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Biophotonics and New Therapy Frontiers

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Volume Number: 6191
Date Published: 13 April 2006

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Virtual reality, augmented reality, and robotics applied to digestive operative procedures: from in vivo animal preclinical studies to clinical use
Author(s): Luc Soler; Jacques Marescaux
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Histological observation on dental hard tissue irradiated by ultrashort-pulsed laser
Author(s): Takeyuki Uchizono; Kunio Awazu; Akihiro Igarashi; Junji Kato D.D.S.; Yoshito Hirai D.D.S.
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Laser welding of biological tissue: experimental studies in ophthalmology
Author(s): Roberto Pini; Francesca Rossi; Luca Menabuoni
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Effect of 655 nm laser different powers on dog sperm motility parameters
Author(s): M. I. Corral-Baqués; T. Rigau; M. M. Rivera; J. E. Rodríguez-Gil; J. Rigau
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Skin imaged by femtosecond laser irradiation: a risk assessment for in vivo applications
Author(s): F. Fischer; B. Volkmer; S. Puschmann; R. Greinert; W. Breitbart; J. Kiefer; R. Wepf
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Efficient combination of multiple high power semiconductor laser sources for photoacoustic signal generation in biomedical phantoms
Author(s): Vincent Cunningham; Horacio Lamela
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Effects of laser beam shapes on depths of penetration in dermatology
Author(s): S. Saghafi; M. Withford; M. Farhadi M.D.; R. Ghaderi M.D.; A. Granmayeh; Z. Ghoranneviss; F. Moravej
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Using a continuum of light in STED confocal microscopy
Author(s): C. Courvoisier; R. Giust
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Microspectrofluorometry and polarization microscopy of membrane dynamics in living cells
Author(s): Michael Wagner; Petra Weber; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Total internal reflection energy transfer (TIRET) microscopy for analysis of focal adhesions in living cells
Author(s): Brigitte Angres; Heiko Steuer; Michael Wagner; Petra Weber; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Spatial fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy between core and ring pinholes
Author(s): Yoann Blancquaert; Antoine Delon; Jacques Derouard; Rodolphe Jaffiol
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Application of fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy to the measurement of the concentration of molecules deposited on solid substrates
Author(s): Jacques Derouard; Antoine Delon; Rodolphe Jaffiol; Cyrille Vézy
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Optical transfection of mammalian cells
Author(s): David Stevenson; Ben Agate; Lynn Paterson; Tanya Lake; Muriel Comrie; Tom Brown; Andrew Riches; Peter Bryant; Wilson Sibbett; Frank Gunn-Moore; Kishan Dholakia
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Active locking of adaptive optics for improved microscopy
Author(s): Amanda J. Wright; Graham M. Gibson; Simon P. Poland; Brett A. Patterson; Miles J. Padgett; John M. Girkin
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Contribution of data pre-processing to deconvolution of 3-D fluorescence microscopy images
Author(s): Arnaud De Meyer; Bruno Colicchio; Jan De Mey; Georges Jung; Alain Dieterlen; Olivier Haeberlé; Serge Jacquey
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4D measurement system for automatic location of anatomical structures
Author(s): Marcin Witkowski; Robert Sitnik; Małgorzata Kujawińska; Walter Rapp; Marcin Kowalski; Bart Haex; Sven Mooshake
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Three-dimensional multiphoton autofluorescence spectral imaging of live tissues
Author(s): Jonathan A. Palero; Henriëtte S. de Bruijn; Angélique van der Ploeg van den Heuvel; Henricus J. C. M. Sterenborg; Hans C. Gerritsen
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Combined bioengineering and neurophysiological in vivo technologies allow studying rat brain metabolism and neuronal activities in vivo in real time
Author(s): F. Crespi; M. Donini; A. Bandera; F. Congestri; C. Heidbreder; L. Rovati
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Detection of colorectal cancer using time-resolved autofluorescence spectrometer
Author(s): Sheng Fu M.D.; Leong-Chuan Kwek; Teck-Chee Chia; Chu-Sing Lim; Choong-Leong Tang; Wuan-Suan Ang; Miao-Chang Zhou; Po-Ling Loke
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Real-time optical coherence spectrotomography: proof of principle
Author(s): L. Froehly; M. Ouadour; G. Petitjean; L. Furfaro; P. Sandoz; T. Gharbi; P. Leproux; G. Huss; V. Couderc
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Use of digital holographic microscopy in tomography
Author(s): Florian Charrière; Frédéric Montfort; Jonas Kühn; Tristan Colomb; Anca Marian; Etienne Cuche; Pierre Marquet; Christian Depeursinge
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Three-dimensional shift-invariant pattern recognition in digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Ning Wu; Neil A. Halliwell; Jeremy M. Coupland
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Modular digital holographic microscopy system for marker free quantitative phase contrast imaging of living cells
Author(s): Björn Kemper; Daniel Carl; Alexander Höink; Gert von Bally; Ilona Bredebusch; Jürgen Schnekenburger
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Digital holographic microscopy: a new optical imaging technique to investigate cellular dynamics
Author(s): Pierre Marquet; Benjamin Rappaz; Tristan Colomb; Florian Charrière; Jonas Kühn; Yves Emery; Etienne Cuche; Christian Depeursinge; Pierre Magistretti
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Fluorescence lifetime and polarization screening of cell membranes
Author(s): Thomas Bruns; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Quantum dots as resonance energy transfer acceptors for monitoring biological interactions
Author(s): Niko Hildebrandt; Loïc Charbonnière; Raymond F. Ziessel; Hans-Gerd Löhmannsröben
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Quantum dots as acceptors in FRET-assays containing serum
Author(s): Michael Beck; Niko Hildebrandt; Hans-Gerd Löhmannsröben
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Toward new biocompatible nanostructured biomarkers by femtosecond laser ablation in liquid environment
Author(s): L. Sajti; A. Said; S. Giorgio; W. Marine
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Distributive tactile sensing using fibre Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Barbara M. Cowie; David J. Webb; Betty Tam; Paul Slack; Peter N. Brett
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Glass based fluorescence reference materials used for optical and biophotonic applications
Author(s): A. Engel; C. Ottermann; U. Resch-Genger; K. Hoffmann; S. Schweizer; J. Selling; J.-M. Spaeth; V. Rupertus
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Novel concepts of vertical-cavity laser-based optical traps for biomedical applications
Author(s): Andrea Kroner; Johanna F. May; Ihab Kardosh; Fernando Rinaldi; Hendrik Roscher; Rainer Michalzik
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Role of speckles in laser Doppler perfusion imaging: an investigation on particle suspensions
Author(s): Vinayakrishnan Rajan; Babu Varghese; Ton G. van Leeuwen; Wiendelt Steenbergen
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Comparison between finite element method and Monte Carlo results in spectroscopy studies for multilayered biomedical tissues
Author(s): Marine Kervella; Jean-Pierre L'Huillier; Anne Humeau
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Diffusing-wave spectroscopy beyond the diffusive regime: the influence of short light paths and anisotropic scattering
Author(s): R. Pierrat; N. Ben Braham; F. Scheffold; R. Carminati
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Flow measurements through scattering samples using self-mixing interferometry with a laser diode
Author(s): Christian M. Zakian; Mark R. Dickinson
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Optical inspection system for implants
Author(s): Berend Denkena; Wolfram Acker
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Path length resolved Doppler measurements of multiple scattered photons in turbid media for various absorptions using phase modulated low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Babu Varghese; Vinayakrishnan Rajan; Ton G. Van Leeuwen; Wiendelt Steenbergen
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Protease-activated quantum dot probes
Author(s): Emmanuel Chang; Jiantang Sun; Jordan S. Miller; William W. Yu; Vicki L. Colvin; Jennifer L. West; Rebekah Drezek
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Multimodal system for in vivo tumor imaging in mice
Author(s): Maddalena Autiero; Luigi Celentano; Rosanna Cozzolino; Paolo Laccetti; Marcello Marotta; Giovanni Mettivier; Maria Cristina Montesi; Patrizia Riccio; Giuseppe Roberti; Paolo Russo
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Study of polycation effects on erythrocyte agglutination mediated by anti-glycophorins using microscopic image digital analysis
Author(s): B. Riquelme; D. Dumas; F. Relancio; A. Fontana; A. Alessi; P. Foresto; C. Grandfils; J. Stoltz; J. Valverde
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Validity study by Monte Carlo method of an analytical theory for photon correlation diffusion in multilayered media
Author(s): Bin Luo; Jun Li D.D.S.
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Effects induced by XeCl laser radiation and germicidal lamp radiation on E. coli strains survival and mutability
Author(s): F. Belloni; P. Alifano; A. Lorusso; C. Monaco; V. Nassisi; A. Talà; M. Tredici
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Localization of laser energy conversion by metal nanoparticles: basic effects and applications
Author(s): Andrea Csáki; Frank Garwe; Andrea Steinbrück; Anja Weise; Karsten König; Wolfgang Fritzsche
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The study of the mechanisms of the different phenotypical manifestations in patients with reciprocal translocations
Author(s): Rostyslav Lozynskyi; Maria Lozynska
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Detection of singlet oxygen that uses fluorescence probe APF
Author(s): Yumiko Iwamoto; Kunio Awazu
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Neuron growth engineering on a photoinduced surface relief grating: a tool for plastic neuroelectronics
Author(s): R. Barille; S. Ahmadi Kandjani; S. Dabos-Seignon; J.-M. Nunzi; F. Letournel; E. Ortyl; S. Kucharski
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Image quality in time-resolved laser transillumination by time-correlated single photon counting
Author(s): A. Daniele; M. Mormile; R. Esposito; M. Lepore; P. L. Indovina
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Conceiving a specific holographic combiner for an augmented reality HMD dedicated to surgical applications
Author(s): Gilles Sittler; Patrice Twardowski; Jean-Baptiste Fasquel; Joël Fontaine
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