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Adaptive Optics for Laser Systems and Other Applications
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Volume Number: 6584
Date Published: 1 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6584
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Adaptive optics at the PHELIX laser
Author(s): Hans-Martin Heuck; Ulrich Wittrock; Jérôme Fils; Stefan Borneis; Klaus Witte; Udo Eisenbart; Dasa Javorkova; Vincent Bagnoud; Stefan Götte; Andreas Tauschwitz; Eckehard Onkels
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Design principle and first results obtained on the LMJ deformable mirror prototype
Author(s): Claire Grosset-Grange; Jean-Noël Barnier; Christian Chappuis; Hervé Cortey
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Wavefront correction and aberrations pre-compensation in the middle of Petawatt-class CPA laser systems
Author(s): Federico Canova; Lorenzo Canova; Alessandro Flacco; Raphaël Clady; Jean-Paul Chambaret; Fabien Plé; Moana Pittman; Thomas A. Planchon; Marco Silva; Roberto Benocci; Gianni Lucchini; Dimitri Batani; Emeric Lavergne; Guillaume Dovillaire; Xavier Levecq
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Monomorph large aperture adaptive optics for high peak-power femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Gilles Cheriaux; Jean-Philippe Rousseau; Frédéric Burgy; Jean-Christophe Sinquin; Jean-Marie Lurçon; Claude Guillemard
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Review of astronomical adaptive optics systems and plans
Author(s): Nicholas Devaney
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Optical wavefront differentiation: wavefront sensing for solar adaptive optics based on a LCD
Author(s): Dirk Schmidt; Oskar von der Lühe II
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High order optical aberrations influence to precision of astronomical image data processing
Author(s): Martin Řeřábek; Petr Páta; Pavel Koten
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Surface tension determination using liquid sample micromirror property
Author(s): Jan Hošek
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Symmetry descriptors for Si wafer characterisation for scanning helium atomic beam microscopy mirror
Author(s): J. Galas; D. Litwin; S. Sitarek; B. Surma; B. Piatkowski
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Smart lens: tunable liquid lens for laser tracking
Author(s): Fan-Yi Lin; Li-Yu Chu; Yu-Shan Juan; Sih-Ting Pan; Shih-Kang Fan
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Wave front generation using a phase-only modulating liquid-crystal-based micro-display with HDTV resolution
Author(s): Andreas Hermerschmidt; Stefan Osten; Sven Krüger; Thomas Blümel
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Adaptive optics system to accurately measure highly aberrated wavefronts
Author(s): M. Ares; S. Royo
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Tunable electro-optical lithium niobate phase array for wavefront modulators
Author(s): M. Paturzo; P. Ferraro; S. De Nicola; P. De Natale; G. Pierattini
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Generation of 1.2 X diffraction-limited focal spot from the 100 TW Ti:sapphire laser system
Author(s): Tae Moon Jeong; Il Woo Choi; Nasr Hafz; Jae Hee Sung; Do-Kyeong Ko; Jongmin Lee
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Computational model for time development of the EM field in pulsed laser systems
Author(s): D. Skrabelj; M. Marincek; I. Drevensek-Olenik; M. Leskovar; M. Copic
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Target alignment on the LIL laser facility
Author(s): Mélanie Mangeant; Jean-Luc Dubois; Raphaël André; Philippe Dupont; Vanessa Moreau; Catherine Lissayou; Catherine Lanternier; Emmanuel Bar; Sebastien Devaure; Arnaud Perrin; Patrick Auliac; Yannick Schiano
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Time fiducial on the LIL facility at CEA/CESTA
Author(s): Yannick Schiano; Emmanuel Bar; André Richard; Christophe Feral; Patrick Darquey
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