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Smart Structures, Devices, and Systems III
Editor(s): Said F. Al-Sarawi
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Volume Number: 6414
Date Published: 4 January 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6414
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
State estimation of nonlinear piezoelectric stack actuator hysteresis model
Author(s): Jayesh L. Minase; Tien Fu Lu; Frank Wornle
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TCAM core design in 3D IC for low matchline capacitance and low power
Author(s): Eun Chu Oh; Paul D. Franzon
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A broadband 8-18GHz 4-input 4-output Butler matrix
Author(s): Leigh Milner; Michael Parker
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An optimized low-power voltage controlled oscillator
Author(s): Kriyang Shah; Hai Phuong Le; Jugdutt Singh
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A high-frequency divider in 0.18 um SiGe BiCMOS technology
Author(s): Noorfazila Kamal; Yingbo Zhu; Leonard T. Hall; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Craig Burnet; Ian Holland; Adnan Khan; Andre Pollok; Justin Poyner; Michael Boers; James A. Howarth; Adam Lauterbach; Jeffrey Harrison; James Rathmell; Michael Batty; Anthony Parker; Linda M. Davis; William G. Cowley; Neil H. E. Weste; Derek Abbott
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A novel strain sensor using carbon nanotubes-organic semiconductor matrix composite on polymeric substrates
Author(s): Soyoun Jung; Taeksoo Ji; Jining Xie; Vijay K. Varadan
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Optimization of integrated antennas for wireless sensors
Author(s): A. Gandelli; M. Mussetta; R. E. Zich
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Thin metal foil sensors
Author(s): Alan Wilson; Phillip McMahon; Richard Muscat; Oscar Vargas; Peter Vincent
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Potential system efficiencies for MEMS vibration energy harvesting
Author(s): S. Behrens
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Modeling of a fluid-filled ionic polymer-metal composite cylindrical shell
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Yaowen Yang
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Integrated broadband microphotonic beamformer for adaptive nulling in smart antennas
Author(s): Budi Juswardy; Kamal Alameh; Yong Tak Lee
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Microwire fibers for low-loss THz transmission
Author(s): Shaghik Atakaramians; Shahraam Afshar Vahid; Bernd M. Fischer; Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem; Tanya Monro; Derek Abbott
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Opto-VLSI-based reconfigurable free-space optical interconnects architecture
Author(s): Muhsen Aljada; Kamal E. Alameh; Yong Tak Lee; Il Sug Chung
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Design and optimization of programmable lens array for adaptive optics
Author(s): Zhenglin Wang; Seow Hwang Eng; Kamal Alameh
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Review of THz near-field methods
Author(s): Hungyen Lin; Bernd M. Fischer; Samuel P. Mickan; Derek Abbott
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Template synthesis of nano- and micro-resonant tunneling diodes
Author(s): S. K. Chakarvarti
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Fuzzy control of shear-mode MR damper under impact force
Author(s): Jeongmok Cho; Hyoun Young Kim; Taegeun Jung; Joongseon Joh
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Development of a mechanical mover device by compositing hydrogen storage alloy thin films with a perfluorosulfonic acid layer
Author(s): Takashi Ogasawara; Haru-Hisa Uchida; Yoshitake Nishi
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Electro-acoustic and acousto-optic communications for robotic agents in smart structures
Author(s): Graham Wild; Steven Hinckley
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Fabrication of various metal electrodes on the electro-active paper actuators using soft lithography
Author(s): H. G. Lim; Jaehwan Kim; K. S. Kang
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Magnetic actuation for microfluidics based on ferrofluid droplets
Author(s): Nam-Trung Nguyen; Kon Meng Ng; Xiaoyang Huang
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Improving the security and actuation of wireless controlled microvalve
Author(s): Ajay Chandra Tikka; Said Al-Sarawi; Derek Abbott; Maggie S. K. Wong; Jordan D. Schutz
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Health assessment of bonded composite repairs with frequency response techniques
Author(s): Caleb White; Brendan Whittingham; Henry C. H. Li; Israel Herszberg; Adrian P. Mouritz
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Influence of loading on structures actuated with piezoceramic transducers
Author(s): Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas; Yaowen Yang; Chee Kiong Soh
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Design architecture for multi-zone HVAC control systems from existing single-zone systems using wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Andrew Redfern; Michael Koplow; Paul Wright
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A small low-power networked and versatile sensor interface
Author(s): Peter S. Vincent; Phillip J. McMahon; Richard F. Muscat; Ladislav Zeve; Alan R. Wilson
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An open source synthesisable model in VHDL of a 64-bit MIPS-based processor
Author(s): Daniel R. Kelly; Braden J. Phillips; Said Al-Sarawi
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A data management layer for parallel matrix computation
Author(s): Adam Burdeniuk; Kiet To; Cheng Chew Lim
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Optimal configurations of active fiber composites based on asymptotic torsional analysis
Author(s): Dineshkumar Harursampath; Ajay Kumar Tamrakar
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Macro-fiber composite (MFC) as a delamination sensor in antisymmetric laminates
Author(s): S. Hari Krishna; Dineshkumar Harursampath
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Study on micro-bend light transmission performance of novel liquid-core optical fiber
Author(s): Junyan Ma; Zhimin Zhao; Kaisheng Wang; Linfeng Guo
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Bio-inspired pixel-wise adaptive imaging
Author(s): Russell S. A. Brinkworth; Eng-Leng Mah; David C. O'Carroll
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MOEMS development of infrared security sensors
Author(s): Kevin C. Liddiard
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Bio-inspired optical rotation sensor
Author(s): David C. O'Carroll; Patrick A. Shoemaker; Russell S. A. Brinkworth
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MEMS design synthesis: integrating case-based reasoning and multi-objective genetic algorithms
Author(s): Corie L. Cobb; Ying Zhang; Alice M. Agogino
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Response improvement of a mover device using hydrogen storage alloy powder by addition of catalyst
Author(s): Akira Sato; Kaoru Akazawa; Takashi Ogasawara; Haru-Hisa Uchida; Yoshitake Nishi
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Nickel silicide and titanium silicide formation: a comparison
Author(s): Madhu Bhaskaran; Sharath Sriram; Anthony S. Holland; Johan du Plessis
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Prototype ROIC with differential pixel readout for uncooled IR detector arrays
Author(s): Sang Joon Hwang; Seung Woo Ryu; Ho Hyun Shin; Man Young Sung
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A reconfigurable photonic bandpass RF filter employing a semiconductor optical amplifier and an opto-VLSI processor
Author(s): Rong Zheng; Kamal Alameh; Yong Tak Lee; Zhenglin Wang
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Thin silicon shadow masks for organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) deposition processes
Author(s): Ching-Chang Tseng; Chen-Wei Chiu; Kai-Xiang Zhung; Jiun-Haw Lee; Guo-Dung John Su
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Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio coil for electromagnetic actuators using LIGA process
Author(s): D. Noda; Y. Matsumoto; S. Yamashita; M. Setomoto; T. Hattori
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A novel photoelectric system for optical intelligent structure health monitoring
Author(s): Zhimin Zhao; Linfeng Guo; Yongfei Hou; Junyan Ma; Kaisheng Wang
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The effect of structure perturbation on PBG of one-dimensional photonic crystals
Author(s): Xia Li; Yu-rong Jiang; Wei Xue; Zhi-nong Yu; Hua-qing Wang
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Multi-wavelength oscillation DFB solid-state dye laser with cascade-arranged gratings
Author(s): N. Nakai; M. Fukuda
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Fabrication of gratings with moire fringes and their application to solid-state dye laser
Author(s): K. Miura; M. Fukuda
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Tunable properties of dielectrics thick film added MgO and Li2CO3 to BST
Author(s): I. S. Kim; S. J. Jeong; B. K. Min; J. S. Song; S. H. Jeon
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Calibration of wavelength shift for a fibre Bragg grating using a single mode laser source
Author(s): H. Ji; A. B. Wedding; L. X. Kong; H. Y. Hsu; G.C. I. Lin; K. C. Fan
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Camphor sulfonic acid-doped polyaniline nanofiber-based 64o YX LiNbO3 SAW hydrogen gas sensor
Author(s): W. Wlodarski; Abu Z. Sadek; C. Baker; K. Kalantar-Zadeh; R. B. Kaner; Dennis Mulcahy
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Modelling of coplanar waveguide transmission lines in multiple metal layer processes
Author(s): E. Heading; H. J. Hansen; M. E. Parker
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Motion detection with a view toward VLSI implementation
Author(s): Xu Jiang Tan; Stephanie Chong; Tamath Rainsford; Said Al-Sarawi
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The effect of inter-pixel nested ridges incorporated in a stacked gradient homojunction photodiode architecture
Author(s): Paul V. Jansz; Steven Hinckley
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Terahertz detection of substances for security related purposes
Author(s): B. Ung; J. Balakrishnan; B. Fischer; B. W.-H. Ng; D. Abbott
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Grooved infrared polarizers with a reduced reflectance
Author(s): Itsunari Yamada; Junji Nishii; Mitsunori Saito
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Optimised MEMS-based reconfigurable VCO for a mobile receiver
Author(s): Hai Phuong Le; Jugdutt Singh
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Development of a tendon driven system using a pneumatic balloon
Author(s): Rika Sato; Jun-ya Nagase; Norihiko Saga; Seiji Chonan
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A compact optical fiber scanner for medical imaging
Author(s): Naresh Dhaubanjar; Hans Hu; Digent Dave; Pratibha Phuyal; Jeongsik Sin; Harry Stephanou; J.-C. Chiao
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Investigation of vertical displacement thermal actuators
Author(s): Naresh Dhaubanjar; Smitha M. N. Rao; Hsu Lun-Chen; Matthew Luquire; Dan Popa; Mu Chiao; Harry Stephanou; J.- C. Chiao
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A cantilever-type electrostatic zipping actuator
Author(s): Naresh Dhaubanjar; Smitha M. N. Rao; Ying Cai; Dan Popa; Mu Chiao; J.-C. Chiao
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An RNS public key cryptography accelerator
Author(s): Tom A. Coleman; James A. Kitchener; David L. Pudney; Kelvin D. Wauchope; Braden J. Phillips
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Control performance of pneumatic artificial muscle
Author(s): Norihiko Saga; Seiji Chonan
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Implementation of saturation for modelling pattern noise using naturalistic stimuli
Author(s): Sreeja Rajesh; Tamath Rainsford; Russell S. A. Brinkworth; Derek Abbott; David C. O'Carroll
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An active locking mechanism for assembling 3D micro structures
Author(s): Ping Zhang; Mohammad Mayyas; Woo Ho Lee; Dan Popa; Panos Shiakolas; Harry Stephanou; J. C. Chiao
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Experimental comparisons between McKibben type artificial muscles and straight fibers type artificial muscles
Author(s): Taro Nakamura
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