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Nanotechnology III
Editor(s): Fernando Briones
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Volume Number: 6591
Date Published: 16 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6591
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Research in micro-nanotechnology and systems: a European perspective. Opportunities in framework programme 7: 2007-2013
Author(s): I. Vergara; G. Van Caenegem; F. Ibáñez
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Fabrication process of 3D-photonic crystals via UV-nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Thomas Glinsner; Paul Lindner; Michael Mühlberger; Iris Bergmair; Rainer Schöftner; Kurt Hingerl; Holger Schmidt; Ernst-Bernhard Kley
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3D nanomanufacturing with femtosecond lasers and applications
Author(s): Sven Passinger; Roman Kiyan; Alexandr Ovsianikov; Carsten Reinhardt; Boris Chichkov
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Functionalized nanowires from electrospun polymer nanofibers
Author(s): A. Ruiz; E. Vega; R. Katiyar; R. Valentin
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Drilled dielectric membranes for highly resonant filtering in the infrared
Author(s): G. Vincent; C. Billaudeau; S. Collin; R. Haïdar; A. Madouri; D. Chouteau; M. Laroche; N. Guérineau; F. Pardo; J.-L. Pelouard
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Non-linear optical properties of PECVD Si-nc under nanosecond excitation
Author(s): A. Martínez; S. Hernández; P. Pellegrino; Y. Lebour; G. Carles; S. Marco; B. Garrido; R. Spano; M. Cazzanelli; N. Daldosso; L. Pavesi; E. Jordana; J. M. Fedeli
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Defects density and carrier lifetime in nitrogen-doped ultrananocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond films
Author(s): M. C. Rossi; S. Salvatori; A. Minutello; G. Conte; V. Ralchenko
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Charge transport in nanoscaled silicon-on-insulator devices
Author(s): Francisco Gamiz; Andres Godoy; Carlos Sampedro
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Silicon nanophotonics: light emission, wavelength-selective waveguiding and laser-induced thermal effects
Author(s): Leonid Khriachtchev; Markku Räsänen; Sergei Novikov
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Temperature dependence of electrical conductance in a single porous SnO2 nanoribbon
Author(s): Yu Wang; Idalia Ramos; Jorge Santiago-Avilés
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Electrospun tin oxide nanofibers for gas sensing applications
Author(s): Neliza León; Anamaris Meléndez; Glendalys Figueroa; Idalia Ramos; Nicholas J. Pinto
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Mechanical dynamical analysis of ultra thin resist films for microlithography applications
Author(s): C. Petitdidier; R. Tiron; S. Derrough; C. Sourd; L. Koscianski; B. Mortini
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Synthesis of diamond-like carbon films by pulsed laser deposition in a tiny vacuum chamber
Author(s): Jaanus Eskusson; Raivo Jaaniso; Tea Avarmaa; Taavi Jantson; Enn Lust
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Assembling x-ray sources by carbon nanotubes
Author(s): V. Sessa; M. Lucci; F. Toschi; S. Orlanducci; E. Tamburri; M. L. Terranova; A. Ciorba; M. Rossi; D. Hampai; G. Cappuccio
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