aminov; Ofir Nichtern; S. R. Rotman
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A new method for observer-based evaluation of object detectability using image sequences taken by approaching sensors
Author(s): E. Mauer; P. Koffler
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Approaches for detecting behavioural anomalies in public areas using video surveillance data
Author(s): Christoffer Brax; Rikard Laxhammar; Lars Niklasson
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Adapting full motion video data for the real world
Author(s): Robert E. Macior; Gerald A. Bright; Sharon M. Walter
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Image enhancement for noisy color imagery
Author(s): Judith Dijk; Richard J. M. den Hollander
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The influence of surrounding temperature on non-uniformity response of uncooled infrared focal panel arrays
Author(s): Hui-Ming Qu; Qian Chen; Zhi-qiang Guan
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A far infrared/terahertz micromechanical sensor based on surface plasmons resonance
Author(s): J. Hastanin; Y. Renotte; K. Fleury-Frenette; J. M. Defise; S. Habraken
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Fast estimation model for the observation range in thermovision at variable thermal contrasts
Author(s): Octavia C. Borcan; Catalin A. Spulber
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Long-range PIR detector used for detection of crawling people
Author(s): Mariusz Kastek; Tomasz Sosnowski; Henryk Polakowski; Mirosław Dąbrowski; Tomasz Orżanowski
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Method of objects detection employing passive IR detectors for security systems
Author(s): Tomasz Sosnowski; Henryk Madura; Mariusz Kastek; Tadeusz Piątkowski; Edward Powiada
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Simulated and measured performance of HgCdTe focal plane arrays
Author(s): Galina V. Chekanova; Albina A. Drugova; Viacheslav Kholodnov; Mikhail S. Nikitin
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