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Smart Structures and Materials 2006: Smart Structures and Integrated Systems
Editor(s): Yuji Matsuzaki

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Volume Number: 6173
Date Published: 16 March 2006

Table of Contents
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The fabrication and deformation capabilities of two dimensionally graded DEPP FGP
Author(s): Paul W. Alexander; Diann Brei; John W. Halloran
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Behavior of unimorph rectangular piezoelectric diaphragm actuators
Author(s): Brad Boyerinas; Changki Mo; William W. Clark
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Active-passive hybrid piezoelectric actuators for high-precision hard disk drive servo systems
Author(s): Kwong Wah Chan; Wei-Hsin Liao
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Design of a two degree of freedom shape memory alloy actuator for mirror positioning
Author(s): Eric A. Williams; Mohammad H. Elahinia
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Testing and modeling of NiMnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy for static and dynamic loading conditions
Author(s): Ronald N. Couch; Jayant Sirohi; Inderjit Chopra
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Dynamics modeling of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (FSMA) actuators
Author(s): Honghao Tan; Mohammad H. Elahinia
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Mechanical extension implants for short-bowel syndrome
Author(s): Jonathan Luntz; Diann Brei; Daniel Teitelbaum M.D.; Ariel Spencer M.D.
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Morphing flight control surface for advanced flight performance
Author(s): Matt Detrick; Seung-Keon Kwak; Hwan-Sik Yoon
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A simple mechanical system for a flapping wing MAV: modeling and experiments
Author(s): Olivier Giraudo; Daniel Osmont
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An improved flapping wing system actuated by the LIPCA
Author(s): Moh. Syaifuddin; Hoon C. Park; Sang K. Lee; Do Y. Byun
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Design of elevator control surface actuated by LIPCA for small unmanned air vehicle
Author(s): K. J. Yoon; Hery Setiawan; N. S. Goo
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Post-buckled precompressed (PBP) piezoelectric actuators for UAV flight control
Author(s): Roelof Vos; Ron Barrett; Lars Krakers; Michel van Tooren
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Smart flapping wing using macrofiber composite actuators
Author(s): Dae-Kwan Kim; Jae-Hung Han
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Design, fabrication, and testing of energy-harvesting thermoelectric generator
Author(s): Velimir Jovanovic; Saeid Ghamaty
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Sliding mode control of a spherical haptic device featuring electrorheological fluid
Author(s): Young-Min Han; Hung Quoc Nguyen; Seung-Bok Choi
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Smart impact management devices: experimental validation of impact triggered rapid expansion of aluminum honeycomb
Author(s): Alan L. Browne; Nancy L. Johnson; Scott R. Webb
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Resonance-based low-frequency synthetic jet actuator modeling, design, and testing
Author(s): Lynn Gravatt; Alison Flatau
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System-based approach for an advanced drug delivery platform
Author(s): Lawrence Kulinsky; Han Xu; Han-Kuan A. Tsai; Marc Madou
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Modeling approaches for active systems
Author(s): Sven Herold; Heiko Atzrodt; Dirk Mayer; Martin Thomaier
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Feedforward hysteresis compensation in trajectory control of piezoelectrically-driven nanostagers
Author(s): Saeid Bashash; Nader Jalili
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Closed form expression for self-sensing microcantilever-based mass sensing
Author(s): Miheer Gurjar; Nader Jalili
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Thrust vector control of satellites using smart parallel manipulators
Author(s): Kougen Ma; Mehrdad N. Ghasemi-Nejhad
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Design of piezoelectric shunt structures using admittance analysis
Author(s): Jong-Sung Park; Heung Soo Kim; Jung Woo Sohn; Seung-Bok Choi
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Vibration control with adaptive structures: MAVO FASPAS project review
Author(s): Holger Hanselka; Tobias Melz; Welf-Guntram Drossel; Dieter Sporn; Andreas Schönecker; Axel Poigné
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Wrinkling control of inflatable booms using smart material patch
Author(s): Jae-Hung Han; Eun-Jung Yoo; Jin-Ho Roh
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Adaptive rectangular membranes actuated near boundaries
Author(s): Umesh A. Korde; Christopher H. M. Jenkins; Joseph J. Farke; Mark E. Hofacker
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Biologically inspired anthropomorphic arm and dextrous robot hand actuated by smart-material based artificial muscles
Author(s): Aaron Price; Amor Jnifene; Hani E. Naguib
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Galfenol tactile sensor array and visual mapping system
Author(s): Kathleen Hale; Alison Flatau
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Tactile display array based on magnetorheological fluid
Author(s): Yanju Liu; J. D. Ngu; R. I. Davidson; P. M. Taylor
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Development and verification of real-time controllers for the F/A-18 vertical fin buffet load alleviation
Author(s): Yong Chen; Wickramasinghe Viresh; David Zimcik
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Efficiency improvement of a new vertical axis wind turbine by individual active control of blade motion
Author(s): In Seong Hwang; Seung Yong Min; In Oh Jeong; Yun Han Lee; Seung Jo Kim
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Development of a morphing structure with the incorporation of central pattern generators
Author(s): Thomas K. Bliss; Hilary Bart-Smith; Tetsuya Iwasaki
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Optimization of a tensegrity wing for biomimetic applications
Author(s): Keith W. Moored; Stuart A. Taylor; Hilary Bart-Smith
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Mechanical design, fabrication, and test of biomimetic fish robot using LIPCA as artificial muscle
Author(s): T. Wiguna; M. Syaifuddin; Hoon C. Park; S. Heo
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Development of active material systems based on fiber reinforced metals
Author(s): Hiroshi Asanuma
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Active rigidization of carbon-fiber reinforced polymer composites for ultra-lightweight space structures
Author(s): Stephen A. Sarles; Donald J. Leo
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Modeling of coupling effect in magneto-electric layered composites
Author(s): Chia-Ming Chang; Gregory P. Carman
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Study of a reinforced concrete beam strengthened using a combination of SMA wire and CFRP plate
Author(s): Zhi-qiang Liu; Hui Li
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Design, fabrication, and testing of a SMA hybrid composite jet engine chevron
Author(s): Travis L. Turner; Randolph H. Cabell; Roberto J. Cano; Gary A. Fleming
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Design and testing of integrated Bragg grating sensor systems for advanced grid structure
Author(s): Masataro Amano; Tadahito Mizutani; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda; Tsuyoshi Ozaki
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Experimental evaluation of instantaneous phase based index for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Ratneshwar Jha; Kevin Cross; Kerop Janoyan; Edward Sazonov; Michael Fuchs; Vidya Krishnamurthy
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Development of localized constitutive relations for fiber optic sensors using a unit cell based slicing approach
Author(s): Santosh Ramachandran; Aditi Chattopadhyay; Robert Goldberg; Mark Seaver; Linfa Zhu
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Energy transfer across cracks in a thin membrane strip
Author(s): Umesh A. Korde; Christopher H. M. Jenkins; Eric A. Petersen
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Identification of structural dynamic behavior for continuous system based on videogrammetric technique
Author(s): Yunfeng Ji; C. C. Chang
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Quantitative structural health monitoring using acoustic emission
Author(s): Paul D. Wilcox; Chee Kin Lee; Jonathan J. Scholey; Michael I. Friswell; Michael R. Wisnom; Bruce W. Drinkwater
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Structural health monitoring using sparse distributed networks of guided wave sensors
Author(s): Paul D. Wilcox; George Konstantinidis; Bruce W. Drinkwater
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Design, implementation, and comparison of guided wave phased arrays using embedded piezoelectric wafer active sensors for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Lingyu Yu; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Self-diagnosis and validation of active sensors used for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Gyuhae Park; Charles R. Farrar; Francesco Lanza di Scalea; Stefano Coccia
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Modeling actuation forces and strains in nastic structures
Author(s): Luke A. Matthews; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Sub structure on-line tests on braced frames with self-returning joint mechanism
Author(s): Jae-hyouk Choi; Kenichi Ohi
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Development of active CFRP/metal laminates and their demonstrations in complicated forms
Author(s): H. Asanuma; T. Nakata; T. Tanaka; M. Imori; O. Haga
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Design and experimental characterization of flexure activated by SMA wires for microassembly operations
Author(s): Abiud Flores; Horacio Ahuett; Gangbing Song
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