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Medical Imaging 2006: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment

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Volume Number: 6146
Date Published: 6 March 2006

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Can radiologists recognize that a computer has identified cancers that they have overlooked?
Author(s): Robert M. Nishikawa; Alexandra Edwards; Robert A. Schmidt; John Papaioannou; Michael N. Linver
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Actual versus intended use of CAD systems in the clinical environment
Author(s): Bin Zheng; Denise Chough; Perrin Ronald; Cathy Cohen; Christiane M. Hakim; Gordon Abrams; Marie A. Ganott M.D.; Luisa Wallace M.D.; Rattan Shah; Jules H. Sumkin; David Gur
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Mass detection in mammographic ROIs using Watson filters
Author(s): Swatee Singh; Alan Baydush; Brian Harrawood; Joseph Lo
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A method for assessing the uncertainty in feature selection tasks
Author(s): Yulei Jiang
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Comparative performance analysis for computer-aided lung nodule detection and segmentation on ultra-low-dose vs. standard dose CT
Author(s): Rafael Wiemker; Patrik Rogalla; Roland Opfer; Ahmet Ekin; Valentina Romano; Thomas Bülow
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Recent developments and contemporary issues for diagnostic technology assessment
Author(s): Robert F. Wagner
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Potential use of a large-screen display for interpreting radiographic images
Author(s): Elizabeth Krupinski; Hans Roehrig; William Berger; Sandeep Dalal; Douglas Stanton
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Impact of defective pixels in AMLCDs on the perception of medical images
Author(s): Tom Kimpe; Yuri Sneyders
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Assessment of the influence of display veiling glare on observer and model performance
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Jeffrey Lubin; Hans Roehrig; Jeffrey Johnson; John Nafziger
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Optimization of an ROC hypersurface constructed only from an observer's within-class sensitivities
Author(s): Darrin C. Edwards; Charles E. Metz
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Optimal observer framework and categorization observer framework for three-class ROC analysis
Author(s): X. He; E. C. Frey
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Performance analysis of 3-class classifiers: properties of the 3D ROC surface and the normalized volume under the surface
Author(s): Berkman Sahiner; Heang-Ping Chan; Lubomir M. Hadjiiski
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Exploring FROC paradigm: initial experience with clinical applications
Author(s): Lana Volokh; Chi Liu; Benjamin M. W. Tsui
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LROC assessment of nonlinear filtering methods in Ga-67 SPECT imaging
Author(s): Stijn De Clercq; Steven Staelens; Jan De Beenhouwer; Yves D'Asseler; Ignace Lemahieu
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Incorporating detection tasks into the assessment of CT image quality
Author(s): E. M. Scalzetti; W. Huda; K. M. Ogden; M. Khan; M. L. Roskopf; D. Ogden
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A comparison of 2D and 3D evaluation methods for pulmonary embolism detection in CT images
Author(s): Atilla P. Kiraly; Carol L. Novak; David P. Naidich; Ioannis Vlahos; Jane P. Ko; Geraldine T. Brusca-Augello
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Analyzing the effect of dose reduction on the detection of mammographic lesions using mathematical observer models
Author(s): Amarpreet S. Chawla; Robert Saunders; Craig Abbey; David Delong; Ehsan Samei
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Parallel reconstructions of MRI: evaluation using detection and perceptual difference studies
Author(s): Yuhao Jiang; Donglai Huo; David L. Wilson
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Using perceptual difference model to improve GRAPPA reconstruction in MRI
Author(s): Donglai Huo; David L. Wilson
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The efficiency of reading around learned backgrounds
Author(s): Miguel P. Eckstein; Binh T. Pham; Craig K. Abbey; Yani Zhang
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Observer efficiency in boundary discrimination tasks related to assessment of breast lesions with ultrasound
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Roger J. Zemp; Jie Liu; Karen K. Lindfors M.D.; Michael F. Insana
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Performance of a channelized-ideal observer using Laguerre-Gauss channels for detecting a Gaussian signal at a known location in different lumpy backgrounds
Author(s): Subok Park; Eric Clarkson; Harrison H. Barrett; Matthew A. Kupinski; Kyle J. Myers
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Human efficiency for detecting Gaussian signals in non-Gaussian distributed lumpy backgrounds using different display characteristics and scaling methods
Author(s): Subok Park; Brandon Gallas; Aldo Badano; Nicholas Petrick; Kyle Myers
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Variability in the interpretation of mammograms: Do similar decisions entail similar visual sampling strategies?
Author(s): Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Lesion detection using an a-contrario detector in simulated digital mammograms
Author(s): Bénédicte Grosjean; Serge Muller; Henri Souchay
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Lesion removal and lesion addition algorithms in lung volumetric data sets for perception studies
Author(s): Mark T. Madsen; Kevin S. Berbaum; Andrew Ellingson M.D.; Brad H. Thompson M.D.; Brian F. Mullan
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Mammographic texture synthesis using genetic programming and clustered lumpy background
Author(s): Cyril Castella; Karen Kinkel; François Descombes; Miguel P. Eckstein; Pierre-Edouard Sottas; Francis R. Verdun; François O. Bochud
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Perceptually limited modality-adaptive medical image watermarking
Author(s): Birgit M. Planitz; Anthony J. Maeder
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Optimum ambient lighting conditions for the viewing of softcopy radiological images
Author(s): Mark McEntee; Patrick Brennan; Micheal Evanoff; Peter Phillps; William T. O Connor; David Manning
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Does mammographic practice affect film reading style: breast screening vs. symptomatic radiologists?
Author(s): Hazel J. Scott; Alastair G. Gale
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A proposal of the diagnosis-dynamic characteristic (DDC) model describing the relation between search time and confidence levels for a dichotomous judgment, and its application to ROC curve generation
Author(s): Toru Matsumoto; Nobuo Fukuda; Akira Furukawa; Koji Suwa; Shinichi Wada; Mitsuomi Matsumoto; Shusuke Sone
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Observer performance detecting signals in globally non-stationary oriented noise
Author(s): Yani Zhang; Craig K. Abbey; Miguel P. Eckstein
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An applicability research on JND model
Author(s): Tao Luo; Xuanqin Mou; Shaojie Tang; Ying Yang
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How does mass lesion detection vary with display window width and radiation exposure in computed radiography?
Author(s): K. M. Ogden; W. Huda; V. Garg; M. Khan; M. A. Reichel; M. L. Roskopf
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First validation of a new phantom for global quality control in digital mammography
Author(s): H. Bosmans; K. Nijs; K. Young; F. Rogge; P. Morán; M. Chevalier; M. Borowski; R. van Engen; A. Taibi; J. Cook; Guy Marchal
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Characterization of a new generation of computed radiography system based on line scanning and phosphor needles
Author(s): Octavian Dragusin; Frank Rogge; Herman Pauwels; Guy Marchal; Hilde Bosmans
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Potential for lower absorbed dose in digital mammography: a JAFROC experiment using clinical hybrid images with simulated dose reduction
Author(s): Pontus Timberg; Mark Ruschin; Magnus Båth; Bengt Hemdal; Ingvar Andersson; Sören Mattsson; Dev Chakraborty; Rob Saunders; Ehsan Samei; Anders Tingberg
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Development and implementation of a user friendly and automated environment for the creation of databases of digital mammograms with simulated microcalcifications
Author(s): Federica Zanca; Jurgen Jacobs; Paula Pöyry; Chantal Van Ongeval; Ann-Catherine Carton; Tom Deprez; Guy Marchal; Hilde Bosmans
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The effect of data set size on computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer: comparing decision fusion to a linear discriminant
Author(s): Jonathan L. Jesneck; Loren W. Nolte; Jay A. Baker M.D.; Joseph Y. Lo
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Comparison of sensitivity and reading time for the use of computer aided detection (CAD) of pulmonary nodules at MDCT as concurrent or second reader
Author(s): F. Beyer; L. Zierott; E. M. Fallenberg; K. Juergens; J. Stoeckel; W. Heindel; D. Wormanns
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Potential effect of CAD systems on the detection of actionable nodules in chest CT scans during routine reporting
Author(s): Dag Wormanns; Florian Beyer; Arnauld Butzbach; Livia Zierott; Walter Heindel
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Explanation of the mechanism by which CAD assistance improves diagnostic performance when reading CT images
Author(s): Toru Matsumoto; Shinichi Wada; Shinji Yamamoto; Kohei Murao; Akira Furukawa; Masahiro Endo; Mitsuomi Matsumoto; Shusuke Sone
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Automatic image quality assessment for uterine cervical imagery
Author(s): Jia Gu; Wenjing Li
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A study on the performance evaluation of computer-aided diagnosis for detecting pulmonary nodules for the various CT reconstruction
Author(s): Shinichi Wada; Toru Matsumoto; Kohei Murao; Shusuke Sone
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