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Colloidal Quantum Dots for Biomedical Applications

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Volume Number: 6096
Date Published: 24 March 2006

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Fluorescent core-shell silica nanoparticles: an alternative radiative materials platform
Author(s): Erik Herz; Andrew Burns; Stephanie Lee; Prabuddha Sengupta; Daniel Bonner; Hooisweng Ow; Chekesha Liddell; Barbara Baird; Ulrich Wiesner
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The synthesis of silicon and germanium quantum dots for biomedical applications
Author(s): Jamie H. Warner; Akiyoshi Hoshino; Amane Shiohara; Kenji Yamamoto; Richard D. Tilley
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Quantum dots synthesized on DNA for infrared biological imaging
Author(s): Larissa Levina; Vlad Sukhovatkin; Sean Hinds; Edward H. Sargent
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Near-infrared peptide-coated quantum dots for small animal imaging
Author(s): Gopal Iyer; Jack J. Li; Fabien Pinaud; James M. Tsay; Laurent A. Bentolila; Xavier Michalet; Shimon Weiss
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Synthesis and characterization of InP and InN colloidal quantum dots
Author(s): Melisa R. Greenberg; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Ying-Bing Jiang; Timothy J. Boyle; Marek Osiński
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Hybrid TiO2 nanoparticles: an approach for developing site specific DNA cleavage
Author(s): J. Liu; Z. Saponjic; N. M. Dimitrijevic; S. Luo; D. Preuss; T. Rajh
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Characterization of single functionalized quantum dots using combined atomic force and confocal fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Dal-Hyun Kim; Kenji Okamoto; Lori S. Goldner; Jeeseong Hwang
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Quantum dot-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer multiplexing: applications for biosensing
Author(s): Aaron R. Clapp; Igor L. Medintz; Hedi Mattoussi
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Fluorescence resonance energy transfer using lanthanide-ion doped oxide nanoparticles as donors
Author(s): D. Casanova; D. Giaume; T. Amirtha; T. Gacoin; J.-P. Boilot; A. Alexandrou D.D.S.
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Quantum-dot-based nanosensors designed for proteolytic monitoring
Author(s): Igor L. Medintz; Aaron R. Clapp; Florence M. Brunel; Ellen R. Goldman; Eddie L. Chang; Phillip E. Dawson; Hedi Mattoussi
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Probing the effects of spectral overlap on quantum-dot-based FRET: Ensemble and single molecule studies
Author(s): Thomas Pons; Igor L. Medintz; Hedi Mattoussi
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Labeling of subcellular redox potential with dopamine-conjugated quantum dots
Author(s): Stephen E. Bradforth; Samuel J. Clarke; C. Annette Hollmann; Daniel Bahcheli; Jay L. Nadeau
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In vivo cell imaging with semiconductor quantum dots and noble metal nanodots
Author(s): Donna J. Arndt-Jovin; M. Arturo Lopez-Quintela; Diane S. Lidke; María J. Rodríguez; Francisco Martinez Santos; Keith A. Lidke; Guy M. Hagen; Thomas M. Jovin M.D.
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Applications of quantum dots in cell biology
Author(s): Margarida Barroso; Roshanak Mehdibeigi; Louise Brogan
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Interrogating the signaling dynamics of T cell activation with quantum dots
Author(s): Michael R. Warnement; Shannon L. Faley; John P. Wikswo; Sandra J. Rosenthal
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High quality ZnS and core/shell CdSe/ZnS nanoparticles from air-stable precursors
Author(s): Shizhong Wang; Jing Zou; Benjamin R. Jarrett; Sungjin Cho; Angelique Y. Louie; Susan M. Kauzlarich
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Single quantum dot imaging in live cells: toward a cellular GPS
Author(s): Sébastien Courty; Marcel Zevenbergen; Cédric Bouzigues; Marie-Virginie Ehrensperger; Camilla Luccardini; Assa Sittner; Stéphane Bonneau; Maxime Dahan
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Spectroscopic modulation of multifunctionalized quantum dots for use as biological probes and effectors
Author(s): Sandra Miskoski; Luciana Giordano; Maria H. Etchehon; Guillermo Menendez; Keith A. Lidke; Guy M. Hagen; Thomas M. Jovin; Elizabeth A. Jares-Erijman
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The accumulation of nontargeted quantum dots in cultured human embryonic kidney cells
Author(s): V. Bleu Knight; Elba E. Serrano
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Automated four color CD4/CD8 analysis of leukocytes by scanning fluorescence microscopy using Quantum dots
Author(s): Jozsef Bocsi; Anja Mittag; Viktor Sebestyen Varga; Bela Molnar; Zsolt Tulassay; Ulrich Sack; Dominik Lenz; Attila Tarnok
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Tailor-made nanomaterials for biological and medical applications
Author(s): M. Tréguer-Delapierre; F. Rocco; T. Cardinal; S. Mornet; S. Vasseur; E. Duguet
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Detection of viral infections using colloidal quantum dots
Author(s): Elizabeth L. Bentzen; Frances S. House; Thomas J. Utley; James E. Crowe Jr.; David W. Wright
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Trace of antibody to myeloperoxidase with nanocrystal quantum dot labeled antibody recognizing activating neutrophils
Author(s): Akiyoshi Hoshino; Tomokazu Nagao; Kenji Yamamoto M.D.; Kazuo Suzuki
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Immune cells tracing using quantum dots
Author(s): Akiyoshi Hoshino; Kouki Fujioka; Yuki I. Kawamura; Noriko Toyama-Sorimachi; Masato Yasuhara M.D.; Taeko Dohi M.D.; Kenji Yamamoto M.D.
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Development of multiplex immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization using colloidal quantum dots for semi-automated neuronal expression mapping in brain
Author(s): PokMan Chan; Gang Lin; Tony Yuen; Badrinath Roysam; Stuart C. Sealfon
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Single molecule CdSe/ZnS quantum dot and gold nanoparticle detection in live neurons
Author(s): D. Lasne; L. Cognet; S. Berciaud; G. A. Blab; L. Groc; M. Heine; D. Choquet; B. Lounis
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Application of colloidal semiconductor quantum dots as fluorescent labels for diagnosis of brain glial cancer
Author(s): Patrícia M. A. Farias; Beate S. Santos; Frederico D. Menezes; Ricardo Ferreira; Fernando J. M. Oliveira Jr.; Hernandes F. Carvalho; Luciana Romão; Vivaldo Moura-Neto; Jane C. O. F. Amaral; Adriana Fontes; Carlos L. Cesar
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Multiplexed and Quantitative Study of Biomarker Expression in Tumor Specimens Using Quantum Dots
Author(s): Aileen Wu; Lawrence True; Xiaohu Gao
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Colloidal quantum dots produce current bursts in lipid bilayers
Author(s): Sujatha Ramachandran; Robert H. Blick; Daniel W. van der Weide
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Surface processing with sulfonic acid for quantum dot and its characteristics
Author(s): Amane Shiohara; Noriyoshi Manabe; Kenji Yamamoto M.D.
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Hydrodynamic sizes of functional hydrophilic QDs
Author(s): Thomas Pons; Igor L. Medintz; Hedi Mattoussi
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Lectin functionalized quantum dots for recognition of mammary tumors
Author(s): Beate S. Santos; Patricia M. A. de Farias; Frederico D. de Menezes; Ricardo de C. Ferreira; Severino A. Júnior; Regina C. B. Q. Figueiredo D.V.M.; Eduardo I. C. Beltrão
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