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Integrated Optics, Silicon Photonics, and Photonic Integrated Circuits

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Volume Number: 6183
Date Published: 20 April 2006

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Micro/nano-scale design, fabrication, and integration of generic and application-specific optical printed circuit boards (O-PCB) and VLSI photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; S. G Lee; B. H. O; S. G. Park; K. H. Kim; S. H. Song; H. S. Noh
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A generic lightwave integrated chip (GLIC) for fast high-resolution wavelength monitoring
Author(s): John A. Ging; Alan G. Larkin; Ronan O'Dowd; Haiyan Ou; Karsten Rottwitt
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Ultra compact optical link made in amorphous silicon waveguide
Author(s): R. Orobtchouk; S. Jeannot; B. Han; T. Benyattou; J. M. Fedeli; P. Mur
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Active micro and nano-structured glass fiber and waveguide devices
Author(s): A. Schülzgen; J. M. Auxier; S. Honkanen; L. Li; V. L. Temyanko; S.-H. Chen; S. Suzuki; M. M. Morrell; S. Sabet; S. Sen; N. F. Borrelli; N. Peyghambarian
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Novel polymer waveguides consisting of an alicyclic methacrylate copolymer
Author(s): Y. Ichihashi; P. Henzi; M. Bruendel; A. Welle; D. G. Rabus; J. Mohr
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Adaptable integrated optical phase modulator array using liquid crystals
Author(s): Kamalpreet Kaur; Marc Schmiedchen; Theo Tschudi
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Optical and acoustical ridge waveguides based on piezoelectric semiconductors for novel integrated acoustooptic components
Author(s): Jan Brückner; Jürgen Silbereisen; Dominique Daub D.V.M.; Ulf Geyer; Georg Bastian; Bruno Daniel; Michael Hetterich
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Photonic integrated circuits based on novel glass waveguides and devices
Author(s): Yaping Zhang; Deng Zhang; Weijian Pan; Helen Rowe; Trevor Benson; Armando Loni; Phillip Sewell; David Furniss; Angela B. Seddon
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Variational approach to dispersion-managed solitons
Author(s): M. F. Ferreira; M. H. Sousa
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Design optimization of SiGe/Si: modulation-doped multiple quantum well modulator for high-speed operation
Author(s): Sylvain Maine; Delphine Marris-Morini; Laurent Vivien; Daniel Pascal; Éric Cassan; Suzanne Laval
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Design and fabrication of high-performance multimode interference couplers in silicon-on-insulator
Author(s): F. P. Payne
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New characterization dynamic methods for Er/Yb codoped phosphate glass waveguides
Author(s): Juan Antonio Vallés; Miguel Ángel Rebolledo; Javier Used
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Characteristics of rib waveguide racetrack resonators in SOI
Author(s): G. T. Reed; W. R. Headley; F. Y. Gardes; B. D. Timotijevic; S. P. Chan; G. Z. Mashanovich
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Silicon photonics with microspheres
Author(s): Ali Serpengüzel; Onur Akatlar; Adnan Kurt
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Photonic bandgap properties of microcavity ring resonator arrays
Author(s): Mee K. Chin; Landobasa Y. Tobing
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Advance nanostructured materials for integrated optics
Author(s): C. N. Afonso; J. Gonzalo; M. Jiménez de Castro; R. Serna
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Silver film ion-exchanged Er-doped waveguide lasers and photowritten waveguide gratings in phosphate glass
Author(s): Sanna Yliniemi; Jacques Albert; Albane Laronche; Qing Wang; Seppo Honkanen
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Raman scattering technique in characterisation of glasses containing nanoparticles for integrated optoelectronics
Author(s): M. Ivanda; M. Gotic; S. Music; M. Ristic; M. Gotic; M. Montagna; M. Ferrari; G. C. Righini
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Er3+/Yb3+ activated silica-hafnia planar waveguides for photonics fabricated by rf-sputtering
Author(s): A. Chiasera; S. N. B. Bhaktha; M. Brenci; A. Chiappini; M. Ferrari; V. Foglietti; R. R. Gonçalves; Y. Jestin; A. Minotti; M. Montagna; E. Moser; S. Pelli; G. C. Righini; C. Tosello; K. C. Vishnubhatla
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Homogeneous and nanocomposite rare-earth-activated glasses for photonic devices
Author(s): M. Ferrari; C. Armellini; S. Berneschi; M. Brenci; A. Chiappini; A. Chiasera; Y. Jestin; M. Mattarelli; M. Montagna; E. Moser; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; G. C. Righini; C. Tosello
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Femtosecond inscription of wavelength specific features in optical waveguide structures
Author(s): Graham D. Marshall; Martin Ams; Michael J. Withford
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Comparative study of the strength of Er indirect optical pumping in silicate glasses codoped with Si clusters and Er3+ ions
Author(s): Youcef Lebour; Paolo Pellegrino; Cristina García; José A. Moreno; Blas Garrido
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Optimal design, fabrication, and characterisation of GeO2-SiO2 doped silica multimode-interference couplers
Author(s): H. N. J. Fernando; M. Hayden; P. J. Hughes
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Temperature sensing in EMD environment with periodically poled lithium niobate devices
Author(s): G. Margheri; T. Del Rosso; S. Trigari; S. Sottini; D. Grando; A. D'Orazio; M. De Sario; V. Petruzzelli; F. Prudenzano
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Characterization and operation of a broadband all-optical vertical cavity semiconductor wavelength converter
Author(s): Claudio Porzi; Luca Poti; Antonella Bogoni; Mircea Guina; Oleg Okhotnikov
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Patterning light emitting porous silicon using helium beam irradiation
Author(s): E. J. Teo; M. B. H. Breese; A. A. Bettiol; F. Champeaux; D. J. Blackwood
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SOI-based monolithic integration of SiON and Si planar optical circuits
Author(s): Oded Cohen; Richard Jones; Omri Raday; Alexander Fang; Nahum Izhaky; Doron Rubin; Mario Paniccia
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3-D integration of nanophotonics with CMOS electronics
Author(s): Bahram Jalali; Tejaswi Indukuri; Prakash Koonath; Koichiro Kishima
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Degenerate parametric down-conversion at 1570 nm by periodically poled lithium niobate waveguide: a route to single photon source and photon entanglement
Author(s): Stefania Castelletto; Ivo Pietro Degiovanni; Valentina Schettini; Leonardo Papi; Tommaso Del Rosso; Giancarlo Margheri; Stefano Sottini
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Optimal design parameters research for novel monolithically integrated non-linear all-optical loop mirror for signal regeneration
Author(s): E. Moll; K. A. Williams; R. V. Penty; I. H. White
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Photorefractive bright soliton in erbium doped lithium niobate
Author(s): Federico Pettazzi; Grigore Lehau; Massimo Alonzo; Cinzia Sada; Marco Bazzan; Nicola Argiolas; Paolo Mazzoldi; Mathieu Chauvet; Valentin Ionel Vlad; Adrian Petris; Eugenio Fazio
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Nonlinear effects in ultrasmall silicon-on-insulator ring resonators
Author(s): Gino Priem; Pieter Dumon; Wim Bogaerts; Dries Van Thourhout; Geert Morthier; Roel Baets
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Generalized transfer function of nonlinear active semiconductor microring resonators
Author(s): Yann G. Boucher; Yannick Dumeige; Laura Ghisa; Patrice Féron
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Time-domain modeling and filtering behaviour of guided-wave optics by Hertzian potentials
Author(s): Alessandro Massaro; Luca Pierantoni; Tullio Rozzi
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Optical receivers with large-diameter photodiode
Author(s): Robert Swoboda; Kerstin Schneider; Horst Zimmermann
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Design of the semiconductor polarization controller based on the electrooptic effect
Author(s): Shyqyri Haxha; Fathi AbdelMalek; B. M. Azizur Rahman
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Polymeric variable optical attenuator based on surface plasmon polariton
Author(s): Suntak Park; Yong-Sung Eom; Hyong Sik Won; Seok Ho Song
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Polymer optical circuits technology for large-scale integration of passive functions
Author(s): Azar Maalouf; Dominique Bosc; Frédéric Henrio; Séverine Haesaert; Philippe Grosso; Isabelle Hardy; Michel Gadonna
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Complex coupled distributed feedback laser monolithically integrated with electroabsorption modulator and semiconductor optical amplifier at 1.3μm wavelength
Author(s): Philipp Gerlach; Martin Peschke; Thomas Wenger; Brem K. Saravanan; Christian Hanke; Steffen Lorch; Rainer Michalzik
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A multiple regrowth process for monolithically integrated InP-based mode-locked laser diodes with uni-travelling carrier absorber
Author(s): Hans-Jörg Lohe; Riccardo Scollo; Werner Vogt; Emilio Gini; Franck Robin; Daniel Erni; Rik Harbers; Heinz Jäckel
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Application of PVD technique to the fabrication of erbium doped ZrF4-based glass ceramic for optical amplification
Author(s): Brigitte Boulard; Olivier Péron; Alessandro Chiasera; Maurizio Ferrari; Yoann Jestin
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Large area Si light emitting device for the mid-wave and long-wave infrared bands
Author(s): V. K. Malyutenko; S. S. Bolgov; O. Yu. Malyutenko
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Analysis of the electric field on the refractive-index change of an optical waveguide
Author(s): Ignacio Zaldívar Huerta; Mario García Ramirez; Volodimir Grimalsky
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FLC-SLM dynamic improvement with temporal multiplexing: application to optical image processing
Author(s): Morgan Madec; Wilfried Uhring; Jean-Baptiste Fasquel; Pascal Joffre; Yannick Hervé
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VHDL-AMS models of FLC for spatial light modulator virtual prototyping
Author(s): Morgan Madec; Yannick Hervé; Wilfried Uhring; Olivier Rolland
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Group delay-compensated Bragg grating filters for high-speed DWDM systems
Author(s): Lech Wosinski; Marcin Swillo; Matteo Dainese
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Raman approach for study of amplification in porous silicon at 1.5μm
Author(s): M. A. Ferrara; L. Sirleto; B. Jalali; I. Rendina
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Investigation of thermo-optic effect in SOI waveguide arrays
Author(s): Francesca Magno; Francesco De Leonardis; Vittorio M. N. Passaro
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Er3+ activated silica-hafnia glass-ceramics planar waveguides
Author(s): Y. Jestin; N. Afify; C. Armellini; S. Berneschi; S. N. B. Bhaktha; B. Boulard; A. Chiappini; A. Chiasera; G. Dalba; C. Duverger; M. Ferrari; C. E. Goyes Lopez; M. Mattarelli; M. Montagna; E. Moser; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; G. C. Righini; F. Rocca
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Design of a RCE photodetectors based on the internal photoemission effect
Author(s): M. Casalino; L. Sirleto; L. Moretti; S. Libertino; I. Rendina
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Liquid crystal orientation on patterns etched in Silicon on Insulator
Author(s): H. Desmet; K. Neyts; R. Baets
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Diffraction gratings written inside/on Lithium Niobate by means of femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): G. A. Torchia; C. Méndez; D. Delgado; J. R. A. Vázquez; I. Arias; L. Roso
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Multichip colour variable LED linear modules
Author(s): Lingli Wang; Martijn Riemeijer; Georges Calon; Peter Deurenberg; Theo Treurniet; Edwin van Lier; Johan Ansems; Oscar Chao; Virginie Mercier; Koen van Os; Gerard Lijten
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