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Smart Structures and Materials 2006: Smart Electronics, MEMS, BioMEMS, and Nanotechnology
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan

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Volume Number: 6172
Date Published: 20 March 2006

Table of Contents
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Army requirements for micro and nanotechnology-based sensors in weapons health and battlefield environmental monitoring applications
Author(s): Paul Ruffin; Christina Brantley; Eugene Edwards; Guilford Hutcheson
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Frequency tuning of film bulk acoustic resonators
Author(s): Amanda A. Frederick; Hsin-Hua Hu; William W. Clark
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Modeling of passive wireless sensor modeling for RFID tag applications
Author(s): Jose K. Abraham; Vijay K. Varadan
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Carbon nanotube array smart materials
Author(s): YeoHeung Yun; Adam Bange; Vesselin N. Shanov; William R. Heineman; H. Brian Halsall; Sarah K. Pixley; Michael Behbehani; Zhongyun Dong; Yi Tu; Sergey Yarmolenko; Sudhir Neralla; Mark J. Schulz
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Biomolecules as nanomaterials: interface characterization for sensor development
Author(s): Gregory Goddard; Jennifer E. Whittier
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Synthesis of oriented ZnO nanostructure arrays for solar cell applications
Author(s): D. Sridhar; Jining Xie; Jose K Abraham; Vijay K. Varadan; Sang H. Choi
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Organic thin films based sensor applications
Author(s): Soyoun Jung; Taeksoo Ji; Vijay K. Varadan
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Ultrasonication of bismuth telluride nanocrystals fabricated by solvothermal method
Author(s): Sang-Hyon Chu; Sang H. Choi; Jae-Woo Kim; Glen C. King; James R. Elliott
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Hydrogen generation using ruthenium nano-rod array electrodes
Author(s): Seongyul Kim; Tansel Karabacak; Toh-Ming Lu; Nikhil Koratkar
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Novel dielectrophoretic filtration methods and designs
Author(s): Benjamin Y. Park; Alan Paradiso; Matt Kawabe; Marc J. Madou
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Nickel electrodeposition studies for high-aspect-ratio microstructure fabrication for MEMS
Author(s): Tinghui Xin; Pratul K. Ajmera
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Micro-patterning on cellulose EAPap for biodegradable MEMS
Author(s): Sungryul Yun; Seung-Hun Bae; Sangyeol Yang; Jaehwan Kim
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Science and art of synthesis and crafting of nano/microstructures and devices using ion-crafted templates: a review
Author(s): S. K. Chakarvarti
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Aligned nanowire structures on silicon and flexible substrates and their applications
Author(s): Hargsoon Yoon; Ritesh Reddy Chintakuntla; Vijay K. Varadan; Paul B. Ruffin
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Nanowire array for wireless neural Probe: modeling and simulation
Author(s): Ritesh R Chintakuntla; Jose K. Abraham; Vijay K. Varadan
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Magnetic nanotubes and their potential use in neuroscience applications
Author(s): Linfeng Chen; Jining Xie; Malathi Srivatsan; Vijay K. Varadan
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Lifetime characterization of capacitive power RF MEMS switches
Author(s): Afshin Ziaei; Thierry Dean; Yves Mancuso
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Micromachined piezoelectric resonator at MHz application
Author(s): T. Thao Le; Laurie Valbin; Fabrice Verjus; Tarik Bourouina
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Design and applications of flexible dipole rectenna for smart actuators and devices
Author(s): Kyo D. Song; Sean Jones; Jae H. Kim; Sang Yeol Yang; Sang H. Choi
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High-frequency SAW oscillator sensor to measure DNA immobilization and hybridization
Author(s): Yongrae Roh; Jungyul Sakong
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Multi-functional surface acoustic wave sensor for monitoring environmental and structural condition
Author(s): Y. Furuya; T. Kon; T. Okazaki; Y. Saigusa; T. Nomura
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Sensor-integrated polymer actuators for closed-loop drug delivery system
Author(s): Han Xu; Chunlei Wang; Lawrence Kulinsky; Jim Zoval; Marc Madou
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Neuroelectronics and neurosurgery
Author(s): Ashwin K. Whitchurch; Vijay K. Varadan
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Application of probe manipulator to repair probe cards
Author(s): Takeshi Konno; Mikihiko Kobayashi; Mitsuru Egashira; Kazumichi Machida; Atsuo Urata
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Self-assembled polymer MEMS sensors and actuators
Author(s): Andrea J. Hill; Richard O. Claus; Jennifer H. Lalli; Michelle Homer
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Photonic crystal sensor systems for sub-micron damage detection, quantification, and diagnosis
Author(s): I. El-Kady; M. F. Su; J. C. Verley; M. M. Reda Taha; T. Khraishi
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Self-assembled nanostructured multilayered spectral filters
Author(s): M. Berg; J. B. Mecham; S. M. Smith; R. O. Claus
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CMOS chip chemical detection system comprising mass-sensitive nanocantilevers
Author(s): Ashok Srivastava; Rajiv Soundararajan; Jui-Ching Hsu
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Future trends in electronic packaging
Author(s): Aicha Elshabini; Gangqiang Wang; Fred Barlow
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A new device for characterization of mechanical stress caused by packaging processes
Author(s): Soeren Hirsch; Bertram Schmidt
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Manipulation by electrostatic force-assisted probes
Author(s): Mikihiko Kobayashi; Takeshi Konno; Mitsuru Egashira
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A novel lightweight piezo-composite actuator micropump
Author(s): Thanh-Tung Nguyen; Nam Seo Goo; Young Soo Yoon; Kwang Joon Yoon
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Magnetically actuated micropumps using an Fe-PDMS composite membrane
Author(s): Jonathan J. Nagel; George Mikhail; Hongseok Noh; Jeonghoi Koo
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Nano-interconnection for microelectronics and polymers with benzo-triazole
Author(s): Yeonjoon Park; Sang H. Choi; Hyunpil Noh; Young Kuk
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Fabrication methods of micrometallic closed cellular materials
Author(s): Satoshi Kishimoto; Norio Shinya
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Packaging of an iron-gallium nanowire acoustic sensor
Author(s): Ronald J. DiSabatino Jr.; F. Patrick McCluskey; Alison B. Flatau; Bethanie J. H. Stadler
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Reliability of ultra-thin insulation coatings for long-term electrophysiological recordings
Author(s): S. A. Hooker
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Utilizing chaotic excitation of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for microstructure fault detection
Author(s): J. M. Dawson; M. A. F. Harrison; C. A. Maxey; W. B. McCormick; L. A. Hornak
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A comparative study of MOEM pressure sensors using MZI, DC, and racetrack resonator IO structures
Author(s): A. Selvarajan; Prasant Kumar Pattnaik; T. Badrinarayana; T. Srinivas
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Transfer function characterization of thermally-actuated displacement-amplified micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
Author(s): Timothy Reissman; Ephrahim Garcia; Nicolae Lobontiu; Yoonsu Nam
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Experimental validation and testing of components for active damping control for micromachined mechanical vibration isolation filters using electrostatic actuation
Author(s): Robert Dean; George Flowers; Nicole Sanders; Roland Horvath; Wayne Johnson; Michael Kranz; Michael Whitley
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Wireless power technology for application-specific scenarios of high-altitude airships
Author(s): Sang H. Choi; James R. Elliott; Glen C. King; Peter T. Lillehei
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Ultra-wideband RF/microwave MEMS switches for wireless communications
Author(s): A. R. Jha
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Design and development of microstrip patch antenna at Ka-band using MEMS technology
Author(s): Preeti Sharma; Shiban K. Koul; Sudhir Chandra
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