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Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites X

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Volume Number: 6361
Date Published: 27 September 2006

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Overview of Japanese Earth observation programs
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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PALSAR initial calibration and validation results
Author(s): Masanobu Shimada; Norimasa Itoh; Manabu Watanabe; Toshifumi Moriyama; Takeo Tadono
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Preliminary results of calibration for ALOS optical sensors and validation of generated PRISM DSM
Author(s): Takeo Tadono; Masanobu Shimada; Hiroshi Murakami; Akira Mukaida; Junichi Takaku; Sachi Kawamoto
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Status of the GCOM-W and onboard AMSR follow-on instrument
Author(s): Keiji Imaoka; Akira Shibata; Misako Kachi; Marehito Kasahara; Yukiei Iida; Kazuhiro Tanaka; Toshiyoshi Kimura; Yoshio Tange; Haruhisa Shimoda
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The possibility of SGLI/GCOM-C for global environment change monitoring
Author(s): Y. Honda; H. Yamamoto; M. Hori; H. Murakami; N. Kikuchi
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New optical sensor systems for photogrammetry and remote sensing
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Anko Börner; Herbert Jahn; Stefan Hilbert; Ingo Walter
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The Geostationary Atmospheric Sounder (GAS)
Author(s): Jacob Christensen; Anders Carlström; Anders Emrich; Peter de Maagt
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A wide-band nadir-sounding spectroradiometer for the characterization of the Earth's outgoing long-wave radiation
Author(s): Giovanni Bianchini; Luca Palchetti; Bruno Carli
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MARSCHALS: airborne simulator of a future space instrument to observe millimeter-wave limb emission from the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Author(s): B. P Moyna; M. L. Oldfield; A.-S. Goizel; D. Gerber; R. Siddans; W. J. Reburn; D. N. Matheson; B. J. Kerridge; P. J. I. de Maagt; J. Langen; U. Klein
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NASA's Earth observation programs
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Theodore F. Hammer
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A spaceborne microwave radar system for looking inside clouds
Author(s): Ralph R. Basilio; Eastwood Im; Mark J. Rokey; Deborah G. Vane
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Helping to accurately measuring sea surface height: the NASA instrument suite on OSTM (Ocean Surface Topography Mission)
Author(s): Ralph R. Basilio; Mohammed M. Abid; Shannon T. Brown; Angela R. Dorsey; Amarit Kitiyakara
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The NASA orbiting carbon observatory: measuring the column-integrated atmospheric CO2 abundance from Space
Author(s): David Crisp; Charles E. Miller; Philip L. DeCola
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Aquarius/SAC-D mission overview
Author(s): Amit Sen; Yunjin Kim; Daniel Caruso; Gary Lagerloef; Raul Colomb; Simon Yueh; David Le Vine
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Mapping ocean surface topography with a synthetic-aperture interferometry radar
Author(s): Lee-Lueng Fu; Ernesto Rodriguez
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GeoSTAR: a microwave sounder for geostationary applications
Author(s): B. H. Lambrigtsen; S. T. Brown; S. J. Dinardo; T. C. Gaier; P. P. Kangaslahti; A. B. Tanner; J. R. Piepmeier; C. S. Ruf; S. M. Gross; S. Musko; S. Rogacki
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Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) development
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Ramesh K. Kakar; Ardeshir A. Azarbarzin; Arthur Y. Hou
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Development of spaceborne dual frequency precipitation radar for the global precipitation measurement mission
Author(s): Shuji Shimizu; Riko Oki; Masahiro Kojima; Toshio Iguchi; Kenji Nakamura
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Global precipitation measurement (GPM) microwave imager (GMI) instrument
Author(s): Steven W. Bidwell
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Global precipitation measurement (GPM): core spacecraft systems engineering challenges
Author(s): David J. Bundas; Deborah O'Neill; Michael Rhee; Thomas Feild; Gary Meadows; Peter Patterson
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Four years of Aqua MODIS on-orbit radiometric calibration
Author(s): W. Barnes; X. Xiong; X. Xie; A. Wu; K. Chiang; J. Sun; V. Salomonson; B. Guenther
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Four-years of on-orbit spectral characterization results for Aqua MODIS reflective solar bands
Author(s): X. Xiong; N. Che; Y. Xie; D. Moyer; W. Barnes; B. Guenther; V. Salomonson
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Status of Aqua MODIS spatial characterization and performance
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Nianzeng Che; William Barnes; Yong Xie; Lingli Wang; John Qu
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Radiometric calibration stability of the EO-1 Advanced Land Imager: 5 years on-orbit
Author(s): Brian L. Markham; Lawrence Ong; Julia A. Barsi; Jeffrey A. Mendenhall; Donald E. Lencioni; Dennis L. Helder; Douglas M. Hollaren; Ron Morfitt
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Evaluation of the Landsat-5 TM radiometric calibration history using desert test sites
Author(s): Brian L. Markham; Julia A. Barsi; Dennis L. Helder; Kurtis J. Thome; John L. Barker
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Onboard calibration status of ASTER
Author(s): Fumihiro Sakuma; Takashi Sato; Hitomi Inada; Shigeki Akagi; Hidehiko Ono
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Determination of wavelength-dependent spectral darkening occurring on a broadband Earth observing radiometer: application to clouds and the Earth's radiant energy system (CERES)
Author(s): Grant Matthews; Kory Priestley; Norman G. Loeb; Konstantin Loukachine; Susan Thomas; Dale Walikainen; Bruce A. Wielicki
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APEX calibration facility: status and first commissioning results
Author(s): Birgit Suhr D.D.S.; Jochen Fries; Peter Gege; Horst Schwarzer
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Enhancement of diffusers BSDF accuracy: spectral features effect
Author(s): Hedser van Brug; Grégory Bazalgette Courrèges-Lacoste; Gerard Otter; Jos Groote Schaarsberg; Steven Delwart; Umberto del Bello
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Radiometric calibration of COMS geostationary ocean color imager
Author(s): Gmsil Kang; Heong Sik Youn; Seong Bong Choi; Pierre Coste
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On ground Italian volcanic area spectral characterization for the calibration/validation of remote sensing data
Author(s): S. Amici; L. Merucci; S. Pugnaghi; S. Coradini
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Smart FPA's: are they worth the effort?
Author(s): Johan Leijtens; Albert Theuwissen; Pierre Magnan
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640x512 pixels long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) quantum dot infrared photodetector (QDIP) imaging focal plane array
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. V. Bandara; C. J. Hill; D. Z. Ting; J. K. Liu; S. B. Rafol; E. R. Blazejewski; J. M. Mumolo; S. S. Keo; S. Krishna; Y.-C. Chang; C. A. Shott
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QWIP from 4µm up to 18µm
Author(s): Eric Costard; Jean P. Truffer; Odile Huet; Lydie Dua; Alexandre Nedelcu; J. A. Robo; Xavier Marcadet; Nadia Brèire de l'Isle; Philippe Bois
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From LWIR to VLWIR FPAs made with HgCdTe at Defir
Author(s): O. Gravrand; E. De Borniol; S. Bisotto; L. Mollard; G. Destefanis; P. Chorier
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AIM results for space-qualified HgCdTe photovoltaic detectors from 0.9-um to 13-um spectral range
Author(s): M. Haiml; A. Bauer; H. Bitterlich; M. Bruder; K. Hofmann; H. Lutz; M. Mai; H.-P. Nothaft; I. Rühlich; J. Wendler; T. Wiedmann; R. Wollrab; J. Ziegler
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Focal plane electronics for the GAIA focal plane demonstrator
Author(s): Harald Michaelis; Thomas Behnke; Alexander Lichopoj; Michael Solbrig
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Latest Sofradir technology developments usable for space applications
Author(s): M. Vuillermet; P. Chorier
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The VENµS super-spectral camera
Author(s): Jeremy Topaz; Francesc Tinto; Olivier Hagolle
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Contour mapping of Europa using frequency diverse spatial heterodyne imaging
Author(s): R. L. Kendrick; Thomas Höft; J. C. Marron; Joe Pitman; Nathan Seldomridge
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Characteristics of COMS Meteorological Imager
Author(s): Young-Min Cho; Heong-Sik Youn
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Spectral angle mapper based assessment of detectability of man-made targets from hyperspectral imagery after SNR enhancement
Author(s): Shen-En Qian; Hisham Othman; Josée Lévesque
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The flight test of Pi-SAR(L) for the repeat-pass interferometric SAR
Author(s): Hitoshi Nohmi; Masanobu Shimada; Masanori Miyawaki
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New generation of space capabilities resulting from US/RF cooperative efforts
Author(s): Thomas Humpherys; Victor Misnik; Valery Sinelshchikov; A. T. Stair Jr.; Valery Khatulev; Jack Carpenter; John Watson; Dmitry Chvanov; Victor Privalsky
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Real-time beamforming synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Rafael Rincon; Peter Hildebrand; Lawrence Hilliard; Damon Bradley; Luko Krnan; Salman Sheikh; Jared Lucey
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Non-radiation hardened microprocessors in space-based remote sensing systems
Author(s): R. DeCoursey; Ryan Melton; Robert R. Estes Jr.
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Air Liquide cryocoolers for space applications
Author(s): J. Buquet; T. Trollier; J. Tanchon; A. Ravex; P. Crespi
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The airborne remote sensor for ocean environmental monitoring (MAMS)
Author(s): Yide Yang; Yongqi Xue; Long Yu
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