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Optical Interactions with Tissue and Cells XVIII
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Volume Number: 6435
Date Published: 6 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6435
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The ratio of entropy to enthalpy for thermal transitions in biological cells, tissues and materials, and its implications for biology
Author(s): S. Jacques
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Comparative analysis of histological results of visible lesion thresholds for thermal and LIB induced skin damage at 1.3 μm and 1.5 μm
Author(s): Justin J. Zohner; David J. Stolarski; Ginger M. Pocock; Jerry R. Cowart D.V.M.; Clifton D. Clark III; Robert J. Thomas; Clarence P. Cain; Semih S. Kumru; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Modeling of surface thermodynamics and damage thresholds in the IR and THz regime
Author(s): C. D. Clark III; Robert J. Thomas; Paul D. S. Maseberg; Gavin D. Buffington; Lance J. Irvin; Jacob Stolarski; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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A thermal model of laser absorption
Author(s): Dustin G. Mixon; William P. Roach
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Electromagnetic properties of tissue in the optical region
Author(s): K. M. Yaws; D. G. Mixon; W. P. Roach
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A scaling Monte Carlo method for diffuse reflectance computation from multi-layered media
Author(s): Quan Liu; Nirmala Ramanujam
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Propagation effects in the assessment of laser damage thresholds to the eye and skin
Author(s): Robert J. Thomas; Rebecca L. Vincelette; C. D. Clark III; Jacob Stolarski; Lance J. Irvin; Gavin D. Buffington
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Damage threshold of in-vivo rabbit cornea by 2-um laser irradiation
Author(s): Bo Chen; Jeffery Oliver; Soumak Dutta; Grady H. Rylander III; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.; Ashley J. Welch
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Thermal lensing in the ocular media
Author(s): Rebecca L. Vincelette; Robert J. Thomas; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Ashley J. Welch
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An observation of ablation effect of soft biotissue by pulsed Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Xianzeng Zhang; Shusen Xie; Qing Ye; Zhenlin Zhan
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CO2 laser milling of hard tissue
Author(s): Martin Werner; Mikhail Ivanenko; Daniela Harbecke; Manfred Klasing; Hendrik Steigerwald; Peter Hering
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Utility of birefringence changes due to collagen thermal denaturation rate process analysis: vessel wall temperature estimation for new short term heating balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Kenji Kaneko; Natsumi Shimazaki; Maya Gotoh; Eriko Nakatani; Tsunenori Arai
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Air leak seal for lung dissection plane with diode laser irradiation: an ex-vivo study
Author(s): Maya Gotoh; Hisako Tokunaga; Kenji Kaneko; Tsunenori Arai
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Thermal effect control for biomedical tissue by free electron laser
Author(s): Sachiko Yoshihashi-Suzuki; Taizo Kanai; Kunio Awazu
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Reduced scattering coefficient determination by non-contact oblique angle illumination: methodological considerations
Author(s): Tobias Lindbergh; Marcus Larsson; Ingemar Fredriksson; Tomas Strömberg
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Determination of light absorption, scattering and anisotropy factor of a highly scattering medium using backscattered circularly polarized light
Author(s): M. Xu; M. Alrubaiee; S. K. Gayen; R. R. Alfano
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White-light oblique-incidence diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for classification of in-vivo pigmented skin lesions
Author(s): Alejandro Garcia-Uribe; Elizabeth B. Smith; Madeleine Duvic M.D.; Lihong V. Wang
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Multispectral angular domain optical tomography in scattering media with argon and diode laser sources
Author(s): Paulman K. Y. Chan; Fartash Vasefi; Glenn H. Chapman; Bozena Kaminska; Nick Pfeiffer
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Aqueous humor outflow effects of partial thickness channel created by a femtosecond laser in ex-vivo human eyes
Author(s): Dongyul Chai; Gautam Chaudhary; Ron Kurtz M.D.; Tibor Juhasz
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Development of ultrasound technique to detect and characterize laser-induced microbubbles
Author(s): Andrei B. Karpiouk; Frederic Bourgeois; Salavat R. Aglyamov; Adela Ben-Yakar; Stanislav Y. Emelianov
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Visible lesion laser thresholds in Cynomolgus (Macaca fascicularis) retina with a 1064 nm 12-ns pulsed laser
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Oliver; David J. Stolarski; Gary D. Noojin; Harvey M. Hodnett; Michelle L. Imholte; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Semih S. Kumru
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Laser stimulation of auditory neurons at high-repetition rate
Author(s): Agnella D. Izzo; Philip Littlefield; Joseph T. Walsh Jr.; Jim Webb; Heather Ralph; Mark Bendett; E. Duco Jansen; Claus-Peter Richter
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Dynamic change of characteristics of (modified) fiber tips used with microsecond pulsed lasers in a liquid environment influencing the effectiveness and safety of treatment
Author(s): Rudolf Verdaasdonk; John Klaessens; Rowland de Roode; Tjeerd de Boorder; Jan Blanken
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The use of planarians as in vivo animal model to study laser biomodulation effects
Author(s): Egberto Munin; Neila Maria Rocha Garcia; Allison Gustavo Braz; Sandra Cristina de Souza; Leandro Procópio Alves; Miguel Angel Castillo Salgado; Viviane Pilla
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The new methods of treatment for age-related macular degeneration using the ultra–short pulsed laser
Author(s): Yumiko Iwamoto; Kunio Awazu; Sachiko Suzuki; Tetsuro Ohshima; Miki Sawa; Hirokazu Sakaguchi; Yasuo Tano; Masahito Ohji
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Short and ultrashort laser pulse induced bubbles on transparent and scattering tissue models
Author(s): Francisco Pérez-Gutierrez; Rodger Evans; Santiago Camacho-Lopez; Guillermo Aguilar
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Infrared laser damage thresholds for skin at wavelengths from 0.810 to 1.54 microns for femtosecond to microsecond pulse durations
Author(s): Clarence P. Cain; William P. Roach; David J. Stolarski; Gary D. Noojin; Semih S. Kumru; Kevin L. Stockton; Justin J. Zohner; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Theoretical and experimental bioeffects research for high-power terahertz electromagnetic energy
Author(s): Jill McQuade; Nichole Jindra; Semih Kumru; Ron Seaman; Alex Salazar; Victor Villavicencio; C. D. Clark III; Kalyn Yaws; Jason Payne; Robert Thomas; William Roach
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Non-ablative collagen remodeling initiated by different laser effects: a comparative study on mouse model
Author(s): Huaxu Liu; Yongyan Dang; Zhan Wang; Qiushi Ren
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Functional and cellular responses to laser injury in the rat snake retina
Author(s): Randolph D. Glickman; W. Rowe Elliott III; Neeru Kumar
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Live cell opto-injection by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): J. Baumgart; W. Bintig; W. Ertmer; H. Lubatschowski; A. Heisterkamp
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Enhanced angiogenesis in grafted skins by gene transfer of human hepatocyte growth factor using laser-induced stress waves
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Terakawa; Shunichi Sato; Daizoh Saitoh; Hitoshi Tsuda; Hiroshi Ashida; Hideyuki Okano; Minoru Obara
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An in-vitro model for retinal laser damage
Author(s): Michael L. Denton; Michael S. Foltz; Kurt J. Schuster; Larry E. Estlack; Harvey M. Hodnett; Gary D. Noojin; Robert J. Thomas
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Laser-induced stress wave-assisted gene transfection: improved transfection efficiency with cationic liposome-modified plasmid DNA
Author(s): Risa Otsuka; Mitsuhiro Terakawa; Shunichi Sato; Yasushi Satoh; Kunio Takishima; Hiroshi Ashida; Minoru Obara
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A blue-violet laser irradiation stimulates bone nodule formation of mesenchymal stromal cells by the control of the circadian clock protein
Author(s): Toshihiro Kushibiki; Kunio Awazu
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