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Ultrasensitive and Single-Molecule Detection Technologies

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Volume Number: 6092
Date Published: 27 February 2006

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Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy: approaches toward quantitative investigations of structure and dynamics in living cells
Author(s): Daniel Siegberg; Christian Michael Roth; Dirk-Peter Herten
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Measuring precise diffusion coefficients with two-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Thomas Dertinger; Ingo Gregor; Iris von der Hocht; Rainer Erdmann; Benedikt Krämer; Felix Koberling; Rudolf Hartmann; Jörg Enderlein
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Time-resolved detection of the one- and two-photon excited fluorescence of single molecules of a folding enhanced green fluorescent protein
Author(s): Mircea Cotlet; Peter M. Goodwin; Geoffrey S. Waldo; James H. Werner
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Three-dimensional tracking of fluorescent particles
Author(s): Guillaume A. Lessard; Peter M. Goodwin; James H. Werner
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Fluorescence resonance energy transfer enhanced luminescence (FRETEL) of Quantum Dyes
Author(s): R. C. Leif; M. C. Becker; A. Bromm Jr.; L. M. Vallarino; S. Yang
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Single molecule electron transfer process of ruthenium complexes
Author(s): Dehong Hu; Peter Lu
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Combined TIRF-AFM setup: controlled quenching of individual quantum dots
Author(s): Rainer Eckel; Volker Walhorn; Christoph Pelargus; Jörg Martini; Thomas Nann; Dario Anselmetti; Robert Ros
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Absorption spectroscopy of individual nano-objects and improved readout of DNA microarrays using photothermal detection
Author(s): Stephane Berciaud; Laurent Cognet; Gerhard A. Blab; David Lasne; José Remacle; Philippe Tamarat; Brahim Lounis
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Advances in the development of a novel method to be used in proteomics using gold nanobeads
Author(s): Heidelinde R. C. Dietrich; Ian T. Young; Yuval Garini
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Levitated droplet dye laser: a new approach for single molecule detection
Author(s): H. Azzouz; L. Alkhafadiji; S. Balslev; J. Johansson; N. A. Mortensen; S. Nilsson; A. Kristensen
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Dynamic saturation optical microscopy
Author(s): Jan Sýkora; Thomas Dertinger; Jörg Enderlein
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3D-localization of the a-subunit in F0F1-ATP synthase by time resolved single-molecule FRET
Author(s): Monika G. Düser; Nawid Zarrabi; Yumin Bi; Boris Zimmermann; Stanley D. Dunn; Michael Börsch
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Probing dynamics of individual bio molecules by single molecule spectroscopy
Author(s): W. Verheijen; H. Uji-i; C. Flors; J. Hotta; J. Hofkens
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Highly sensitive rapid fluorescence detection of protein residues on surgical instruments
Author(s): Valeri I. Kovalev; James S. Barton; Patricia R. Richardson; Anita C. Jones
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Ultrasensitive detection in optically dense physiological media: applications to fast reliable biological assays
Author(s): Evgenia G. Matveeva; Ignacy Gryczynski; Klaus W. Berndt; Joseph R. Lakowicz; Ewa Goldys; Zygmunt Gryczynski
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Silicon photomultipliers for improved biomolecule detection
Author(s): F. Lin; C. Jackson; M. Mac Sweeney; M. Manning; M. M. Sheehan; A. Mathewson
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A space- and time-resolved single photon counting detector for fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy
Author(s): X. Michalet; O.H.W. Siegmund; J. V. Vallerga; P. Jelinsky; J. E. Millaud; S. Weiss
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Protein profile study of clinical samples of ovarian cancer using high performance liquid chromatography-laser induced fluorescence (HPLC-LIF)
Author(s): Sameer Kumar Singh; Remila L. Martis; Sujatha; Rani A. Bhat; Pralhad Kushtagi; Lavanya Rai; V.B. Kartha; C. Santhosh
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Surface-immobilized antibody-antigen binding studies by single molecule fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Jamshid Temirov; Andrew Bradbury; James Werner
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Development of an ultrafast single photon counting imager for single molecule imaging
Author(s): Tohru Ohnuki; Xavier Michalet; Arun Tripathi; Shimon Weiss; Katsushi Arisaka
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Control the Number of Biomolecules Tethering on Functionalized AFM Tips
Author(s): Z. D. Xiao; X. X. Xiao; Z. H. Lu; C. M. Yam; C. Z. Cai
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Bioassay platform for fiber coupled avalanche photodiode for improved biomolecule detection
Author(s): M. Mac Sweeney; F. Lin; C. Jackson; M. Manning; M. M. Sheehan; A. Mathewson
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Minimization of detection volume by surface plasmon-coupled emission
Author(s): Z. Gryczynski; J. Borejdo; E. Matveeva; N. Calander; R. Grygorczyk; J. Harper; I. Gryczynski
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Demonstration of sub-femtomole sensitivity for small molecules with microsphere ring resonator sensors
Author(s): Ian M. White; Hesam Oveys; Xudong Fan
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Protein profile study of the cervical cancer using HPLC-LIF
Author(s): Sujatha; Lavanya Rai; B. R. Krishnanand; K. K. Mahato; V. B. Kartha; Santhosh C
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Novel sensor for ultrasensitive and single-molecule detection
Author(s): K. Linga; E. Godik; J. Krutov; V. B. Zaitsev; V. E. Shubin; D. A. Shushakov; S. L. Vinogradov
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Identification of triplet state and photoisomerization of Cy5 by means of ensemble and single-molecule measurements
Author(s): Zhengxi Huang; Dongmei Ji; Sufan Wang; Andong Xia; Felix Koberling; Matthias Patting; Rainer Erdmann
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