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Light-Emitting Diode Materials and Devices II
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Volume Number: 6828
Date Published: 17 October 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6828
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Bipolar host materials for red and green phosphorescent OLED
Author(s): Jang Hyuk Kwon; Tae Jin Park; Woo Sik Jeon; Jung Joo Park
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Small molecules with ambipolar transporting properties for efficient OLEDs
Author(s): Lian Duan; Peng Wei; Yong Qiu
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Electrochemical properties of regioregular head-to-tail oligothiophenes-functionalized 9,9'-spirobifluorene derivatives
Author(s): Jian Pei; Jing Ni
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Organic luminescent nanowires: fabrication and characterization
Author(s): A. M. C. Ng; A. B. Djurišić; W. K. Chan
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The effect of polymer molecular weight and Coumarin 6: solvent interaction on photoluminescence spectra
Author(s): E. Mohajerani; F. Farajollahi; R. Mahzoon
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A stable red emission in polymer light-emitting diodes based on phenothiazine derivative
Author(s): Huayu Cao; Zhijian Chen; Yingliang Liu; Jianghui Li; Shaokui Cao; Lixin Xiao; Shengang Xu; Qihuang Gong
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Red light emitting compounds based on 3D conjugated structure with intramolecular charge transfer
Author(s): Fenglian Bai; Qingguo He; Wei Liu; Yi Zhou; Qingjiang Sun; Yongfan Li
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Organic white light-emitting diodes using a new DCM derivative as a doping molecule
Author(s): Do-Hoon Hwang; Jong-Don Lee; Hoon-Je Cho; Nam Sung Cho; Sang Kyu Lee; Hong-Ku Shim; Changhee Lee
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Color tunable conductive vinyl copolymers for OLED applications
Author(s): Louis M. Leung; Yik-Chung Law; Michael Y. Wong; Lok-Yee Tang
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Synthesis, characterization, and electroluminescent properties of a new rare earth europium complex
Author(s): Fan Wei; Baoshan Wang; Binbin Wang; Bin Li; Demin Xie
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Methods for balanced charge carriers and enhanced efficiency of organic phosphorescent devices
Author(s): Byung Doo Chin; Nam Su Kang; Heume-Il Baek; Changhee Lee
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Highly efficient red light-emitting devices using copolymer containing charged iridium complex in the side chain
Author(s): Lei Wang; Bin Du; Yong Cao; Jian Wang
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Study of a new type anode of OLED by MIC poly-Si
Author(s): Yang Li; Zhiguo Meng; Chunya Wu; Wong Man; Kwok Sing Hoi; Shaozhen Xiong
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Coupling of light from an LED into a very thin light guide by a coupling lens
Author(s): Jun Ho Lee; W. Chang; D. Choi
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Saturated red light emitting polymers and devices
Author(s): Y. Shao; W. Xu; N. Liu; L. Yin; Q. Hou; Y. Xu; W. Zeng; L. Wang; S. Han; J. Wang; J. Peng; Y. Cao
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Host engineering for high efficiency in phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Sung Hyun Kim; Kyoung Soo Yook; Jun Yeob Lee
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Enhanced electron injection in inverted top-emitting OLEDs with n-Si cathode by using Cs2CO3 buffer layer
Author(s): Shu-ming Chen; Yong-bo Yuan; Jia-rong Lian; Ze-feng Xie; X. Zhou
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Improved efficiency in top-emitting OLEDs with p-type Si anode
Author(s): Yong-bo Yuan; Shu-ming Chen; Jia-rong Lian; Ze-feng Xie; Xiang Zhou
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Study on the degradation of PLEDs by in-situ micro-Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Xiaoxuan Xu; Zhe Qin; Haibo Lin; Wei Xu
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The fabrication of high-brightness and high-power InGaAlP single-side red LED
Author(s): Pingjuan Niu; Xiaoli Wang; Weilian Guo; Huiying Luo; Xiansong Fu; Hongwei Liu; Xiaoyun Li; Guanghua Yang; Haitao Tian
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Effects of pretreatment for sapphire on GaN optical propertities
Author(s): Dongsheng Peng; Yuchun Feng; Ruisheng Zheng; Hanben Niu
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Online non-contact detection for LED chips
Author(s): Ping Li; Lian Li; Jing Wen; Yumei Wen
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Study on chroma balance based on grating spectrometer for LED
Author(s): Wen-jun Sun; Shu-ying Wang; Yan-zong Yin; Xian-wei Rong; Zhong Meng
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A new golden bump making method for high power LED flip chip
Author(s): Hongwei Liu; Pingjuan Niu; Haiyang Hu; Hongda Chen; Zhiwei Xia
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Enhancing the light extraction efficiency of GaN-based LEDs
Author(s): Pingjuan Niu; Yanling Li; Xiaoyun Li
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Lasing with the shortest wavelength in substituted ZnO and lasing of ZnO microcrystal or scattering gain medium in closed microcavity
Author(s): Cai-Rong Ding; Bing-Chu Chen; Shu-Wei Li; He-Zhou Wang
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Effect of hydrogen dilution on photoluminescent properties of nanocrystalline SiC films deposited by helicon wave plasma CVD
Author(s): Wei Yu; Jie Du; Li Zhang; Shuang Kui Cui; Li Han; Guang Sheng Fu
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Synthesis and luminous characteristics of Ba2SiO3Cl2:Eu2+, Mn2+ phosphor for white LED
Author(s): Changyu Shen; Yi Yang; Shangzhong Jin
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Color uniformity and data simulation in high-power RGB LED modules using different LED-chips arrays
Author(s): Yan Tu; Shangzhong Jin; Yanhua Wang; Liangliang Dou
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A novel submersible phytoplankton fluorometer with multi-wavelength light emitting diode array as excitation source
Author(s): Zhi-gang Wang; Wen-qing Liu; Yu-jun Zhang; Wei-chang Sima; Jian-guo Liu
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Trans-cis-trans photoisomerization as an all-optical switching in azo-dye-doped polymer waveguide
Author(s): E. Mohajerani; E. Heydari
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