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Information Optics and Photonics Technologies II
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Volume Number: 6837
Date Published: 5 November 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6837
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Angular division multiplexing in pulsed digital holography for measurements of high resolutions
Author(s): Hongchen Zhai; Xiaolei Wang; Caojin Yuan; Guoguang Mu
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Known plain text attack on the double phase encoding and its implementation with parallel hardware
Author(s): Hengzheng Wei; Xiang Peng; Haitao Liu; Songlin Feng; Bruce Z. Gao
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Digital image measurement of specimen deformation based on CCD cameras and Image J software: an application to human pelvic biomechanics
Author(s): Yongwei Jia; Liming Cheng; Guangrong Yu; Yongjian Lou
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1D Fourier transform in optical information processing
Author(s): Suganda Jutamulia; Feijun Song; Ying Zhang
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Rotation-invariant color pattern recognition based on the joint fractional Fourier transform correlator
Author(s): Yupei Zhang; Weimin Jin
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Application of JTC in recognition and real-time tracking of moving targets
Author(s): Yu Chen; Hua Miao; Wensheng Wang; Qunxian Zhu
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Zone-processing joint extended fractional Fourier transform correlator
Author(s): Weimin Jin; Caijie Yan; Yupei Zhang
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Application of optical tweezers using DOE and SLM to control of beads with information-DNA for photonic DNA computing
Author(s): M. J. Zheng; Y. Ogura; J. Tanida
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A novel optical digital processor based on digital micromirror device
Author(s): Hui Jia; Jiannan Zhang; Jiankun Yang; Xiujian Li; Wenhua Hu
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Analysis on the Gaussian approximation of LP01 mode
Author(s): Lianhuang Li; Fuyuan Guo
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A novel scheme for simultaneously realizing optical millimeter-wave generation and remote photonic down-conversion in RoF system
Author(s): Hong Wen; Lin Chen; Shuangchun Wen
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Three-dimensional beaming of surface plasmon polaritons generated by subwavelength metallic hole
Author(s): Hwi Kim; Junghyun Park; Byoungho Lee
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The position shifting of frequency spectrum of Fourier transform in the application of aspheric surface testing
Author(s): Junmiao Weng; Yongying Yang; Dong Liu; Yibing Shen; Yongmo Zhuo
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Optical sampling using a PPLN waveguide for optical performance monitoring
Author(s): Mao-tong Liu; Ai-ying Yang; Yu-nan Sun
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The application of underwater optics and its development
Author(s): Pei Lv; Junhua He; Renkui Zhou; Haiying Liu
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Duobinary RZ and dark RZ signals generation using only one differential Mach-Zehnder modulator
Author(s): Jing He; Lin Chen; Limin Liu; Yufeng Shao; Shuangchun Wen
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Transmission performance of optical millimeter wave generated by one modulator
Author(s): Cheng Huang; Lin Chen; Shuangchun Wen
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Theoretic analysis of pulse shaping by using nonlinear optical loop mirror based on crystal fiber
Author(s): Shaohui Li; Aiying Yang; Yu-nan Sun
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The application of the diversity in mobile free-space optical communication
Author(s): Yingchun Li; Rui Zhang
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Encoding and transmission of orthogonally optical label switching using DQPSK payload and MD-RZ label
Author(s): Yufeng Shao; Shuangchun Wen; Lin Chen; Yaoqiang Xiao
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Novel method in solving non-polarizing condition in frustrated total internal reflection layers
Author(s): Jin Hui Shi; Zheng Ping Wang
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Study on the quality control of online detection
Author(s): Xiaoling Zhang; Baofeng Zhang; Xiaofei Li
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Novel sub-terahertz wave modulator based on photonic crystals
Author(s): Jiu-sheng Li; Jian-rui Li
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Study of Fourier transform spectrometer based on Michelson interferometer wave-meter
Author(s): Yuexiang Peng; Liqiang Wang; Li Lin
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The multiphoton ultraviolet and visible upconversion luminescence of ZBLAN material
Author(s): Xiaobo Chen; Zengfu Song; Yafei Wang; Jun Xiong; Guojiian Yang; Song Li; Jing Zhou; Fanglin Peng; Gu Zhou
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Larger depth of field for optical imaging methods
Author(s): J. J. Wang; S. G. Sang; Z. Wang; X. T. Mo; W. Y. Liu
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Characterization of the dispersion of chirped fiber Bragg grating through Fourier transform spectrometry method
Author(s): Qingshan Chen; Naiguang Lu; Feng Jiang
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Improved LSB matching steganography with histogram characters reserved
Author(s): Zhihong Chen; Wenyao Liu
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Performance analysis of successive interference cancellation scheme for optical CDMA using modified prime sequence codes
Author(s): Tawfig Eltaif; Hossam M. H. Shalaby; Sahbudin Shaari; Mohammad M. N. Hamarsheh
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Thermoelastic mechanical process analysis of the laser-generated Lamb wave in thin fiber reinforced composite plate by numerical simulation
Author(s): Jijun Wang; Baiqiang Xu; Zhonghua Shen; Xiaowu Ni; Guoyu Wang; Jian Lu
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Extraction of guided waves by diffraction of 2D photonic crystals fabricated on the surface of waveguides
Author(s): Xiaoyun Chen; Xiangsu Zhang; Shou Liu; Xuechang Ren
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Field depth extension of 2D barcode scanner based on wavefront coding and projection algorithm
Author(s): Tingyu Zhao; Zi Ye; Wenzi Zhang; Weiwei Huang; Feihong Yu
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Performance analysis on a new binary amplitude-based phase-only-encoded barcode
Author(s): Xu Wu; Jiasheng Hu; Kenan Wu; Yong Lin
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Universal description of the optical coherence
Author(s): Yan Huang; Yishen Qiu; Zhiyun Huang
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All-optical wavelength converter based on self-phase modulation in highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Huangping Yan; Yuanqing Huang; Zihua Weng; Yiju Wang; Ruifang Ye; Zhaoxi Wu; Jin Wan
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1.5-μm band tunable wavelength conversion based on fan-out grating in QPM-LN
Author(s): Yiju Wang; Yuanqing Huang; Zihua Weng; Huangping Yan; Ruifang Ye; Jin Wan
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Study on the spectral combination characteristic of grating
Author(s): Lingyu Wan; Meng Huang; Xinmin Huang; Weiping Zhang; Qingyi Yang
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Influence of temperature on holographic gratings fabricated in photopolymer
Author(s): Dejun Feng
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An improved optic-electronic hybrid encoding technique for certificate validation
Author(s): Ke-nan Wu; Jia-sheng Hu; Yong Lin
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Detecting of Brillouin shift and sound speed in water with the method of ICCD image by time oriented sequential control
Author(s): Xingdao He; Shujing Li; Dehe Liu
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MMI power splitters based on the annealed proton exchange (APE) technology
Author(s): Jianmin Cui; Wenjuan Chang; Lihui Feng; Fang Cui; Yunan Sun
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A new calibration approach of rotor axes for 3D measurement system
Author(s): Qingyang Wu; Jingzhen Li; Xianyu Su; Bin Hui
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Performance of optical DPSK and DQPSK in 40G bit/s transmission systems
Author(s): Jie Gao; Jianmin Cui; Lihui Feng; Fang Cui; Yunan Sun
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Feature extraction on detecting target in clutter background with wavelet transform
Author(s): Hui Dong; Chunjie Li; Shibo Chu; Wensheng Wang
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Enhancement technology of the joint transform power spectrum
Author(s): Chunjie Li; Fanghan Chen; Shibo Chu; Jiawei Zhao; Wensheng Wang
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Application of joint transform correlator in detection of infrared target
Author(s): Fanghan Chen; Chunjie Li; Dongyue Liu; Wensheng Wang
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Self-reference hologram
Author(s): Lin Ma; Yingzong Wang
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Tracking technology of moving target with optical correlator
Author(s): Hua Miao; Yu Chen; Fanghan Chen; Wensheng Wang
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Electromagnetic transmission of T-shape periodic metallic grating
Author(s): Yanhua Wang; Yan Zhang
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New photonic bandgap of single negative materials
Author(s): Yuan Zeng; Jiadong Xu
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Measurement of hexagonal super-lattice pattern in a dielectric barrier discharge
Author(s): Weixia Xie; Lifang Dong
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Modified deflection routing algorithm in optical burst switched networks
Author(s): Jianxin Wang; Lijun Wu; Yu Song
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Implementation of OFDM multimode fiber communication system in the Simulink environment
Author(s): Wei Xie; Guijun Hu; Qing Deng
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Analysis of improved Lyot depolarization of residual polarization degree
Author(s): Min Wang; Nai-yu Wang; Mu-wang Huang
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