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Organic Optoelectronics and Photonics III
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Volume Number: 6999
Date Published: 2 June 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6999
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sub-nanojule threshold lasing in 5x5μm2 organic photonic boxes
Author(s): Maik Langner; Markas Sudzius; Susanne I. Hintschich; Hartmut Fröb; Vadim G. Lyssenko; Karl Leo
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Ultra-small footprint photonic crystal lasers with organic gain material
Author(s): Kristian Baumann; Nikolaj Moll; Thilo Stöferle; Thorsten Wahlbrink; Jens Bolten; Thomas Mollenhauer; Christian Moormann; Baoling Wang; Ulli Scherf; Rainer F. Mahrt
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Blue-light-emitting polymer lasers with non-periodic circular Bragg resonators
Author(s): Thomas Wellinger; Christof Pflumm; Jing Becker; Thomas Weimann; Mariano Campoy-Quiles; Paul N. Stavrinou; Ulrich Scherf; Donal D. C. Bradley
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Measurement of triplet exciton diffusion in the context of organic lasers
Author(s): H. Choukri; M. Lebental; S. Forget; S. Chénais; D. Adès; A. Siove; B. Geffroy
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Theory of directed transportation of electronic excitation between single molecules through photonic coupling
Author(s): D. L. Andrews; D. S. Bradshaw
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Generation of microstructures in novel supramolecular ionic materials based on azobenzene
Author(s): Olga Kulikovska; Lazar Kulikovsky; Leonid M. Goldenberg; Joachim Stumpe
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Multipolar dyes for NLO: solvation and aggregation effects
Author(s): Francesca Terenziani; Cristina Sissa; Anna Painelli
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One- and two-photon absorption and emission properties of heteroaromatic bichromophores
Author(s): Alessandro Abbotto; Luca Bellotto; Renato Bozio; Camilla Ferrante; Ilaria Fortunati; Eleonora Garbin; Chiara Marinzi; Anna Painelli; Cristina Sissa; Francesca Terenziani
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Polyfluorene-PMMA copolymers for plastic optical fibers with gain
Author(s): J. Morgado; A. L. Mendonça; A. Charas; J. Clark; G. Lanzani; L. Bazzana; A. Nocivelli
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Ruthenium sensitizers based on heteroaromatic conjugated bypiridines for dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Alessandro Abbotto; Claudia Barolo; Jun-Ho Yum; Luca Bellotto; Filippo De Angelis; Michael Grätzel; Chiara Marinzi; Mohammad K. Nazeeruddin
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1,4,5,8-Naphthalenetetracarboxylic dianhydride as transparent electron transport material in organic p-i-n solar cells
Author(s): C. Falkenberg; C. Uhrich; B. Maennig; M. K. Riede; K. Leo
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High-speed organic photo-detectors fabricated by vacuum and solution processes and application for optical transmission
Author(s): Yutaka Ohmori; Tatsunari Hamasaki; Taichiro Morimune; Hirotake Kajii
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Light-sensing ambipolar organic transistors for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Thomas D. Anthopoulos; Paul H Wöbkenberg; Donal D. C. Bradley
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Fabrication of ambipolar light-emitting transistor using high-photoluminescent organic single crystal
Author(s): Satria Zulkarnaen Bisri; Taishi Takenobu; Yohei Yomogida; Takeshi Yamao; Masayuki Yahiro; Shu Hotta; Chihaya Adachi; Yoshihiro Iwasa
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Performance of organic light-emitting diodes with remote metallic contact using high mobility electron-transport layers
Author(s): Sarah Schols; Christina McClatchey; Jan Genoe; Paul Heremans; Antonio Facchetti
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Spin and device engineering for blue organic light emitting devices
Author(s): M. Segal; C. Mulder; K. Celebi; M. Singh; K. Rivoire; S. Difley; T. Van Voorhis; M. A. Baldo
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Influence of a magnetic field on the device performance of OLEDs
Author(s): Ulrich Niedermeier; Wiebke Sarfert; Heinz von Seggern
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Efficiency and lifetime enhancement of phosphorescent organic devices
Author(s): Rico Meerheim; Sebastian Scholz; Gregor Schwartz; Sebastian Reineke; Selina Olthof; Karsten Walzer; Karl Leo
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Analysis of charge transport path ways in disordered organic conductors
Author(s): W. Wenzel; J. J. Kwiatkowski; J. Nelson; H. Li; J. L. Bredas; C. Lennartz
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A theoretical view on self-assembled monolayers in organic electronic devices
Author(s): Georg Heimel; Lorenz Romaner; Egbert Zojer; Jean-Luc Brédas
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Chemical degradation mechanisms of organic semiconductor devices
Author(s): Sebastian Scholz; Rico Meerheim; Karsten Walzer; Karl Leo
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High efficient pin orange organic light emitting diode fabrication with novel Al cathode using DC magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Tae Hyun Gil; Sebastian Franke; Christian May; Jörg Amelung; Hubert Lakner; Karl Leo
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An overview about the use of electrical doping of charge carrier transport layers in OLEDs and further organic electronic applications
Author(s): Senthilkumar Madasamy; Domagoj Pavicic; Carsten Rothe; Sven Murano; Jan Birnstock; Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth; Saso Mladenovski; Kristiaan Neyts; Martin Pfeiffer
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Multilayer hybrid LEDs based on colloidal inorganic semiconductors nanocrystal and PIN technology
Author(s): Aurora Rizzo; Marco Mazzeo; Giuseppe Gigli
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Enlarged bilayer interfaces from liquid-liquid dewetting for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): Jakob Heier; Jan Groenewold; Fernando A. Castro; Frank Nüesch; Roland Hany
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Electroabsorption study of the influence of PEDOT:PSS on organic solar cells performances
Author(s): J. Navarro; H. Kanaan; I. Seguy; P. Jolinat; P. Destruel; G. Ablart; H. Bock
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Using optical thin film model to optimize thermal annealing procedure in P3HT:PCBM blend based solar cells
Author(s): W. H. Lee; H. L. Chen; S. Y. Chuang; T. H. Chen; W. F. Su
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Characterisation of different hole transport materials as used in organic p-i-n solar cells
Author(s): Steffen Pfuetzner; Annette Petrich; Christine Malbrich; Jan Meiss; Maik Koch; Moritz K. Riede; Martin Pfeiffer; Karl Leo
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P3HT/PCBM/SWNTs photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Emmanuel Kymakis; Emmanuel Koudoumas
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Investigation of the optical waveguide realisation based on polymers with large third order non-linear susceptibility
Author(s): K. Messaad; D. Bosc; M. Thual; S. Haesaert; F. Henrio
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Organic materials for molecular switching
Author(s): Inge Asselberghs; Gunther Hennrich; Jon McCleverty; Leila Boubekeur-Lecaque; Benjamin J. Coe; Koen Clays
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Analysis of diffraction characteristics of photopolymers by using the FDTD method
Author(s): K. Shimada; S. Yoshida; N. Yoshida; M. Yamamoto
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Research on the growth of dye film in vacuum in situ
Author(s): K. Grytsenko; T. Doroshenko; Yu. Kolomzarov; V. Prokopets; O. Fedoriak; R. Zelinski; O. Lytvyn; D. Prescher; B. Grimm; V. Ksianzou; S. Schrader; O. Tolmachev; Yu. Slominskii; V. Kurdiukov; G. Smirnova
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Enigma of the second harmonic generation in oriented film of symmetric squaraine
Author(s): K. Grytsenko; Y. Slominski; O. Tolmachev; R. Resel; S. Ksensov; S. Schrader
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Stable and efficient organo-inorganic emitting materials: a new rare earth-MOF family
Author(s): F. Gándara; N. Snejko; R. Martínez-Morillas; A. de Andrés; C. Coya; E. Gutiérrez-Puebla; M. A. Monge
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Sum-rules and quantum limits: nonlinear optics from first principles
Author(s): Javier Pérez-Moreno; Koen Clays; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Benzathiazoliums and pyridiniums for second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Edith Franz; Elizabeth C. Harper; Benjamin J. Coe; Pavol Zahradnik; Koen Clays; Inge Asselberghs
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Influence of corona poling procedures on linear and non-linear optical properties of polymer materials containing indandione derivatives as a cromophores
Author(s): Aivars Vembris; Martins Rutkis; Elina Laizane
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Study of the luminescence properties of Nd(TTA)3phen-doped 6-FDA/epoxy waveguides
Author(s): Jing Yang; Mart B. J. Diemeer; Lucie T. H. Hilderink; Markus Pollnau; Alfred Driessen
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Electro-optical properties of volume holograms in organic conductive materials
Author(s): M. P. Hernández-Garay; A. Olivares-Pérez; R. C. Fontanilla-Urdaneta; I. Fuentes-Tapia
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Electroabsorption spectra of multipolar chromophores
Author(s): Cristina Sissa; Francesca Terenziani; Anna Painelli
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Emission properties of artificial opals infiltrated with a heteroaromatic quadrupolar dye
Author(s): Marco Cucini; Davide Comoretto; Matteo Galli; Franco Marabelli; Alessandro Abbotto; Luca Bellotto; Chiara Marinzi
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Integration of top-emitting organic light emitting diodes on CMOS substrates
Author(s): M. Toerker; Ch. Grillberger; D. Kreye; U. Vogel; J. Amelung
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A fluorescent stilbenoid dendrimer for solution-processed blue light emitting diodes
Author(s): C. Coya; A. L. Álvarez; M. Ramos; A. de Andrés; C. Zaldo; R. Gómez; J. L. Segura; C. Seoane
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Development of printed ITO coatings on PET and PEN foil for flexible organic photodiodes
Author(s): S. Heusing; P. W. Oliveira; E. Kraker; A. Haase; C. Palfinger; M. Veith
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Unexpected large spectral shift from blue to green region in a light-emitting electrochemical cell
Author(s): Henk J. Bolink; Eugenio Coronado; Rubén D. Costa; Nora Lardiés; Md. K. Nazeeruddin; Enrique Ortí
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Photoluminescence degradation of blue OLED emitters
Author(s): Stephan Winter; Sebastian Reineke; Karsten Walzer; Karl Leo
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An effective intermediate Al/Au electrode for stacked color-tunable organic light emitting devices
Author(s): Tianhang Zheng; Wallace C. H. Choy
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High-efficiency fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes using double hole-transporting-layers
Author(s): Jwo-Huei Jou; Shih-Ming Shen; Cheng-Chung Chen; Yu-Chiao Chung; Chun-Jan Wang; Mao-Feng Hsu; Wei-Ben Wang; Ming-Hsuan Wu; Chih-Jie Yang; Chi-Ping Liu
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Light extraction from OLEDS with (high) index matched glass substrates
Author(s): Georg Gaertner; Horst Greiner
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Cathode effect on current-voltage characteristics of blue light-emitting diodes based on a polyspirofluorene
Author(s): G. Garcia-Belmonte; E. M. Barea; Y. Ayyad-Limonge; J. M. Montero; H. J. Bolink; J. Bisquert
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Light extraction and optical loss mechanisms in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Stefan Nowy; Nils A. Reinke; Jörg Frischeisen; Wolfgang Brütting
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Inverted solution processable OLEDs using a metal oxide as electron injection contact
Author(s): Henk J. Bolink; Eugenio Coronado; Diego Repetto; Michele Sessolo
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Emission enhancement of microlens on OLED with different layer structures
Author(s): Yu-Hsuan Ho; Jheng-Hao Fang; Jiun-Haw Lee; Mao-Kuo Wei; Hoang-Yan Lin
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Lower limit of the lasing threshold in an organic microcavity
Author(s): Bernd Schütte; Hannes Gothe; Markas Sudzius; Vadim G. Lyssenko; Susanne I. Hintschich; Hartmut Fröb; Karl Leo
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A photophysical study of substituted arylethynylenes
Author(s): Andrew Beeby; Ian Clark; Karen S. Findlay; Pavel Matousek; Laurent Porrès; Anthony W. Parker; Simon Rutter; Michael Towrie
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Exciton size and mobility in (6,5) single-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Larry Lüer; Sajjad Hoseinkhani; Dario Polli; Jared Crochet; Tobias Hertel; Guglielmo Lanzani
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