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Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing XIV
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Volume Number: 6443
Date Published: 14 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6443
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improved image-forming optics for transmission optical projection tomography
Author(s): Yi Wang; Ruikang Wang
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Investigation of image properties in super-resolution microscopy using two-color fluorescence dip spectroscopy
Author(s): Yoshinori Iketaki; Takeshi Watanabe; Nándor Bokor; Masaaki Fujii
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Large-area subpixel resolution imaging using a spatial light modulator
Author(s): Anders Ballestad; Brian McFadden; Pierre Lane; Nick McKinnon; Calum MacAulay; Paul Constantinou; Brian Wilson; John Yeow
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True-color nanosecond time-gated fluorescence imaging using a CCD detector
Author(s): A. C. Mitchell; E. J. Wall; C. G. Morgan
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Absolute and relative quantification and calibration for sectioning fluorescence microscopy using standardized uniform fluorescent layers and SIPchart-based correction procedures
Author(s): J. M. Zwier; L. Oomen; L. Brocks; K. Jalink; G. J. Brakenhoff
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A novel approach to determining the three-dimensional location of microscopic objects with applications to 3D particle tracking
Author(s): Sripad Ram; Jerry Chao; Prashant Prabhat; E. Sally Ward; Raimund J. Ober
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Compact optical design for dual-axes confocal endoscopic microscopes
Author(s): Michael J. Mandella; Jonathan T. C. Liu; Wibool Piyawattanametha; Hyejun Ra; Pei-Lin Hsiung; Larry K. Wong; Olav Solgaard; Thomas D. Wang; Christopher H. Contag; Gordon S. Kino
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Spectral imaging of microscopic samples with high-performance CCD array-based spectrometer
Author(s): Olga Pawluczyk; Romuald Pawluczyk
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An optical technique for fast focusing applied to high-aperture microscopy
Author(s): Edward Botcherby; Rimas Juskaitis; Martin Booth; Tony Wilson
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Quantitative phase imaging using grating-based quadrature phase interferometer
Author(s): Jigang Wu; Zahid Yaqoob; Xin Heng; Xiquan Cui; Changhuei Yang
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Multiwavelength digital holographic microscopy for submicron topography of reflecting specimens
Author(s): Frédéric Montfort; Florian Charrière; Jonas Kühn; Tristan Colomb; Etienne Cuche; Yves Emery; Pierre Marquet; Christian Depeursinge
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A compact polarization converter to observe molecular orientation
Author(s): Mamoru Hashimoto; Keisuke Yoshiki; Ryosuke Kanamaru; Nobuyuki Hashimoto; Tsutomu Araki
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Calibration of a phase-shifting DIC microscope for quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Sharon V. King; Ariel R. Libertun; Chrysanthe Preza; Carol J. Cogswell
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Extension of multidimensional microscopy to ultrasensitive applications with maximum-likelihood analysis
Author(s): Lloyd M. Davis; Guoqing Shen
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Signal post processing in frequency domain OCT and OCM using a filter bank approach
Author(s): Bernd Hofer; Boris Považay; Boris Hermann; Angelika Unterhuber; Gerald Matz; Franz Hlawatsch; Wolfgang Drexler
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Comparison of three-dimensional transfer function analysis of alternative phase imaging methods
Author(s): Shan Shan Kou; Colin J. R. Sheppard
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Mie scattering model for dual-axes confocal architecture
Author(s): Larry K. Wong; Michael J Mandella; Paul Holcomb; Gordon S. Kino; Thomas D. Wang
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Effects of specimen morphology on adaptive confocal and multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Martin J. Booth; Tony Wilson
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Development of a random access multiphoton microscope for fast three-dimensional functional recording of neuronal activity
Author(s): Duemani Reddy; Peter Saggau
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Confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy based on a real-time sampling method
Author(s): Yoon Sung Bae; Dongsoo Lee; Sucbei Moon; Young Jae Won; Dug Young Kim
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Full-pupil versus divided-pupil confocal line-scanners for reflectance imaging of human skin in vivo
Author(s): Dan Gareau; Sanjeewa Abeytunge; Milind Rajadhyaksha
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High-resolution laser scanning microscopy with saturated excitation of fluorescence
Author(s): Katsumasa Fujita; Shogo Kawano; Minoru Kobayashi; Satoshi Kawata
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Observation of cell dynamics by laser scanning Raman microscope
Author(s): Keisaku Hamada; Katsumasa Fujita; Minoru Kobayashi; Satoshi Kawata
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Programmable diffractive optics for laser scanning confocal microscopy
Author(s): B. R. Boruah; M. A. A. Neil
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Toward a compact dual-wedge point-scanning confocal reflectance microscope
Author(s): William C. Warger II; Stephen A. Guerrera; Charles A. DiMarzio
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Microscopy using micropixellated light emitting diodes
Author(s): V. Poher; G. T. Kennedy; D. S. Elson; P. M. W. French; M. A. A. Neil; H. Z. Zhang; E. Gu; Z. Gong; C. Griffin; J. M. Girkin; M. D. Dawson
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging using light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Gordon T. Kennedy; Daniel S. Elson; Ian Munro; Vincent Poher; Paul M. W. French; Mark A. A. Neil
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Measurement of relative phase distribution of onion epidermal cells by using the polarization microscope
Author(s): In Hee Shin; Ji Yong Lee; Seungrag Lee; Dong Ju Lee; Dug Young Kim
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High-speed line scanning confocal microscope for biological imaging
Author(s): Seung-Hwan Jung; Chang-Keun Kim; Sung-Bin Ju; Yong-Jin Cho; Hyun-Woo Jeong; Beop-Min Kim
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Soft computing approach to confocal and two-photon excitation microscopy
Author(s): Giuseppe Vicidomini; Partha P. Mondal; Alberto Diaspro
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