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Thermosense XXX
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Volume Number: 6939
Date Published: 16 March 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6939
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Infrared micro-thermography of an actively heated preconcentrator device
Author(s): Robert Furstenberg; C. A. Kendziora; Stanley V. Stepnowski; David R Mott; R. Andrew McGill
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High temperature IR-imager with wide dynamic range for industrial process control
Author(s): Uwe Hoffmann; G. Hofmann; D. Wassilew; N. Heß; M. Zimmerhackl
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Emissivity independent low-temperature pyrometry
Author(s): Ivan Dolezal; Lubos Hes
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Infrared calibration development at Fluke Corporation Hart Scientific Division
Author(s): Frank Liebmann
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IEC 62942-1 TS: First international technical specification on the technical data for radiation thermometers
Author(s): J. Hollandt; O. Struss; G. Beynon; R. Bosma; R. Gaertner; F. Girard; M. S. Matveyev; H. C. McEvoy; G. R. Peacock; M. Sadli; F. Sakuma; H. W. Yoon; Z. Yuan
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Do infrared thermographers need a professional organization?
Author(s): G. Raymond Peacock
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Certification of thermographers
Author(s): John Snell Jr.; Robert Spring
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International standards pertaining to thermography practices, training and certification
Author(s): Lisa West Åkerblom
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Image fusion: multi-focus function and its application
Author(s): Yukinori Kimura; Akihiko Ichikawa; Tetsuo Tamura; Ken Endo
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Industrial defect discrimination applying infrared imaging spectroscopy and artificial neural networks
Author(s): Pilar Beatriz Garcia-Allende; Olga M. Conde; Francisco J. Madruga; Ana M. Cubillas; Jose M. Lopez-Higuera
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Overview of SWIR detectors, cameras, and applications
Author(s): Marc P. Hansen; Douglas S. Malchow
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Calibration of visible and near infrared spectrums for measuring freshness of vegetables
Author(s): Faisal Abdullah; M. Z. Mat Jafri; M. S. Jaafar; C. J. Wong
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High-voltage electrical survey advances using UV/IR
Author(s): Daniel A. Ninedorf; Roel Stolper; Jaco Hart
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Overview of expanding the longwave NDT into the shortwave spectrum below visible
Author(s): Jan K. Eklund
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Thermography investigations and numerical analysis of turbulent and laminar flow at light weight structures
Author(s): Ralf Arndt; Alexander Gaulke
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Emissivity modulating electro-chromic device
Author(s): Hulya Demiryont; Kenneth Shannon III; Andrew Williams
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Using lock-in infrared thermography for the visualization of the hand vascular tree
Author(s): Nabila Bouzida; Abdel Hakim Bendada; Jean-Marc Piau; Moulay Akhloufi; Xavier Maldague; Mathieu Raymond
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Active thermography for potato characterization
Author(s): Sheng-Jen Hsieh; Chih-Chen Sun
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Arc welding quality monitoring by means of near infrared imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): P. B. Garcia-Allende; J. Mirapeix; A. Cobo; O. M. Conde; J. M. Lopez-Higuera
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Infrared thermography applied for outdoor power substations
Author(s): L. dos Santos; E. C. Bortoni; L. E. Souza; G. S. Bastos; M. A. C. Craveiro
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Aerial measurements of convection cell elements in heated lakes
Author(s): E. Villa-Aleman; S. R. Salaymeh; T. B. Brown; A. J. Garrett; L. S. Nichols; M. M. Pendergast
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Direct measurement of heat flux from cooling lake thermal imagery
Author(s): Alfred J. Garrett; Eliel Villa-Aleman; Robert J. Kurzeja; Malcolm M. Pendergast
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Thermography as a tool for building applications and diagnostics
Author(s): N. P. Avdelidis; T. K. Kauppinen
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A nondestructive method for diagnosis of insulated building walls using infrared thermography in real situation
Author(s): Mohamed H. A. Larbi Youcef; Atef Mazioud; Pierre Bremond; Laurent Ibos; Yves Candau; Michel Piro; Alain Filloux
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Crack detection and fatigue related delamination in FRP composites applied to concrete
Author(s): Jeff Brown; Rebecca Baker; Lisa Kallemeyn; Andrew Zendler
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Square pulse thermography in frequency domain
Author(s): Ralf Arndt
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Building material characterization by using IR thermography for efficient heating systems
Author(s): Paolo Bison; Ermanno Grinzato
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Quantitative evaluation of defect depth in concrete structures using Fourier analysis for sequential thermal data
Author(s): Shiro Nakamura; Takahide Sakagami; Shuusuke Harada; Shiro Kubo
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Localization of wood floor structure by infrared thermography
Author(s): C. Cochior Plescanu; M. Klein; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; A. Bendada; X. Maldague
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Accuracy issues in modeling thermal NDT problems
Author(s): Vladimir Vavilov; Sergio Marinetti; Denis Nesteruk
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A straightforward graphical user interface for basic and advanced signal processing of thermographic infrared sequences
Author(s): Matthieu T. Klein; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Xavier P. Maldague; Abdelhakim Bendada
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Thermographic signal processing through correlation operators in pulsed thermography
Author(s): Matthieu T. Klein; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Abdelhakim Bendada; Xavier P. Maldague
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Quantitative characterization of resistive defects in thick composites using step heating thermography
Author(s): Adel A. Badghaish; David C. Fleming
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A study of active thermography approaches for the non-destructive testing and evaluation of aerospace structures
Author(s): Nicolas P. Avdelidis; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Zaira P Marioli-Riga; Abdelhakim Bendada; Xavier P. V. Maldague
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Fuselage inspection of Boeing-737 using lock-in thermography
Author(s): Markus Tarin; André Kasper
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Detection of delamination defect inside timber by sonic IR
Author(s): M. Y. Choi; J. H. Park; W. T. Kim; K. S. Kang
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Thermal stress analysis of a circular holed specimen
Author(s): W. T. Kim; M. Y. Choi; J. H. Park; K. S. Kang
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Simulating thermal NDT of bonded structures by FEM
Author(s): Guo Xingwang; Qie Fang
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Dimensionless heat transfer model to compress and analyze pulsed thermography data for NDT of materials
Author(s): Juan C. Ramirez-Granados; G. Paez; M. Strojnik
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