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Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 2007
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Volume Number: 6720
Date Published: 17 January 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6720
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanospallation induced by a femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): M. B. Agranat; S. I. Anisimov; S. I. Ashitkov; V. V. Zhakhovskii; N. A. Inogamov; K. Nishihara; Yu. V. Petrov
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Progress in the understanding of fracture related laser damage of fused silica
Author(s): H. Bercegol; P. Grua; D. Hébert; J-P. Morreeuw
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Photo-ionization of superlattices on dielectric surface by IR radiation
Author(s): V. E. Gruzdev
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Does complex absorption behavior leading to conditioning and damage in KDP/DKDP reflect the electronic structure of initiators?
Author(s): M. D. Feit; P. P. DeMange; R. A. Negres; A. M. Rubenchik; S. G. Demos
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A model of laser-induced damage of KDP based on the coupling of statistics and heat transfer
Author(s): Guillaume Duchateau; Anthony Dyan
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Thermal mechanism of laser-induced damages in KDP crystals
Author(s): A. Surmin; S. Lambert; F. Guillet; B. Minot; D. Damiani; F. Gervais
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Preliminary results on mitigation of KDP surface damage using the ball dimpling method
Author(s): François Guillet; Bertrand Bertussi; Laurent Lamaignere; Xavier Leborgne; Benoît Minot
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The effect of lattice temperature on surface damage in fused silica optics
Author(s): J. Bude; G. Guss; M. Matthews; M. L. Spaeth
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Downstream intensification effects associated with CO2 laser mitigation of fused silica
Author(s): Manyalibo J. Matthews; Isaac L. Bass; Gabriel M. Guss; Clay C. Widmayer; Frank L. Ravizza
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The exponential fitting of optical threshold and analyses of testing errors
Author(s): Dawei Li; Jianda Shao; Yuanan Zhao; Kui Yi; Hongji Qi
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Experimental and theoretical studies of subpicosecond laser damage in TixSi1-xO2 composite films
Author(s): D. N. Nguyen; I. Cravetchi; L. A. Emmert; W. Rudolph; M. Jupe; M. Lappschies; K. Starke; D. Ristau
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Effect of laser pulse duration on damage to metal mirrors for laser IFE
Author(s): John E. Pulsifer; Mark S. Tillack; S. S. Harilal
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James Webb Space Telescope: a large deployable cryogenic telescope in space
Author(s): Paul A. Lightsey
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Effects of wavelengths combination on initiation and growth of laser-induced surface damage in SiO2
Author(s): L. Lamaignere; S. Reyne; M. Loiseau; J.-C. Poncetta; H. Bercegol
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Damage thresholds and morphology of the front- and back-irradiated SiO2 thin films containing gold nanoparticles as artificial absorbing defects
Author(s): S. Papernov; A. W. Schmid; J. B. Oliver; A. L. Rigatti
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Growth of laser damage in fused silica: diameter to depth ratio
Author(s): Mary A. Norton; John J. Adams; C. Wren Carr; Eugene E. Donohue; Michael D. Feit; Richard P. Hackel; William G. Hollingsworth; Jeffrey A. Jarboe; Manyalibo J. Matthews; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Mary L. Spaeth
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Extended lifetime of fluoride optics
Author(s): Jue Wang; Colleen R. Clar; Horst Schreiber
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Analysis of output surface damage resulting from single 351 nm, 3 ns pulses on sub-nanosecond laser conditioned KD2PO4 crystals
Author(s): J. A. Jarboe; J. J. Adams; R. P. Hackel
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Damage characteristics at optical fiber connector for high power light transmission
Author(s): S. Matsuda; T. Shibuya; M. Wakaki
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High laser damage threshold surface relief micro-structures for anti-reflection applications
Author(s): Douglas S. Hobbs; Bruce D. MacLeod
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Revisiting mechanisms of molecular contamination induced laser optic damage
Author(s): John S. Canham
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Optimizing a cleaning process for multilayer dielectric (MLD) diffraction gratings
Author(s): B. Ashe; C. Giacofei; G. Myhre; A. W. Schmid
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Fluorescence monitoring of organic deposits
Author(s): H. Schröder; S. Becker; Y. Lien; W. Riede; D. Wernham
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Operational experience of contamination and damage of the larger aperture optics in the HELEN laser facility vacuum system at 1053 and 527 nanometres
Author(s): James Andrew; Mark Girling; Nicholas Honiatt; David Scott; Paul Wallace
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Studies on thin films as short pulse laser debris shields
Author(s): Jens Schwarz; Patrick Rambo; Matthias Geissel; Daniel Headley; Marc Ramsey; Briggs Atherton
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A laser preconditioning process for improving the laser damage threshold, and the search for subtle laser damage from long-duration laser exposure for IBS thin films
Author(s): Dale C. Ness; Alan D. Streater
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Laser damage of silica and hafnia thin films made with different deposition technologies
Author(s): Laurent Gallais; Jérémie Capoulade; Jean-Yves Natoli; Mireille Commandré; Michel Cathelinaud; Cian Koc; Michel Lequime
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Performance enhancement of ion beam sputtered oxide coatings for 193 nm
Author(s): H. Blaschke; M. Lappschies; D. Ristau
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Mixed oxide coatings for advanced fs-laser applications
Author(s): M. Jupé; M. Lappschies; L. Jensen; K. Starke; D. Ristau; A. Melninkaitis; V. Sirutkaitis; I. Cravetchi; W. Rudolph
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Effect of electric field distribution on the laser damage probability curves of multilayer coatings
Author(s): Hélène Krol; Claude Amra; Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Mireille Commandré
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Laser-induced damage of multilayer high-reflectance coatings for 248 nm
Author(s): Hongji Qi; Kui Yi; Hua Yu; Yun Cui; Dawei Li; Zhixing Gao; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Influence of process conditions on the optical properties of HfO2/SiO2 coatings for high-power laser coatings
Author(s): B. Langdon; D. Patel; E. Krous; J. J. Rocca; C. S. Menoni; F. Tomasel; S. Kholi; P. R. McCurdy; Peter Langston; Albert Ogloza
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Influence of electric field distribution on laser-induced damage threshold and morphology of high-reflectance optical coatings
Author(s): G. Abromavicius; R. Buzelis; R. Drazdys; A. Melninkaitis; V. Sirutkaitis
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Short pulse laser damage measurements of pulse compression gratings for petawatt laser
Author(s): Gérard Razé; Jérôme Néauport; Gabriel Dupuy; Matthieu Balas; Gabriel Mennerat; Eric Lavastre
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Final optics damage inspection (FODI) for the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Alan Conder; Terry Alger; Stephen Azevedo; Jim Chang; Steven Glenn; Laura Kegelmeyer; Judith Liebman; Mary Spaeth; Pam Whitman
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The relationship between laser fluence profile and the cumulative probability of damage curve
Author(s): Jonathan W. Arenberg
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Comparative studies of laser-induced damage threshold measurements in highly reflecting mirrors
Author(s): Andrius Melninkaitis; Darius Mikšys; Rimantas Grigonis; Valdas Sirutkaitis; Marco Jupé; Detlev Ristau
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Comparison of Gaussian and top-hat beam profiles in LIDT testing
Author(s): L. Jensen; M. Jupe; K. Starke; D. Ristau; W. Riede; P. Allenspacher
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Comparison between S/1 and R/1 tests and damage density vs. fluence (Rho(Phi)) results for unconditioned and sub-nanosecond laser-conditioned KD2PO4 crystals
Author(s): J. J. Adams; J. A. Jarboe; M. D. Feit; R. P. Hackel
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Laser damage investigation in KTiOPO4 (KTP) and RbTiOPO4 (RTP) crystals: threshold anisotropy and the influence of SHG
Author(s): Frank R. Wagner; Anne Hildenbrand; Jean-Yves Natoli; Mireille Commandre; Fred Theodore; Hervé Albrecht
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Influence of laser beam size and wavelength in the determination of LIDT and associated laser damage precursor densities in KH2PO4
Author(s): J.Y Natoli; J. Capoulade; H. Piombini; B. Bertussi
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Laser damage metrology in biaxial nonlinear crystals using different test beams
Author(s): Anne Hildenbrand; Frank R. Wagner; Hassan Akhouayri; Jean-Yves Natoli; Mireille Commandre
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Scaling in damage of optical materials by intensive laser radiation
Author(s): Evaldas K. Maldutis
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Pump and probe damage testing for investigation of transient material modifications associated with laser damage in optical materials
Author(s): R. A. Negres; M. D. Feit; P. DeMange; J. D. Bude; S. G. Demos
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Measurement of initial absorption of fused silica at 193nm using laser induced deflection technique (LID)
Author(s): Dörte Schönfeld; Ursula Klett; Christian Mühlig; Stephan Thomas
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A novel photo-thermal setup for evaluation of absorptance losses and thermal wavefront deformations in DUV optics
Author(s): K. Mann; A. Bayer; T. Miege; U. Leinhos; B. Schäfer
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Spectrally resolved laser calorimetric absorptance measurements
Author(s): L. Jensen; I. Balasa; K. Starke; D. Ristau
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Photothermal detuning: a sensitive technique for absorption measurement of optical thin films
Author(s): Honggang Hao; Bincheng Li; Mingqiang Liu; Yuan Gong
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Effect of instrumental response time in exponential-decay-based cavity ring-down techniques for high reflectivity measurement
Author(s): Yuan Gong; Bincheng Li
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High-resolution 3D imaging of surface damage sites in fused silica with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Gabe Guss; Isaac Bass; Richard Hackel; Christian Mailhiot; Stavros G. Demos
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Selective cancellation of scattered light in optical substrates and coatings
Author(s): C. Amra; C. Deumié; G. Georges; L. Arnaud; M. Zerrad; C. Grèzes-Besset; F. Chazallet
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Scattering-induced downstream beam modulation by plasma scalded mirrors
Author(s): J. R. Schmidt; M. J. Runkel; K. E. Martin; C. J. Stolz
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Effect of random clustering on surface damage density estimates
Author(s): Manyalibo J. Matthews; Michael D. Feit
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248 nm high fluence irradiation of CaF2 crystals
Author(s): Alfons Burkert; Dietmar Keutel; Ute Natura
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Comparison of ns and sub-ns laser conditioning of KDP and DKDP crystals for high-power lasers
Author(s): C. Maunier; B. Bertussi; D. Damiani; T. Donval; G. Duchateau; A. . Dyan; G. Gaborit; L. Lamaignère; X. Leborgne; M. Loiseau; H. Mathis; G. Raze
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Optical damage threshold of silicon for ultrafast infrared pulses
Author(s): Benjamin M. Cowan
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Study of haze in artificially grown single crystal CaF2
Author(s): M. Azumi
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Optical damage observed in the LHMEL II output coupler
Author(s): John J. Eric; John O. Bagford; Christie L. H. Devlin; Robert J. Hull; Daniel B. Seibert
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Effect of S and P polarization on single layer homogeneous model
Author(s): Udaibir Singh; Avinashi Kapoor
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