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Photonics for Solar Energy Systems
Editor(s): Andreas Gombert

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Volume Number: 6197
Date Published: 14 April 2006

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Light trapping in thin-film silicon solar cells by nano-textured interfaces
Author(s): H. Stiebig; M. Schulte; C. Zahren; C. Haase; B. Rech; P. Lechner
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Potential of optical design in tandem micromorph silicon solar cells
Author(s): J. Krc; A. Campa; F. Smole; M. Topic
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Silicon-nitride for solar cells
Author(s): M. Kunst; O. Abdallah; F. Wuensch
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Dispersive elements for spectrum splitting in solar cell applications
Author(s): A. Bielawny; P.-T. Miclea; A. v. Rhein; R. B. Wehrspohn; S. van Riesen; S. Glunz
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Fundamental optical simulations of light trapping in microcrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells
Author(s): C. Haase; H. Stiebig
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Characterization of UV laser ablation for microprocessing of a-Si:H thin films
Author(s): C. Molpeceres; S. Lauzurica; J. L. Ocaña; J. J. Gandía; L. Urbina; J. Cárabe; F. Villar; J. Escarré; J. Bertomeu; J. Andreu
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Light-harvesting host-guest antenna materials for solar energy conversion devices
Author(s): Stefan Huber; Gion Calzaferri
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Nonlinear collection efficiency of Si solar cells containing nanoscale Si-layered systems
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Kuznicki; Patrick Meyrueis; Gérard Sarrabayrouse
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Luminescence quenching measurements on zeolite L monolayers
Author(s): Rodrigo Q. Albuquerque; Arantzazu Zabala Ruiz; Huanrong Li; Luisa De Cola; Gion Calzaferri
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Light confinement in thin film organic photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Kristofer Tvingstedt; Massimo Tormen; Luca Businaro; Olle Inganäs
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Optical near field phenomena in planar and structured organic solar cells
Author(s): M. Niggemann; T. Ziegler; M. Glatthaar; M. Riede; B. Zimmermann; A. Gombert
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From evaporation to solution processed organic tandem solar cells
Author(s): H.-J. Prall; R. Koeppe; R. Autengruber; M. Egginger; G. Dennler; N. S. Sariciftci
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Organic solar cells with inverted layer sequence incorporating optical spacers: simulation and experiment
Author(s): Birger Zimmermann; Markus Glatthaar; Michael Niggemann; Moritz Kilian Riede; Tobias Ziegler; Andreas Gombert
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Datamining and analysis of the key parameters in organic solar cells
Author(s): Moritz K. Riede; Andreas W. Liehr; Markus Glatthaar; Michael Niggemann; Birger Zimmermann; Tobias Ziegler; Andreas Gombert; Gerhard Willeke
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Industrialization of 1000X concentration photovoltaic modules
Author(s): Jose L. Alvarez; Javier Cabrera; Vicente Díaz; Carlos Mateos; Nuria Montoya; Jesús Alonso
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Modeling the operating conditions of solar concentrator systems
Author(s): G. Groot Gregory; R. John Koshel
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The luminescent concentrator illuminated
Author(s): L. H. Slooff; R. Kinderman; A. R. Burgers; A. Büchtemann; R. Danz; T. B. Meyer; A. J. Chatten; D. Farrell; K. W. J. Barnham; J. A. M. van Roosmalen
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Collection and conversion properties of photovoltaic fluorescent collectors with photonic band stop filters
Author(s): Gerda C. Glaeser; Uwe Rau
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Characterization of β-FeSi2 films as a novel solar cell semiconductor
Author(s): Yasuhiro Fukuzawa; Teruhisa Ootsuka; Naotaka Otogawa; Hironori Abe; Yasuhiko Nakayama; Yunosuke Makita
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β-FeSi2 as a Kankyo (environmentally friendly) semiconductor for solar cells in the space application
Author(s): Yunosuke Makita; Teruhisa Ootsuka; Yasuhiro Fukuzawa; Naotaka Otogawa; Hironori Abe; Zhengxin Liu; Yasuhiko Nakayama
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Application of correction algorithms for obtaining high-resolution LBIC maps of dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): J. Martín; C. Fernández-Lorenzo; R. Alcántara; J. A. Poce-Fatou; J. A. Anta; F. Casanueva; G. Oskam
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Origin of enhanced light harvesting in colloidal-crystal-based dye-sensitised solar cells
Author(s): A. Mihi; F. J. López-Alcaraz; H. Míguez
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Tuning plasma frequency for improved solar control glazing using mesoporous nanostructures
Author(s): Geoff B. Smith; Abbas Maaroof; Annette Dowd; Angus Gentle; Michael Cortie
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Reasons for the specific kinetics of switchable mirrors of magnesium nickel films
Author(s): Jürgen Ell; Andreas Georg
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Development of solar selective absorbers and sky radiators based on two-dimensional diffractive grating surfaces
Author(s): Manabu Hasumi; Hiroo Yugami
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Influence of temperature-dependent refractive index on thermal radiation from surface gratings
Author(s): Hiroo Yugami; Takahiro Kamikawa; Yoshiaki Kanamori
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Design of ZnO:Al films with optimized surface texture for silicon thin-film solar cells
Author(s): Michael Berginski; Bernd Rech; Jürgen Hüpkes; Helmut Stiebig; Matthias Wuttig
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Rigorous validation of the lateral Goos-Hänchen shift in microstructured sun shading systems
Author(s): Günther Walze; Andreas Gombert; Peter Nitz; Benedikt Bläsi
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Scanning photo-electrochemical microscopy as a versatile tool to investigate dye-sensitized nano-crystalline surfaces for solar cells
Author(s): Egbert Figgemeier; William H. Kylberg; Biljana Bozic
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Flexible encapsulation for organic solar cells
Author(s): Christoph Lungenschmied; Gilles Dennler; Grzegorz Czeremuzskin; Mohamed Latrèche; Helmut Neugebauer; Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci
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Nanoporous CuInS2 electrodes for hybrid solar cells
Author(s): Serap Günes; Helmut Neugebauer; Elif Arici Bogner; Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci
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Superficial photoluminescence and PV conversion of nanoscale Si-layered systems at 400 nm
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Kuznicki; Patrick Meyrueis; Gérard Sarrabayrouse; Bernard Rousset
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Solar light induced opacity of MIND cells
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Kuznicki; Patrick Meyrueis
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Laser applications in crystalline silicon solar cell production
Author(s): A. Grohe; R. Preu; S. W. Glunz; G. Willeke
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Growth of beta-iron disilicide (β-FeSi2) on flexible metal sheet substrates for solar-cell application
Author(s): Yasuhiko Nakayama; Zhengxin Liu; Masato Osamura; Teruhisa Ootsuka; Yasuhiro Fukuzawa; Naotaka Otogawa; Hironori Abe; Yunosuke Makita
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