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Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing II
Editor(s): Upendra N. Singh

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Volume Number: 6367
Date Published: 29 September 2006

Table of Contents
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EARLINET-ASOS: programs and perspectives for the aerosol study on continental scale
Author(s): Gelsomina Pappalardo; Jens Bösenberg; Aldo Amodeo; Albert Ansmann; Arnoud Apituley; Lucas Alados Arboledas; Dimitris Balis; Christine Böckmann; Anatoly Chaikovsky; Adolfo Comeron; Volker Freudenthaler; Georg Hansen; Valentin Mitev; Doina Nicolae; Alexandros Papayannis; Maria Rita Perrone; Aleksander Pietruczuk; Manuel Pujadas; Jean-Philippe Putaud; Francois Ravetta; Vincenzo Rizi; Valentin Simeonov; Nicola Spinelli; Dimitar Stoyanov; Thomas Trickl; Matthias Wiegner
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Five years of lidar ratio measurements over Potenza, Italy
Author(s): Lucia Mona; Aldo Amodeo; Giuseppe D'Amico; Marco Pandolfi; Gelsomina Pappalardo
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Observation and characterization of aerosols above ALOMAR (69 degrees N) by tropospheric lidar, sun-photometer, and VHF radar
Author(s): Max Frioud; Michael Gausa; Kerstin Stebel; Georg Hansen; Cathrine Myhre; Werner Singer; Ralph Latteck; Angel de Frutos; Victoria Cachorro; Carlos Toledano; Edith Rodriguez
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Observations of noctilucent clouds and temperature structure from 1-105 km by co-located lidars at 54°N
Author(s): M. Gerding; J. Höffner; M. Rauthe; F. J. Lübken
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A numerical model to improve the derivation of aerosols optical parameters from elastic backscatter lidar data
Author(s): Doina Nicolae; Camelia Talianu; Anca Nemuc; Emil Carstea; Jeni Ciuciu; Constantin Cristescu
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Lidar and sunphotometry observations on the long-range transport of smoke and dust events
Author(s): K. B. Strawbridge; S. Thulasiraman; N. T. O'Neill; I. G. McKendry
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Potential and range of application of elastic backscatter lidar systems using polarization selection to minimize detected skylight noise
Author(s): S. A. Ahmed; Y. Y. Hassebo; B. Gross; M. Oo; F. Moshary
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New Raman water vapor and temperature lidar at JPL Table Mountain Facility: optimization, validations, and sonde intercomparison
Author(s): R. A. Aspey; I. S. McDermid; T. Leblanc; D. Walsh; J. Howe
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Meteorological water vapor Raman lidar: advances
Author(s): T. Dinoev; P. Ristori; Y. Arshinov; S. Bobrovnikov; I. Serikov; B. Calpini; H. van den Bergh; V. Simeonov
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Comparisons of the Raman lidar measurements of the tropospheric water vapor profiles with radiosondes, meteorological observation tower, and GPS at Tsukuba, Japan
Author(s): Tetsu Sakai; Tomohiro Nagai; Masahisa Nakazato; Takatsugu Matsumura; Narihiro Orikasa; Yoshinori Shoji
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An expert lidar data analysis toolset for explosive debris plumes
Author(s): Martin Pieck; John R. Stephens; Steven B. Brumby; Paul A. Pope; Ryan A. Channell; Eva R. Birnbaum
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Fluorescence lidar method for remote monitoring of effects on vegetation
Author(s): Gennady Matvienko; Valery Timofeev; Anatoly Grishin; Natalia Fateyeva
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Emission spectroscopy and energy transfer in Tm3+, Tm3+ -Ho3+, and Tm3+ -Yb3+ doped tellurite fibers
Author(s): Billy Richards; Shaoxiong Shen; Animesh Jha
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Pulsed high-peak-power and single-frequency fibre laser design for LIDAR aircraft safety application
Author(s): Flavien Liégeois; Clément Vercambre; Yves Hernandez; Mohamed Salhi; Domenico Giannone
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Water vapour emission in vegetable fuel: absorption cell measurements and detection limits of our CO2 Dial system
Author(s): C. Bellecci; L. De Leo; P. Gaudio; M. Gelfusa; T. Lo Feudo; S. Martellucci; M. Richetta
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Frequency chirped differential absorption LIDAR
Author(s): A. Lytkine; W. Jäger; J. Tulip
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DSA laser measurements and atmospheric diffusion models for the estimation of the gas emission flux by spot source fields: methods and experimental results
Author(s): Fabrizio Cuccoli; Luca Facheris; Orlando Vaselli
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Selection algorithm for the CALIPSO lidar aerosol extinction-to-backscatter ratio
Author(s): Ali H. Omar; David M Winker; Mark A. Vaughan
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Turbulence and mountain wave conditions observed with an airborne 2-micron lidar
Author(s): Edward H. Teets Jr.; Chris Ashburn; Jack Ehernberger; Rodney Bogue
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Boundary layer and air quality monitoring with a commercial lidar ceilometer
Author(s): Christoph Münkel
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Methodology of dimensionless multiplicative decomposition for atmospheric lidar evaluation
Author(s): Ravil Agishev; Barry Gross; Adolfo Comeron
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A simulation approach for airborne DIAL systems
Author(s): Anko Börner; Christoph Kiemle; Martin Wirth
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Improving estimation accuracy of gas concentration in differential absorption lidar
Author(s): Shirong Yin; Weiran Wang
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Engineering of a water-vapour Raman elastic-backscatter lidar at the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
Author(s): Dhiraj Kumar; Michaël Sicard; Sergio Tomás; Constantino Muñoz; Francesc Rocadenbosch; Adolfo Comerón
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Measurement simulation of spatial coherence and density degree by turbulence of aerosol and CO2 in atmospheric environment
Author(s): Hiroshi Okayama; Wei Li
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Development of a direct-detection wind lidar based on Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): Lingbing Bu; Jiqiao Liu; Jun Zhou; Ting Yu; Weibiao Chen D.V.M.
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A compact diode-pumped injection-seeded ultraviolet laser for wind Doppler lidar
Author(s): Ting Yu; Jun Zhou; Jiaoqiao Liu; Jinzi Bi; Linbing Bu; Weibiao Chen D.V.M.
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Use of lidar measurements of aerosol extinction and backscatter coefficients as a part of assessing data from meteorological forecast models and scattering calculations
Author(s): Ove K. S. Gustafsson; Rolf Persson; Erik Thorin; Arne Hagard
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