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MEMS, MOEMS, and Micromachining II
Editor(s): Hakan Ürey; Ayman El-Fatatry

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Volume Number: 6186
Date Published: 21 April 2006

Table of Contents
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Active focusing device based on MOEMS technology
Author(s): Ulrich Mescheder; Zoltan Torok; Wolfgang Kronast
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New generation of fully integrated optical microscopes on-chip: application to confocal microscope
Author(s): Sylwester Bargiel; Lukasz Nieradko; Michal Józwik; Christophe Gorecki; Jan A. Dziuban
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A 2D MEMS stage for optical applications
Author(s): Caglar Ataman; Yves Petremand; Wilfried Noell; Hakan Ürey; Marc Epitaux; Nico F. de Rooij
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A large deflection translatory actuator for optical path length modulation
Author(s): Christian Drabe; Thomas Klose; Harald Schenk; Alexander Wolter; Hubert Lakner
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MEMS microdisplays: overview and markets
Author(s): Jérémie Bouchaud; Olivier Nowak
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Compact triangulation sensor realized by bending wafer with metal hinge
Author(s): Minoru Sasaki; Satoshi Endou; Masayuki Fujishima; Kazuhiro Hane
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Butt coupled microcantilever in sensing applications
Author(s): Kirill Zinoviev; Jose Antonio Plaza; Víctor Cadarso; Laura M. Lechuga; Carlos Dominguez
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Tunable Fabry-Perot filters operating in the 3 to 5 μm range for infrared micro-spectrometer applications
Author(s): Jaroslaw Antoszewski; Adrian Keating; Kevin Winchester; Thuyen Nguyen; Dilusha Silva; Charles Musca; John Dell; Olivia Samardzic; Lorenzo Faraone
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Application of a micromachined translatory actuator to an optical FTIR spectrometer
Author(s): Andreas Kenda; Christian Drabe; Harald Schenk; Albert Frank; Martin Lenzhofer; Werner Scherf
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Noise in MgB2 thin film: a candidate material for space-borne infrared detector development
Author(s): B. Lakew; S. Aslam; H. Jones; B. Moeckly
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Parallel atomic force microscopy using optical heterodyne detection
Author(s): Laura Chantada; Myun-Sik Kim; Omar Manzardo; René Dändliker; Laure Aeschimann; Urs Staufer; Peter Vettiger; Kenneth Weible; Hans Peter Herzig
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A MEMS based visible-NIR Fourier transform microspectrometer
Author(s): C. Ataman; H. Urey; S. O. Isikman; A. Wolter
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Appearance of a Moore's law in MEMS? Trends affecting the MNT supply chain
Author(s): Henne van Heeren
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Microspectroscopy with terahertz bioMEMS
Author(s): Tahsin Akalin; Anthony Treizebré
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Integrating photonic and microfluidic structures on a device fabricated using proton beam writing
Author(s): A. A. Bettiol; E. J. Teo; C. N. B. Udalagama; S. Venugopal Rao; J. A. van Kan; P. G. Shao; F. Watt
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MEMS-based sensor and method for optical detection of peptides bio-reaction time
Author(s): Amritsar Jeetender; Ion Stiharu; Muthukumaran Packirisamy; Vahé Nerguizian
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Compact and stress-released piston tip-tilt mirror
Author(s): W. Noell; T. Overstolz; R. Stanley; N. F. de Rooij
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Tunable InP/air MOEMS filter with record breaking selectivity
Author(s): Michel Garrigues; Jérôme Danglot; Jean-Louis Leclercq
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Low power high extinction electrothermal MEMS iris VOA
Author(s): H. Veladi; R. R. A. Syms; H. Zou
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Tunable mechanical resonator with aluminium nitride piezoelectric actuation
Author(s): J. Olivares; J. Malo; S. González; E. Iborra; I. Izpura; M. Clement; A. Sanz-Hervás; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas; P. Sanz
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Optical probing of nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS)
Author(s): K. L. Ekinci; D. Karabacak; T. Kouh; D. H. Kim
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Digital holographic microscopy (DHM) for metrology and dynamic characterization of MEMS and MOEMS
Author(s): Yves Emery; Etienne Cuche; François Marquet; Nicolas Aspert; Pierre Marquet; Jonas Kühn; Mikhail Botkine; Tristan Colomb; Frédéric Montfort; Florian Charrière; Christian Depeursinge; Patrick Debergh; Ramiro Conde
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The distorted helix: thin film extraction from scanning white light interferometry
Author(s): Daniel Mansfield
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Optical MEMS reliability in space environment
Author(s): S. Rigaud; G. Quadri; O. Gilard; J. M. Nicot
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Fresnel lenses: study and fabrication in silicon technology for medium-IR applications
Author(s): Jordi Fonollosa; Rafael Rubio; Jürgen Hildenbrand; Mauricio Moreno; Santiago Marco; Joaquín Santander; Luis Fonseca; Susanne Hartwig; Jürgen Wöllenstein
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Management and verification for MEMS fabrication processes
Author(s): T. Schmidt; D. Ortloff; K. Hahn; A. Wagener; J. Popp; R. Brück
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MEMS-based micro direct methanol fuel cell using microfabrication technology
Author(s): Xiaowei Liu; Chunguang Suo; Yufeng Zhang; Xuebin Lu; Hongyang Xia
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Performance research of a silicon-based micro direct methanol fuel cell
Author(s): Yufeng Zhang; Xiaowei Liu; Chunguang Suo; Xuebin Lu; Hongyang Xia
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The influences of thickness on piezoresistive properties of poly-Si nanofilms
Author(s): Xiaowei Liu; Rongyan Chuai; Minghao Song; Huiyan Pan; Xiaowei Xu
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The PDMS micro valve driven by PZT piezoelectric actuator on the silicon wafer
Author(s): L. Tian; W. Wang; X. W. Liu; X. L. Wang; Zh. Y. Bao
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Study of capillary electrophoresis chip with conductivity detection
Author(s): Wang Wei; Tian Li; Xiao-wei Liu; Xuan Lei
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Tunable Bragg grating based on MOEMS technology
Author(s): Rafał Kasztelanic; Arkadiusz Zychewicz; Ryszard Buczyński
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