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Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy III: Advances in Research and Industry

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Volume Number: 6093
Date Published: 10 February 2006

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Cells and biofluids analyzed in aqueous environment by infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): D. Naumann; P. Lasch; H. Fabian
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Blood compatibility of artificial blood vessels probed by infrared spectroscopic imaging
Author(s): Gerald Steiner; Manfred Maitz; Sibel Tunc; Reiner Salzer
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Reliable long-term continuous blood glucose monitoring for patients in critical care using microdialysis and infrared spectrometry
Author(s): H. Michael Heise; Uwe Damm; Venkata R. Kondepati
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Vibrational spectroscopy as a routine tool for the quantitative analysis of serum?
Author(s): D. Rohleder; G. Kocherscheidt; K. Gerber; W. Kiefer; W. Köhler; J. Möcks; W. Petrich
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Noninvasive in vivo tissue and pulse modulated Raman spectroscopy of human capillary blood and plasma
Author(s): J. Chaiken; Katie Ellis; Patrick Eslick; Lauren Piacente; Ethan Voss
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Terahertz characterization of dilute solutions of DNA
Author(s): Tatiana Globus; Tatyana Khromova; Boris Gelmont; Dwight Woolard; Lukas K. Tamm
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Far-field radiation pattern in coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy
Author(s): David Gachet; Nicolas Sandeau; Herve Rigneault
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New infrared sources for breath analysis
Author(s): A. Lambrecht; M. Braun; S. Hartwig; J. Nurnus; J. Wöllenstein; F. Weik; J. W Tomm
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Rapid identification of single microbes by various Raman spectroscopic techniques
Author(s): Petra Rösch; Michaela Harz; Michael Schmitt; Klaus-Dieter Peschke; Olaf Ronneberger; Hans Burkhardt; Hans-Walter Motzkus; Markus Lankers; Stefan Hofer; Hans Thiele; Jürgen Popp
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Preliminary micro-raman images of normal and malignant human skin cells
Author(s): Michael A. Short; Harvey Lui; David I. McLean; Haishan Zeng; Michael X. Chen
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Probing molecules by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Caterina Netti; M. E. Zoorob; Martin D. B. Charlton; Peter Ayliffe; Sven Mahnkopf; Paul Stopford; K. Todd; John R. Lincoln; Nicolas M. B. Perney; Jeremy J. Baumberg
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Feasibility of detecting peptide phosphorylation by surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): J. Moger; C.P. Winlove
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Detection of potential osteoarthritis biomarkers using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy in the near-infrared
Author(s): Gurjit S. Mandair; Karen A. Dehring; Blake J. Roessler; Michael D. Morris
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Raman microscopy of phagocytosis: shedding light on macrophage foam cell formation
Author(s): Henk-Jan van Manen; Aart A. van Apeldoorn; Dirk Roos; Cees Otto
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Infrared spectroscopy: a novel tool to aid classification of DCIS
Author(s): K. Subramanian; N. Stone; C. Kendall; J. C. Brown; K. McCarthy; J. Bristol; Y. H. Chan
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Advances in Raman spectroscopy for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Author(s): Caroline D. Sudworth; John K. J. Archer; Richard A Black; David Mann
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Application of NIR Raman spectroscopy for detecting and characterizing early dental caries
Author(s): A. C.-T. Ko; L.-P. Choo-Smith; R. Zhu; M. Hewko; C. Dong; B. Cleghorn; M. G. Sowa
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Confocal Raman microspectroscopy: measuring the effects of topical moisturizers on stratum corneum water gradient in vivo
Author(s): Anke Sieg; Jonathan Crowther; Peter Blenkiron; Curtis Marcott; Paul J. Matts
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Transcutaneous Raman spectroscopy of bone tissue using a non-confocal fiber optic array probe
Author(s): Matthew V. Schulmerich; William F. Finney; Victoria Popescu; Michael D. Morris; Thomas M. Vanasse; Steven A. Goldstein
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Multimodal multiplex Raman spectroscopy optimized for in vivo chemometrics
Author(s): S. T. McCain; M. E. Gehm; Y. Wang; N. P. Pitsianis; D. J. Brady
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Classification of colonic tissues using Raman spectroscopy and multivariate techniques
Author(s): Zhiwei Huang; Wei Zheng; Effendi Widjaja; Jianhua Mo; Colin Sheppard
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A comparison of EMCCD, CCD and emerging technologies optimized for low-light spectroscopy applications
Author(s): Antoinette O'Grady
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Determining the gross biochemical composition of cells and tissue with Raman spectrosocpy
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; Jorge Dominguez; Susan Carpenter; Tamara M. Powers; Anabel Guerra; Kurt W. Short; Nagapratima Kunapareddy; James P. Freyer
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Raman spectroscopic biochemical mapping of tissues
Author(s): Nicholas Stone; Maria Consuelo Hart Prieto; Catherine Ann Kendall; Geeta Shetty; Hugh Barr M.D.
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Biochemical characterization of cell-death via Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Nagapratima Kunapareddy; Susan Carpenter; James P Freyer; Judith R Mourant
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Vibrational spectroscopic analysis of breast calcifications and surrounding tissue
Author(s): Rebecca N. Baker; Jennifer Smith; Keith D. Rogers; Nicholas Stone
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Study of human breast tissues biochemistry by FT-Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Renata Andrade Bitar; Walter Andres Avendano Jara; Mário M. Netto; Herculano Martinho; Leandra Náira Zambelli Ramalho; Airton Abrahão Martin
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Tip-enhanced Raman scattering of a DNA binding compound
Author(s): Akiko Rasmussen; Christian Budich; Volker Deckert
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Recent progress in noninvasive diabetes screening by diffuse reflectance near-infrared skin spectroscopy
Author(s): H. M. Heise; S. Haiber; M. Licht; D. F. Ihrig; C. Moll; M. Stuecker
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In vivo analysis of tissue by Raman microprobe: examination of human skin lesions and esophagus Barrett’s mucosa on an animal model
Author(s): Ali Tfayli; Olivier Piot; Sylvie Derancourt; Guillaume Cadiot; Marie Danielle Diebold; Philippe Bernard; Michel Manfait
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Rapid Raman spectroscopy of musculoskeletal tissue using a visible laser and an electron-multiplying CCD (EMCCD) detector
Author(s): Kurtulus Golcuk; Gurjit S. Mandair; Andrew F. Callender; William F. Finney; Nadder Sahar; David H. Kohn; Michael D. Morris
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