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Micro- and Nanotechnology: Materials, Processes, Packaging, and Systems III
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Volume Number: 6415
Date Published: 18 January 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6415
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effect of annealing temperature on the formation of silicon nanocrystals in a nitride matrix
Author(s): Giuseppe Scardera; Tom Puzzer; Ed Pink; Gavin Conibeer; Martin A. Green
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Effect of sonication on the mechanical properties of poly (vinyl alcohol)/carbon nanotube composites
Author(s): Van-Tan Truong; Kelly M. C. Tsang; Shannon J. Keough; Nigel A. St John
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Optical properties of covalently anchored single-walled carbon nanotube arrays on silicon (100) surfaces
Author(s): Jingxian Yu; Joe Shapter; Jamie Quinton; Martin Johnston; David Beattie
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In(Ga)As/GaAs quantum dots for optoelectronic devices
Author(s): K. Sears; S. Mokkapati; M. Buda; H. H. Tan; C. Jagadish
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Effects of silicon nanocrystallite density on the Raman-scattering spectra of silicon quantum dot superlattices
Author(s): Thipwan Fangsuwannarak; Gavin Conibeer; Giuseppe Scardera; Eun-Chel Cho; Edwin Pink; Yidan Huang; Martin A. Green
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GaN membrane MSM ultraviolet photodetectors
Author(s): A. Muller; G. Konstantinidis; A. Kostopoulos; M. Dragoman; D. Neculoiu; M. Androulidaki; M. Kayambaki; D. Vasilache; C. Buiculescu; I. Petrini
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Analysis of low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures with a self-consistent iterative scheme
Author(s): D. Roy Mahapatra; Roderick V. N. Melnik
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MEMS microshutter arrays for James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Mary J. Li; Tomoko Adachi; Christine Allen; Sachi Babu; Sateesh Bajikar; Michael Beamesderfer; Ruth Bradley; Kevin Denis; Nick Costen; Audrey Ewin; David Franz; Larry Hess; Ron Hu; Kamili M. Jackson; Murzy Jhabvala; Dan Kelly; Todd King; Gunther Kletetschka; Alexander Kutyrev; Barney Lynch; Timothy Miller; Harvey Moseley Jr.; Vilem Mikula; Brent Mott; Lance Oh; James T. Pontius; David Rapchun; Chris Ray; Eric Schulte; Scott Schwinger; Peter Shu; Robert Silverberg; Wayne Smith; Steve Snodgrass; David Sohl; Leroy Sparr; Rosalind Steptoe-Jackson; Valeriano Veronica; Liqin Wang; Yun Zheng; Chris Zincke
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Millimeter-wave monolithic integrated receivers based on GaAs micromachining
Author(s): G. Konstantinidis; D. Neculoiu; A. Stavinidris; Z. Chatzopoulos; A. Muller; K. Tsagaraki; D. Vasilache; I. Petrini; C. Buiculescu; L. Bary; R. Plana
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Theoretical and experimental investigation of thermocapillary actuation for microplugs
Author(s): Nam-Trung Nguyen; Zhenjun Jiao; Xiaoyang Huang
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A fluidic micro-actuator with an integrated inductive position sensor
Author(s): M. De Volder; J. Coosemans; F. Ceyssens; J. Peirs; R. Puers; D. Reynaerts
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Characterisation of a CMP nanoscale planarisation-based process for RF MEMS resonators
Author(s): S. Enderling; H. Lin; J. T. M. Stevenson; A. S. Bunting; A. J. Walton
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Microfabrication of PLLA polymer by x-ray lithography
Author(s): Yigui Li; Susumu Sugiyama
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High-productivity DRIE solutions for 3D-SiP and MEMS volume manufacturing
Author(s): M. Puech; J. M. Thevenoud; N. Launay; N. Arnal; P. Godinat; B. Andrieu; J. M. Gruffat
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Surface morphology and stress analysis of piezoelectric strontium-doped lead zirconate titanate thin films
Author(s): Sharath Sriram; Madhu Bhaskaran; Anthony S. Holland
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Low-stress silicon nitride layers for MEMS applications
Author(s): Ciprian Iliescu; Jiashen Wei; Bangtao Chen; Poh Lam Ong; Francis E. H. Tay
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Structural and magnetic properties of cobalt implanted TiO2 thin films
Author(s): W. Y. Luk; S. P. Wong; N. Ke; Q. Li; J. K. N. Lindner
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Retrofittable T-ray antireflection coatings
Author(s): W. Withayachumnankul; B. M. Fischer; S. P. Mickan; D. Abbott
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Development of MgSiO3 biocompatible piezoelectric film for bio-MEMS actuator
Author(s): Kenjirou Maeda; Toshiyuki Uenoya; Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya; Yasutomo Uetsuji; Eiji Nakamachi
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Optimization of MEMS fabrication process design by virtual experiments
Author(s): T. Schmidt; K. Hahn; T. Binder; J. Popp; A. Wagener; R. Brück
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Aspects of laser micromachining for sensor prototyping
Author(s): Phillip J. McMahon; Richard Muscat; Peter Vincent; Alan Wilson
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Maskless lithography using off-the-shelf inkjet printer
Author(s): Leo Cheng Seng; Franck Chollet
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Microfluidic device with asymmetric electrodes for cell and reagent delivery
Author(s): Daniel Lee; Guolin Xu; Hong Kiat Tay; Chun Yang; Jackie Y. Ying
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BioMEMS for the determination of rheological properties of biological fluids
Author(s): Andrei Marius Avram; Marioara Avram; Ciprian Iliescu; Marius Volmer
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A novel technique for preparing a mono-particle layer on a substrate through the epoxy-amino cross-linking
Author(s): Shogo Onishi; Kazufumi Ogawa
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A ferrofluid seal technology for fluidic microactuators
Author(s): M. De Volder; D. Reynaerts
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Stabilization of amphiphilic block copolymer nanotubes and vesicles by photopolymerization
Author(s): R. Kishore; A. Jofre; J. B. Hutchison; M. Allegrini; L. E. Locascio; K. Helmerson
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Managing design for manufacture and assembly in the development of MEMS-based products
Author(s): Hung-Yao Hsu; Nachchinarkkinian Narasimhan; Alex J. Hariz
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Low-temperature synthesis and thermal study of manganese-zinc ferrite nanoparticles by a ferrioelate precursor method
Author(s): Madan Lal; M. Singh
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Self-operated blood plasma separation using micropump in polymer-based microfluidic device
Author(s): Won Ick Jang; Kwang Hyo Chung; Hyeon Bong Pyo; Seon Hee Park
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Structural studies of SnS films prepared by thermal evaporation
Author(s): Shuying Cheng; Cichang Huang; Guonan Chen; G. J. Conibeer
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Development of nanostructured titanium oxide thin-films using a gas carving technique
Author(s): Deepak Dhawan; Ylias Sabri; Suresh Bhargava; Dinesh Sood; K. Kalantar-Zadeh
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Fabrication processes of MEMS phase shifters on polymer-based substrates
Author(s): Jianqun Wang; Thermpon Ativanichayaphong; Ying Cai; Wen-Ding Huang; Lun-Chen Hsu; W. Alan Davis; Mu Chiao; J.-C. Chiao
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Feature extraction from terahertz pulses for classification of RNA data via support vector machines
Author(s): Xiaoxia Yin; Brian W.-H. Ng; Bernd Fischer; Bradley Ferguson; Samuel P. Mickan; Derek Abbott
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Computational thermal analysis of a continuous-flow micropolymerase chain reaction (PCR) chip
Author(s): D. Sugumar; Muhammad A. Ashraf; L. X. Kong
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Textural properties of Fe-SBA-15 nanostructured materials by controlling aging time of hydrothermal synthesis
Author(s): Khieu Quang Dinh; Phuong Tuyet Dang; Son Thanh Le; Phu Huu Nguyen
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Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic properties of Ti-containing SBA-15 mesoporous materials
Author(s): Phuong T. Dang; Hy G. Le; Duc V. Hoang; Yen Hoang; Thang C. Dinh; Linh H. Bui; Hoa T. K. Tran; Phu H. Nguyen; Tuan A. Vu
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Photocatalytic reduction and oxidation over some nanosized TiO2 catalysts prepared by different methods
Author(s): Yen Hoang; Linh H. Bui; Thang C. Dinh; Hoa K. Tran; Cuong M. Nguyen; Phuong T. Dang; Tuan A. Vu
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Study on photocatalytic performance of nano- and microstructured materials
Author(s): Thang C. Dinh; Yen Hoang; Linh H. Bui; Lan K. Le; Phuong T. Dang; Hung M. Do; Vinh Q. Tran; Tuan A. Vu
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Control of cohesive-force ordering in organic-inorganic hybrid pillar arrays
Author(s): Hiroyo Segawa; Satoshi Yamaguchi; Tetsuji Yano; Shuichi Shibata
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Fabrication of inexpensive metallic mould for nanoimprinting using colloidal monolayer as a nanomask
Author(s): Mohammed Ashraf; Sreenath Anoop; Franck Chollet
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Pattern transfer over extreme topographies using a SU-8 leveling process
Author(s): Frederik Ceyssens; Robert Puers
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A new technique for preparing PSG film using RF magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Sudhir Chandra; Vivekanand Bhatt
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Adhesive wafer-to-wafer bonding using contact imprinting
Author(s): Liming Yu; Ah Ju Pang; Bangtao Chen; Francis E. H. Tay; Ciprian Iliescu
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Nanosphere lithography using thermal evaporation of gold
Author(s): B. S. Flavel; J. G. Shapter; J. S. Quinton
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A new disposable MEMS-based manometric catheter for in-vivo medical tests
Author(s): Ming-Foey Teng; Alex J. Hariz; Hung-Yao Hsu
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Optimization of wireless and batteryless power transmission for micro implants in vivo environments
Author(s): Vikhyat J. Baxi; Alex J. Hariz
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Deformable grating light modulator array for use as wavelength-selective switch
Author(s): Araya Pothisorn; Alex J. Hariz
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