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Photon Management II

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Volume Number: 6187
Date Published: 20 April 2006

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High-density recording storage system by Collinear holography
Author(s): Hideyoshi Horimai; Xiaodi Tan; Yoshio Aoki
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Volume holographic recording in multicomponent photopolymers with hyperbranched polymers as organic nanoparticles
Author(s): Yasuo Tomita; Kouji Furushima; Yutaka Endoh; Motohiko Hidaka; Kentaro Ohmori; Katsumi Chikama
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Analysis of the temporal effects on grating evolution in photopolymer
Author(s): John V. Kelly; Michael R. Gleeson; Ciara E. Close; Feidhlim T. O' Neill; John T. Sheridan; Sergi Gallego; Cristian Neipp
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Photopolymerizable hybrid sol-gel glasses as holographic recording media
Author(s): M. Feuillade; C. Croutxé-Barghorn; C. Carré; D. J. Lougnot
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Polarization properties of long-period gratings prepared by high-intensity femtosecond 352nm pulses
Author(s): S. A. Slattery; D. N. Nikogosyan; C. Caucheteur; A. Fotiadi; P. Mégret
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Spectral characterisation of erbium-doped microspherical lasers
Author(s): Brian J. Shortt; Jonathan Ward; Danny O'Shea; Síle Nic Chormaic
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Development of a metrology to characterize EUV optics at 13.5nm
Author(s): Monika Vongehr; Peter Predehl; Günter Hasinger
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Group delay control of picosecond optical pulses in superstructured fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): D. Janner; D. Gatti; G. Galzerano; G. Della Valle; P. Laporta; S. Longhi
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Associating a lossless polarizing function in multilayer laser mirrors by means of a resonant grating
Author(s): O. Parriaux; A. V. Tishchenko; F. Pigeon
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Comparing identically designed grayscale (50 phase level) and binary (5 phase levels) splitters: actual versus modeled performance
Author(s): Todd E. Lizotte; Orest P. Ohar; Tracie Tuttle
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Polarization diffractive elements displayed with liquid crystal spatial light modulators
Author(s): Ignacio Moreno; Claudio Iemmi; Asticio Vargas; Juan Campos; María J. Yzuel
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Two applications of liquid crystal displays in diffractive optics under polychromatic illumination
Author(s): Andrés Márquez; Claudio Iemmi; Juan Campos; Juan Carlos Escalera; María Josefa Yzuel
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Adaptive temporal and spatial shaping of coherent soft x-rays
Author(s): Carsten Winterfeldt; Thomas Pfeifer; Dominik Walter; Ron Kemmer; Alexander Paulus; Robert Spitzenpfeil; Gustav Gerber; Christian Spielmann
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Simulation of light propagation through a DOE using the FDTD method
Author(s): D. L. Golovashkin
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Low loss polarizing beam splitter using the long range plasmon mode along a continuous metal film
Author(s): Y. Jourlin; E. Gamet; S. Tonchev; A. V. Tishchenko; O. Parriaux; A. Last
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Supercontinuum generation based lightwave management applied to multiplexing format conversion
Author(s): Hideyuki Sotobayashi
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Generation of femtosecond pulse sequences in the ultraviolet by spectral phase modulation
Author(s): Patrick Nuernberger; Gerhard Vogt; Reimer Selle; Susanne Fechner; Tobias Brixner; Gustav Gerber
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Grayscale fabrication errors and their impact on beam shaper performance
Author(s): Todd E. Lizotte
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A novel finite element method for the modeling of multiple reflections in photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): John A. Ging; Ronan O'Dowd
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Fast self-induced waveguides in photorefractive semiconductor InP:Fe for reconfigurable optical switching
Author(s): D. Wolfersberger; N. Khelfaoui; G. Kugel; N. Fressengeas; M. Chauvet
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Light bottle generated by Bragg volume grating
Author(s): Boris Spektor R.N.
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On-fiber diffractive microrelief design for efficient control of the waveguiding beam
Author(s): V. S. Pavelyev
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An overview of the holographic display related tasks within the European 3DTV project
Author(s): Levent Onural; Haldun M. Ozaktas; Elena Stoykova; Atanas Gotchev; John Watson
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Performance analysis of different multi-user optical passive networks for quantum cryptography applications
Author(s): P. Curtacci; F. Garzia; R. Cusani; E. Baccarelli
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Reconstruction of partially occluded objects using digital holograms
Author(s): J. Maycock; C. P. Mc Elhinney; B. H Hennelly; T. J. Naughton; J. B. McDonald; B. Javidi
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Speckle-based metrology systems and linear canonical transform photography in mixed domains
Author(s): Jennifer E. Ward; Damien P. Kelly; Robert F. Patten; Bryan M. Hennelly; Ying Liu; John T. Sheridan
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Numerical analysis of systematic errors in an optical encryption system
Author(s): David S. Monaghan; Unnikrishnan Gopinathan; Damien P. Kelly; Thomas J. Naughton; John T. Sheridan
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Compression of phase-shifting digital holography interference patterns
Author(s): Emmanouil Darakis; John J. Soraghan
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Optical holographic encrypted data storage using lenticular lens array phase-encoded multiplexing
Author(s): C. C. Chang; G. L. Chen; P. C. Teng; W. K. Young
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E-field control of the optical properties of liquid micro-optical elements
Author(s): Ying Liu; Feidhlim T. O'Neill; James P. Ryle; Unnikrishnan Gopinathan; Alun J. Carr; John T. Sheridan
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Multiplexing holograms in an acrylamide photopolymer
Author(s): Elena Fernández; Manuel Ortuño; Andrés Márquez; Sergi Gallego; Inmaculada Pascual
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Applications of fast algorithms for the numerical calculation of optical signal transforms
Author(s): John J. Healy; John T. Sheridan
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3-dimensional analysis of holographic memories based on photopolymers using finite differences method
Author(s): Sergi Gallego; Manuel F. Ortuño; Cristian Neipp; Andrés Márquez; Augusto Beléndez; Elena Fernández; John V. Kelly; John T. Sheridan
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Optical intersatellite data transmission with phase conjugate mirror for formation flying
Author(s): Tatsuya Shiratori; Atsushi Okamoto; Yoshihisa Takayama; Terumasa Ito
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Speckle reduction in digital holography using independent component analysis
Author(s): Jonathan Maycock; Conor P. McElhinney; John B. McDonald; Thomas J. Naughton; Bryan M. Hennelly; Bahram Javidi
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Study of non-solitonic blue-green radiation generated in mm-long photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Alexandra A. Amorim; Helder M. Crespo; Miguel Miranda; João L. Silva; Luis M. Bernardo
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Iterative and noniterative nonuniform quantisation techniques in digital holography
Author(s): Alison E. Shortt; Thomas J. Naughton; Bahram Javidi
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Soliton dynamics and interactions in dynamically photo-induced lattices
Author(s): Ilias Tsopelas; Yannis Kominis; Kyriakos Hizanidis; Lambros Halastanis; Nikolaos Efremidis; Nikolaos Moshonas; Sotirios Droulias; Panagiotis Papagiannis
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Variational approach to spatial soliton formation in bulk nematic liquid crystal cells
Author(s): Lambros Halastanis; Georgios Papazisimos; Manos Manousakis; Sotiris Droulias; Nikolaos Moshonas; Panagiotis Papagiannis; Ilias Tsopelas; Kyriakos Hizanidis
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Determination of diffusion rates in acrylamide-based photopolymer material
Author(s): C. E. Close; M. R. Gleeson; J. V. Kelly; F. T. O'Neill; D. Mooney; J. T. Sheridan
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Photochemical effects during fabrication of holographic gratings in acrylamide-based photopolymer materials
Author(s): Michael R Gleeson; Ciara E. Close; John V. Kelly; Feidhlim T. O'Neill; John T. Sheridan
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Efficient diffractive collimator for edge-emitting laser diodes
Author(s): Andrzej Kowalik; Krzysztof Góra; Grażyna Adamkiewicz; Monika Ziętek; Grzegorz Mikuła; Andrzej Kołodziejczyk; Zbigniew Jaroszewicz
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Optical micromanipulation using DOEs matched with optical vorticies
Author(s): Svetlana Nikolaevna Khonina; Roman Vasilyevich Skidanov; Victor Victorovich Kotlyar; Alexey Andreevich Kovalev; Victor Alexandrovich Soifer
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Width of the apodization area in the case of diffractive optical elements with variable efficiency
Author(s): Tomasz Osuch; Zbigniew Jaroszewicz; Andrzej Kołodziejczyk
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Application of the light sword optical element in a case of presbyopia
Author(s): Zbigniew Jaroszewicz; Andrzej Kolodziejczyk; Michał Makowski; Grzegorz Mikuła; Iwona Pawlak; Krzysztof Petelczyc; Jarosław Suszek; Maciej Sypek
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Resonant grating pulse compression element with 99% flat top efficiency for high average power femtosecond laser machining
Author(s): Manuel Flury; Nikolay Lyndin; Renate Fechner; Axel Schindler; Svetlen Tonchev; Michel Spajer; Youcef Ouerdane; Nathalie Destouches; David Pietroy; Stéphanie Reynaud; Olivier Parriaux
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Three-dimensional monochromatic light field synthesis with a deflectable mirror array device
Author(s): Erdem Ulusoy; Vladislav Uzunov; Levent Onural; Haldun M. Ozaktas; Atanas Gotchev
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Holographic compensation of amplitude nonuniformities of photopolymer chirped gratings
Author(s): Eugene A. Dovolnov; Sergey N. Sharangovich
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Nonlinear waves in ferroelectrics
Author(s): Elena V. Kazantseva; Andrei I. Maimistov; Jean Guy Caputo
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Capabilities of a new spatiotemporal CMOS imager for nanosecond low power pulse detection
Author(s): Frédéric Morel; Chantal-Virginie Zint; Wilfried Uhring; Jean-Pierre Le Normand
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