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Complex Systems II
Editor(s): Derek Abbott; Tomaso Aste; Murray Batchelor; Robert Dewar; Tiziana Di Matteo; Tony Guttmann
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Volume Number: 6802
Date Published: 10 December 2007

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6802
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Applications of physical methods in high-frequency futures markets
Author(s): M. Bartolozzi; C. Mellen; F. Chan; D. Oliver; T. Di Matteo; T. Aste
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Studies in the physics of evolution: creation, formation, destruction
Author(s): Rudolf Hanel; Peter Klimek; Stefan Thurner
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Quantum minority game utilizing various forms of entanglement
Author(s): Adrian P. Flitney; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Constructing multi-player quantum games from non-factorizable joint probabilities
Author(s): Azhar Iqbal; Taksu Cheon
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Persistence and the Nikkei Index
Author(s): S. Jain; T. Yamano
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Effects of diversification among assets in an agent-based market model
Author(s): F. Ghoulmié; M. Bartolozzi; C. P. Mellen; T. Di Matteo
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Understanding complex matter from simple packing models
Author(s): T. Aste; G. Delaney; T. Di Matteo
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Pairing of homologous chromosomes as phase transition
Author(s): Antonio Scialdone; Mario Nicodemi
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Virtual experiments on complex materials
Author(s): Gary W. Delaney; Shio Inagaki; T. Di Matteo; Tomaso Aste
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Wang-Landau Monte Carlo: a new key for unlocking structure in complex physical systems
Author(s): Drew F. Parsons; David R. M. Williams
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Transport in a partially open porous media flow
Author(s): Guy Metcalfe; Daniel Lester; Mike Trefry; Alison Ord
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Complete parametric scalar dispersion
Author(s): Daniel R. Lester; Guy Metcalfe; Murray Rudman
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Lattice statistics studies of massless phases
Author(s): Ian G. Enting
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Self-organization in a complex plasma
Author(s): Sergey V. Vladimirov
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Network characteristics that facilitate the stable evolution of cooperation
Author(s): Markus Brede
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Stability constraints on structural and functional neuronal network connectivity
Author(s): Peter A. Robinson; Richard T. Gray; Candy K. C. Fung
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Compact continuum brain model for human electroencephalogram
Author(s): J. W. Kim; H.-B. Shin; P. A. Robinson
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Modeling high-order synchronization epochs and transitions in the cardiovascular system
Author(s): David García-Álvarez; Alireza Bahraminasab; Aneta Stefanovska; Peter V. E. McClintock
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Nonergodicity and central limit behavior for systems with long-range interactions
Author(s): Alessandro Pluchino; Andrea Rapisarda
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Stochastic delay models for molecular clocks and somite formation
Author(s): Kevin Burrage; Pamela Burrage; André Leier; Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago
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Simulation model for urban ternary mix-traffic flow
Author(s): Lalit Deo; Faisal Akkawi; Puspita Deo
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Classification of osteosarcoma T-ray responses using adaptive and rational wavelets for feature extraction
Author(s): Desmond Ng; Fu Tian Wong; Withawat Withayachumnankul; David Findlay; Bradley Ferguson
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Correlation-based biological networks
Author(s): Won-Min Song; Tomaso Aste; T. Di Matteo
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Study of the alignment of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using dielectrophoresis
Author(s): Chen Zhang; M. Breedon; W. Wlodarski; K. Kalantar-zadeh
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The application of nonlinear bistable detectors to DCT-domain watermarking schemes
Author(s): Fabing Duan; Derek Abbott
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Effect of epidemic dynamics on evolutionary prisoner's dilemma game in scale-free networks
Author(s): Rui Jiang; Mao-Bin Hu; Qing-Song Wu
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Dynamic prisoner's dilemma on scale-free network
Author(s): Mao-Bin Hu; Yong-Hong Wu; Rui Jiang; Qing-Song Wu
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Modelling of dynamic targeting in the Air Operations Centre
Author(s): Edward H. S. Lo
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Complexity: new opportunities for understanding consumption
Author(s): Carmen Costea
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Multi-scaling modelling in financial markets
Author(s): Ruipeng Liu; Tomaso Aste; T. Di Matteo
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Two-dimensional beams of dissipative antisolitons
Author(s): A. Ankiewicz; J. M. Soto-Crespo; N. Devine; N. Akhmediev
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Multiplicity of soliton transformations in the vicinity of the boundaries of their existence
Author(s): W. Chang; J. M. Soto-Crespo; A. Ankiewicz; N. Akhmediev
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Dynamical correlations in financial systems
Author(s): F. Pozzi; T. Aste; G. Rotundo; T. Di Matteo
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Co-ordinate transforms underpin multiscale modelling and reduction in deterministic and stochastic systems
Author(s): A. J. Roberts
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Seasonality, size effect, and delisting bias
Author(s): Qi Zeng; Xiao Cao
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Flow in left atrium using MR fluid motion estimation
Author(s): Kelvin K. L. Wong; Richard M. Kelso; Steve M. Worthley; Prash Sanders; Jagannath Mazumdar; Derek Abbott
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