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Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices IV
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Volume Number: 6645
Date Published: 5 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6645
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
SiN photonic crystal cavities: promising tools for the manipulation of light in the visible
Author(s): Michael Barth; Josef Kouba; Johannes Stingl; Bernd Loechel; Oliver Benson
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Fabrication and optical characterization of Si3N4 2D-photonic crystals for applications in visible range
Author(s): J. Kouba; S. Kiss; M. Barth; W. Eberhardt; B. Loechel
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Parallel optical tweezers with combining a diffractive optical element and a spatial light modulator for photonic DNA memory
Author(s): MingJie Zheng; Naoya Tate; Yusuke Ogura; Jun Tanida
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Nano-scale patterning of phospholipid thin films by interferometric UV lithography
Author(s): Aschalew Kassu; Jean-Michel Taguenang; Anup Sharma
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Biological fabrication of nanostructured silicon-germanium photonic crystals possessing unique photoluminescent and electroluminescent properties
Author(s): Gregory L. Rorrer; Clayton Jeffryes; Chih-hung Chang; Doo-Hyoung Lee; Timothy Gutu; Jun Jiao; Raj Solanki
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Development of ultra-low magnetic field sensors with magnetic tunneling junctions
Author(s): Philip W. T. Pong; John E Bonevich; William F. Egelhoff Jr.
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Flexible optical wire-bonding for planar lightwave circuits packaging
Author(s): Roberto R. Panepucci; Abdullah J. Zakariya; Tao Liu
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Nanotaper coupler for the horizontal slot-waveguide
Author(s): Ange Marie Patricia Fièvre; Tao Liu; Roberto R. Panepucci
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Enhancement of light extraction efficiency of light-emitting diode with hexagonal photonic crystal layer
Author(s): Dang Hoang Long; Hyung-Ah Do; Joonmo Park; In-Kag Hwang; Sang-Wan Ryu; June-Key Lee
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Short polymer waveguide resonator with Bragg reflectors
Author(s): Tao Liu; Magdalena Nawrocka; Roberto Panepucci
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Wavelength reconfigurable photonic switching using thermally tuned micro-ring resonators fabricated on silicon substrate
Author(s): Michael R. Wang; Han-Yong Ng; Daqun Li; Xuan Wang; Jose Martinez; Roberto R. Panepucci; Kachesh Pathak
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Variable diffraction gratings using nanoporous electrodes and electrophoresis of dye ions
Author(s): P. C. P. Hrudey; M. A. Martinuk; M. A. Mossman; A. C. van Popta; M. J. Brett; J. S. Huizinga; L. A. Whitehead
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Design, fabrication, and testing of enhanced EO materials for mmW modulators
Author(s): Brandon Redding; Nikolai Faleev; Xi Long; Timothy Creazzo; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis Prather
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Ultrafast pulsed laser ablation for synthesis of nanocrystals
Author(s): Bing Liu; Zhendong Hu; Yanbin Chen; Kai Sun; Xiaoqing Pan; Yong Che
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Fabrication of spintronic devices: etching endpoint detection by resistance measurement for magnetic tunnel junctions
Author(s): Philip W. T. Pong; Moshe Schmoueli; William F. Egelhoff Jr.
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Preliminary design and noise considerations for an ultrasensitive magnetic field sensor
Author(s): Philip W. T. Pong; Robert McMichael; Alan S Edelstein; Edmund R Nowak; William F. Egelhoff Jr.
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In situ Raman scattering in nanomaterial flame synthesis: a case on TiO2 nanoparticles (Retraction Notice)
Author(s): Xiaofei Liu
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Optics of thin-film silicon solar cells with efficient periodic light trapping textures
Author(s): C. Haase; D. Knipp; H. Stiebig
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Tailored circular Bragg phenomena in TiO2 sculptured thin films through post-deposition processing
Author(s): Sean M. Pursel; Mark W. Horn; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Fabrication and characterization of silicon/silicon dioxide super lattices for silicon based light emitting devices
Author(s): Tim Creazzo; Elton Marchena; Brandon Redding; Tim Hodson; Dennis Prather
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Function of bubble pit in super-RENS storage
Author(s): Qian Liu; Chuanfei Guo; Sihai Cao; Zhuwei Zhang; Toshio Fukaya
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Narrowband, linear-polarization rejection filter based on columnar thin film superlattice
Author(s): Francesco Chiadini; Vincenzo Fiumara; Antonio Scaglione; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Fabrication of sub-diffraction-limit molecular structures by scanning near-field photolithography
Author(s): Robert E. Ducker; Matthew T. Montague; Shuqing Sun; Graham J. Leggett
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Elasticity of two-photon-fabricated nano-wires
Author(s): Sana Nakanishi; Hong-Bo Sun; Satoshi Kawata
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Optical polarizer made of mechanically aligned carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Satoru Shoji; Hidemasa Suzuki; Remo Proietti Zaccaria; Zouheir Sekkat; Satoshi Kawata
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Nano materials for efficiently lowering the freezing point of heat transfer nanofluids
Author(s): Haiping Hong; Walter Roy
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Light source with carbon nanotubes field emission cathode and rare-earth doped nanocrystalline phosphors
Author(s): P. Psuja; W. Strek
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Self-sensing of CNF and Ni nanowire/PVDF and cellulose composites using electro-micromechanical test
Author(s): Joung-Man Park; Pyung-Gee Kim; Jung-Hoon Jang; Sung-Ju Kim; Dong-Jin Yoon; George Hansen; K. Lawrence DeVries
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Diffusive and convective dye replenishment in optofluidic light sources
Author(s): Morten Gersborg-Hansen; Niels Asger Mortensen; Anders Kristensen
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Holographic fabrication of photonic nanostructures for optofluidic integration
Author(s): Seung-Kon Lee; Sung-Gyu Park; Ji-Hwan Kang; Jun Hyuk Moon; Seung-Man Yang
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Photonic crystal biosensor microplates with integrated fluid networks for high throughput applications in drug discovery
Author(s): Charles J. Choi; Leo L. Chan; Maria F. Pineda; Brian T. Cunningham
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Capillary driven tunable optofluidic DFB dye lasers
Author(s): Morten Gersborg-Hansen; Anders Kristensen
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Nanoscale optofluidic sensor arrays for Dengue virus detection
Author(s): Sudeep Mandal; Roman Akhmechet; Likun Chen; Sam Nugen; Antje Baeumner; David Erickson
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Microfluidic channel with built-in photonic crystal nanolaser
Author(s): Se-Heon Kim; Seung-Kon Lee; Yong-Hee Lee; Seung-Man Yang
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Liquid-infiltrated photonic crystals for lab-on-a-chip applications
Author(s): Sanshui Xiao; Jesper Pedersen; Niels Asger Mortensen
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Electroactive nanowells for spectrographic fluidic memory
Author(s): Bernardo Cordovez; Demetri Psaltis; David Erickson
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Electron microscopy characterization of iron oxide nanopowders (prepared by laser pyrolysis) for magnetic fluid applications
Author(s): V. Ciupina; G. Prodan; I. Morjan; F. Dumitrache; R. Alexandrescu; E. Vasile; L. Vegas; D. Bica
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Cytotoxicity of the photoluminescent silicon nanocrystals
Author(s): Jonghoon Choi; Qin Zhang; Victoria M. Hitchins; Nam Sun Wang; Vytas Reipa
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Near-infrared laser photothermal therapy and photodynamic inactivation of cells by using gold nanoparticles and dyes
Author(s): George G. Akchurin; Garif G. Akchurin; Vladimir A. Bogatyrev; Irina L. Maksimova; George A. Seliverstov; George S. Terentyuk; Boris N. Khlebtsov; Nikolai G. Khlebtsov; Valery V. Tuchin
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Fabrication strategies for magnetic tunnel junctions with magnetoelectronic applications
Author(s): Philip W. T. Pong; William F. Egelhoff Jr.
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Flexible Bragg reflection waveguide devices fabricated on a plastic substrate
Author(s): Kyung-Jo Kim; Jeong-Ah Yi; Min-Cheol Oh; Young-Ouk Noh; Hyung-Jong Lee
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Characterization of AlF3 thin films in the ultraviolet by magnetron sputtering of aluminum target
Author(s): Bo-Huei Liao; Ming-Chung Liu; Cheng-Chung Lee
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The research of oblique deposition of lanthanum fluoride thin films at 193nm
Author(s): Ming-Chung Liu; Bo-Huei Liao; Wen-Hao Cho; Cheng-Chung Lee; Cheng-Chung Jaing
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Dynamic force microscopy and x-ray photoemission spectroscopy studies of conducting polymer thin film on nanoscale structured Al surface
Author(s): Hitoshi Kato; Susumu Takemura; Atsuro Ishii; Yoshiyuki Takarai; Yohei Watanabe; Takeharu Sugiyama; Tomoyasu Hiramatsu; Noriyuki Nanba; Osamu Nishikawa; Masahiro Taniguchi
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Photopolymerization of hybrid organic/inorganic materials based on nanostructured units for photonic applications
Author(s): I. Fortunati; T. Dainese; R. Signorini; R. Bozio; V. Tagliazucca; S. Dirè; G. Lemercier; J.-C. Mulatier; C. Andraud; P. Schiavuta; Y. Bottazzo; G. Della Giustina; G. Brusatin; M. Guglielmi
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Theory and numerical design of coupled-resonator optical waveguide sections with bends
Author(s): Svetlana V. Pishko; Svetlana V. Boriskina
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Covalent attachment of photoluminescent silicon nanoparticles to streptavidin
Author(s): Jonghoon Choi; Peter Niarhos; Nam Sun Wang; Vytas Reipa
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Micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) for microstructure manipulation and optical characterization
Author(s): Jose A. Martinez; Tao Liu; Roberto R. Panepucci
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The role of electro-osmosis and dielectrophoresis in collection of micro/nano size particles in low frequency AC electric field
Author(s): Chehung Wei; Che-Wei Hsu; Ching-Chieh Wang
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A sub-wavelength level polarizer with high contract and high tolerance of incident ray's angle in the range of visible wavelength
Author(s): Yi-Chien Lo; Kai-Yuan Cheng; Tun-Chien Teng; Ching-Cherng Sun
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Dielectric constant trends in silicate spin-on glasses
Author(s): Nancy Iwamoto; Tao Li; Jelena Sepa; Ahila Krishnamoorthy
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